Do you want to trim in winter?

In the cold season in winter, it is best not to trim it for it. Otherwise, its wound will be difficult to heal, and frostbite plants will resist and grow. Generally, it is best to trim in the spring and autumn. In the sun, the temperature is controlled above 15 ° C, so as to prevent the plant from trimming without frostbite.

Do not trim in winter

During the growth process, Passion fruit needs to be improperly trimmed. Then it will easily wither. The trimming in winter will frostbite plants, and may even resist the growth of passion fruit, so do not trim in winter.

The cold resistance of Passion Fruit is not strong, so do Passion Fruits be trimmed in winter? Do not trim in winter, can be in the summer of the spring and autumn. These two seasons can make the wound trimming rapidly, prompting passion fruit to grow better in pot soil.

If you usually have to be in winter in winter, then you must control the trimming environment above 15 ° C to avoid the wound rot after trimming. The frostbite plants affect its normal growth and cannot prunites it too seriously, otherwise it will resist the growth of the plant.

Every time you trim the Paixiang fruit, then you need to cut off the branches that are not available, and then trim the proper combination, and spray the plants to spray the plants If the temperature is between 20 and 25 ° C, it will easily heal it.