Clivia cutting the germination method

Gentleman wants to beheaded to germinate, with beheading of the spring and autumn growth season. You need to immerse the beheading part in the fungal spirit, and then apply rooting powder to the wound to promote the rapid root germination. After planting the beheading part, keep the soil slightly wet so that it can grow well.

Clivia’s beheading head and germination method 1. Beat time

If you want to take root quickly in the soil, you can not casually take root, then you cannot casually freely. Predry to breeding it can be beheaded in other cool places during the spring and autumn growth season. Do not beheaded at high temperature in summer, low temperature in winter or during rainy days, which can easily make the chop part lose vitality.

2. Apply a potion

Soak the beheading part of the Clivia in the fungal spirit, wait for half an hour, put it in a cool place after half an hour, put it in a cool place after half an hour. One day, after the wound healed gradually, at this time, the cutting part can be avoided by the bacteria, and then the root powder is applied to the root, which can produce a Clivia beheading and rooting.

3. Soil demand

In fact, Clivia’s chopping germination method is very simple, and it needs to be prepared for it to grow. Generally, it needs to be breathable and well -drained. The soil can usually be planted into the corruption soil, and it can also add sand soil, organic fertilizer and other substances in moderation, so that it can grow well.

4. Management measures

If you want to quickly germinate after a gentleman’s beheading, then water and fertilizer management is very important. Watering it and need to control the ambient temperature at about 24 ° C. When the knitting part of the Clivia is germinated, the fertilizer is needed in an appropriate amount.