Cheats | 3 kinds of potted artifacts

When we cultivate potted plants, we often encounter the case where the plant is half -dead due to improper maintenance. At this time, most flower buds will choose to discard it directly. Although these plants seem to be hung up on the surface, in fact, they only have a state of health, as long as they are properly handled, they can still be saved.

Excessive drought potting, such as the two pots below. It is easy to get rid of it. It is estimated that the novice saw it like this, so he tossed it directly.


1. First of all Go in soak. It can be half an hour, and then let the water from the bottom of the pot slowly exudes. This is to use the method of immersion pots to quickly supplement the plant.

2. Due to the lack of water and lack of water, water and water needed to replenish the flowers, but you must use this method to replenish it. Long flowers.

For example, the pot below is also in a state of lack of water. After the general plant is short of water, the leaves will start to soften and become softened. If you do not replenish it in time, you will die. If the flower -type plant occurs severely before the flowering period, it will affect its flowering and results.


1. If the plant is severely dehydrated, do not water it directly, you should gradually increase the amount of watering. Because the plant has been shrinking for a long time, its root system has lost its original water absorption function. If it suddenly waters, it will be counterproductive, causing the plant to die quickly.

2. After the soil is wet, you do n’t need to pour it anymore. While watering the pot soil, spray some water to the leaves, and increase the humidity of the air. Come to help plants absorb water in all aspects.

3. Put the plant in a cool and ventilated place after the watering, do not directly expose the sun.

Many flower bodies with stagnant water rotten roots often water the plant frequently. When they see the soil on the surface of the soil, they can’t help watering the plant Essence As everyone knows, it is still wet under the pot soil. Frequent watering cannot promote plant growth. Instead, the plant root can be accumulated. It will soon cause the plant’s leaves to become yellow and rotten. die.


1. Put the plants in the disease part, dig out the pot soil, check the root system of the plant, see if there is rotten root system, cut off the rotten root system.

2. After the rotten root resection should be cleaned. After soaking the potassium permanganate solution, you can apply some bacteria at the incision. Then put the wound in a cool place.

3. After drying, you can re -put it in the pot. You must use loose and breathable soil. Then place it in a cool and ventilated place, do not water it for 3-5 days, and then keep the pot soil moist without accumulating water.

Many novices with too many fertilizers are often fertilized for plants in addition to being watered frequently, especially the plants that have just been changed. After 3 months, fertilization can be restored. After the plant is more fertilized, the leaves are generally manifested first. If you accidentally apply excessive fertilization, what should I do?


1. It can be poured with a large amount of water to dilute the fertility of the pot soil and washed away fertility.

2. If the soil water transparentness is not good or the plants do not like water, you need to replace the pot soil and replace it. Ordinary pot soil is diluted.

3. Try to use some long -acting organic fertilizers, or sparse fertilizers as much as possible, should be applied thinly, do not apply it blindly at one time, the safest way to do it, the safest way to do it. It is reduced in the standard of fertilizer description.

Conclusion: If your plant is in a condition, do not rush to throw it away. You can still die back in the above method.

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