Can the sun flowers have no sunlight?Can the sun flowers bloom in winter?

Can the sun flowers bloom without light? Can the sun flowers bloom in winter? Many sun flower enthusiasts will ask such problems. In fact, the sun flower is a relatively easy to breed flower. For plant lovers, it is not a difficult thing to raise the sun flower. After reading the following You can basically raise your flowers, even in the cold winter, you can let your sun flowers flowers.

The sun peanuts like light, as long as it can bloom under the conditions of the temperature, this is undoubted, otherwise you see where the sun flowers supplied in the flower shop all year round are from the street flowers from the flowers shop all year round. Woolen cloth?

If you want your sun flowers to bloom in winter, you can do the following. First of all, don’t let the soil too wet, solar flowers like to dry soil conditions. In winter, as long as the temperature and humidity conditions are reached, the sun flowers can bloom normally. This is the secret of seeing the sun flower on the street throughout the year!