Can raw eggs be used as flower fertilizers?

Raw eggs are rich in nutrition, and eggs contain high -quality protein and many trace elements. I believe that many people know that the eggshells can be used as fertilizer fertilizer after the eggshells are crushed, so can raw eggs be used as flower fertilizers? Can raw eggs be poured directly? Of course flower.

1. Raw eggs can be used as flower fertilizer

Now it is very popular with homemade flower fertilizer. Buried in the flower pot is high -quality base fertilizer. The main component of raw eggshells is calcium carbonate, which can effectively regulate the acidity of potting soil and promote plant growth.

There are many trace elements of raw eggshell species, especially the phosphorus content is very high. Sprinkling eggshells into pot soil can not only promote the amount of flowering, but also make it allowed The plant grows more lush. Of course, some people will ask if eggs can make flower fertilizers such a question. Raw eggs can be used as flower fertilizers, but they cannot be poured directly with raw eggs.

2. The method of raw eggs for flower fertilizer

General flower pots are very fat, especially in the early stage of flowering, you need to apply sufficient fertilizer, so that you can flow to lush flowers. Essence Can raw eggs be used for flower fertilizer? Can the raw eggs be poured with water? It can be watered after raw eggs, but if the egg liquid is used directly, the plants not only can not absorb nutrients, but they may also be eggs. The liquid burning root system.

So how to make flower fertilizer for raw eggs? First of all, we need to prepare a raw egg, then break the raw eggs, stir the egg liquid well, then put it in in the Inside the container, place it under the sun for a week, and the raw eggs and flower fertilizers are ready. However, the raw eggs and egg flower fertilizers cannot be used directly. After raw eggs are rotten, the nutrients are too nutritious, and they need to be diluted before they can be used.

The method of diluted rotten egg liquid flower fertilizer is: one egg is made into liquid, then stirred with a bottle of 500ml of mineral water Can ferment successfully. When pouring flowers with fermented egg liquid, you can use a spoonful of egg liquid to 100ml of water.

After the raw egg liquid is diluted, it is diluted according to 1:10, and the flowers are poured once every 5 to 7 days. Breaking. Although it is said that raw eggs can make flower fertilizer? We know the answer, but some friends will feel that they want to use the eggs to ferment, but the smell is too strong and it is not suitable for family flowers.

In fact, there is another way to avoid this odor. First of all, we canUse a needle on a raw eggshell with a small hole, and then place the raw eggs on the bottom of the flower pot to allow the nutrients in raw eggs to rose out in the soil and continue to diverge, and then directly absorbed by the root system.