Can beer be used to raise flowers: Beer contains carbon dioxide, which is a matter of material metabolism

Beer is called liquid bread because beer is rich in nutrients. These nutrients can not only remove dandruff and itching, but also nourish our hair, scalp and even facial skin. But in addition to washing your hair, few people know that beer can be used to raise flowers. This little trick is also learned from the old flower friend. The effect is surprisingly good, even more efficient than fertilizer.

In fact, the principle is very simple, because beer contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is an indispensable substance for various plants and flowers for metabolism, and the beer also contains sugar, sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar, and sugar. Various nutrients such as protein, amino acids, and phosphate are all beneficial to flowers growth.

Destroyer beer has a significant killing effect on some insect pests, such as segmentation insects. After spraying with beer to the graveer, a closed film can be formed on it. In the end, the worm suffocated and died.

The use of beer and sulfate solution to prevent yellowing and sulfate can prevent the problem of yellowing leaves from yellowing. Some plants are evergreen, and once they are excessively yellow, they will die slowly. Press them at 250: 1 and spray them on the branches and leaves of green plants to prevent yellowing.

It should be noted that it should be sprayed every 3-5 days and the effect is effective for 3 times. This is much better than only sulfate iron, and it is not afraid of yellow leaves for ten years!

Promoting growth If you want to promote the growth of the plant, you need to add 0.5 {bf} aspirin to the beer, mix it at a ratio of 250: 1, and then add a small amount to add a small amount Eat vinegar. Spray 2 to 3 times before the plant sprouts or flower buds separated, so that the new buds can grow fast and full and full; if it is sprayed in the flower pot, the flower buds can be bloomed in advance and the flowers are not small, but this is only applicable to this only applicable Yu likes acidic plants.

Beauty plants can use clean soft cotton cloth dipped beer for leaf watching potted plants to wipe the front and back of the blades so that the leaves can fully absorb it fully The nutrients in beer make it more green and shiny. At the same time, the texture will be more hypertrophic.

When he was a child, he liked to apply organic fertilizer (Baba) to the flower bed or vegetable land, which would inevitably have odor. If you add vinegar and 5 {bf} fermented beer before fertilizing, stir well, and the odor will soon disappear.

Many people like to put flowers to cultivate living sentiment. If you add a little beer to the flower bottle, you can play a role in preserving freshness, at least half of the flower arrangement can survive more than half a few more. Moon ~

How about, get these new skills and quickly try it ~