Can bad eggs pour in the flowers directly?

Many people now have some good flowers and plants at home in their leisure time, which can purify the air, and the ornamental is also excellent. In order to make their flowers more lush and beautiful, the flower friends began to use various remedies. Wilding eggs is the most common method. So can bad eggs be poured directly in the flowers? What are the ways to make flowers and fat?

1. Bad eggs cannot be poured directly in the flowers

Many friends who breed flowers and plants hope that their plants can grow more lush, so they can try to enhance nutrition for plants. The broken egg liquid is the most common method, but can the bad eggs be poured directly in the flowers?

Of course, it is not possible. It is not possible. No matter what nutrient elements are absorbed by the plants, they need to be dissolved in water to absorb, because the root of the nutrient is the roots on the root system, which is more accurate, and the root surface of the whisker surface absorbs cells.

2. Diluted flowers after fermentation of bad egg liquids

Can bad oyster be poured directly in the flowers? After fermentation, you can take the upper layer of water to pour the flowers ten times. Some flower friends will ask whether the bamboo egg liquid is used to apply fertilizer, and it is also possible. The egg liquid is indeed rich in nutrients. It is rich in various proteins, but this protein is a biomar -macromolecular molecule that does not dissolve in water and constitutes a water solution.

If it is directly used to pour flowers, it will not only bring nutrition, but also because it has calories, it is easy to deteriorate, rotten and burn the plant root system, and at the same time It will stink and attract insect pests. In addition to pouring flowers after dilution, bad eggs are actually there.