Baochunhua can raise for a few years

The newsletter can be raised for a long time. Many flower friends love Baochun very much. They will choose long -term breeding and have strong ornamental value. As long as the maintenance is fine enough, the newsletter can grow well. Newspaper is suitable for growing in a humid and warm environment. Therefore, the soil needs to be kept moist, but water cannot be accumulated to avoid affecting plant growth.

Spring flower can be raised for a long time

Spring flower is a common two -year flower plant. Generally, spring flowers can be raised for several years. After the breeding, the growth of Spring Flower will grow slowly and the state will become worse and worse, so many flower friends will choose to plant for about 1 to 2 years.

Spring flowers are generally the best sowing around June to July each year. At this time, the seeds can germinate faster. Generally, after 10 days after sowing By the end of January in the next year, a large number of flowers bloomed, the plants were growing, and it had a strong ornamental effect.

When breeding newspaper spring flowers, you need to provide sufficient light intensity. The more light, the better the plant growth, but the high temperature is needed during summer breeding. The cool and ventilated place can spray water appropriately to increase the humidity of the air.

The requirements of spring flowers on water and fertilizer are very strict. It is necessary to keep the soil moist at all times during maintenance. Too dry soil and stagnant water will affect the healthy growth of spring flowers. In the period, the number of fertilizers is needed to promote the growth of branches and leaves, and bloom better in the later period.