Bamboo hydroponic method!If you like a different way of cultivation, you can try it!

There are two types of cultivation forms: potted plants and hydroponics. Potted plants are easier than hydroponic, but hydroponic not only cannot see the slim and green branches and leaves of Wenzhu, but its roots also add to the ornamental nature of the bamboo. Today, I will introduce several methods of bamboo hydroponics. You can try it according to your preferences.

Wenzhu semi -soil and half -ceramic grain hydroponic pelvis remove the mud to remove the plant, retain most of the soil of the main root.

Use a large -caliber container with water to add water, the bottom of the pottery at the bottom, add a small amount of soil, add the main roots, and fill the pottery to fill the surroundings. Wet pottery grains, add a small amount of water, water should not be over the soil part.

After the water cultivation, spray water to the leaf surface and keep it moist. Put the plant in a ventilated room, it is best to have a window with light.

Cultivation difficulty: ★ Wenzhu semi -soil and semi -water method of hydroponic pelvation to remove mud to remove the plant, only the main root of the main root, expose 2/3 of the roots, clean up the soil of the small root system of the lower part Essence

The root of the disinfection and disinfection is simply trimmed. The rotten roots and aging roots are cut off, washed and disinfected with water.

Planting and adding pottery grains are planted to keep the grain moist. Put the plant into the hydroponic device, enter the water at 1/2 to control the water level.

Oxygen -oxygen and oxygen bamboo in the water is difficult to adapt to the environment. It can be put on a black plastic bag on the outer layer of the container to create a dark environment of soil training.

Conservation management placed the plant in a ventilated room, preferably near the window with light. Daily inspection of the root state, timely remove the rotten roots,

The difficulty of cultivation: ★★ Di bamboo evaporates the water to promote the potting of the pot. Seal the planting basket with plastic sheets to keep the bottom hollow. Fix it with perlite to keep moist.

After the follow -up of Wenzhu is put into the container, the heel is properly lifted to keep the upper part of the main root expose to the air and grow well. This step is the key.

The water level in the hydroponic container should not be too high, so that the roots are not immersed in water. The principle of evaporation water is used to promote root, and the peripheral container generates evaporate water moisture.

This method is usually carried out in summer. The temperature is high in summer, the water evaporation power is strong, and the evaporation is faster. After hydroponic, place the plant in a ventilated room, it is best to have light windows with light.

Cultivation difficulty: ★★★ Bamboo in the water increases the oxygen and oxygen oxygen. Soak in the disinfection solution for 30 minutes, and do the next step in the cool place.

Planted perlite, add water to put the plant into a hydroponic container, and enter the water at the root of 1/2. Put pendant planting in the planting basket and keep it moist.

Oxygen in the water, the container covers black to make the plant fasterTo adapt to the water environment, the container can be sealed with black paper bags to ensure opaque light and promote rooting.

During hydroponic, injecting oxygen into the water is a sufficient absorption of nutrients at the root and can take root faster.

Maintain the daily inspection of the root state, remove the rotten roots in time, and change the water once a day. Putting hydroponic bamboo in a ventilated room is best near the window with light.

Cultivation difficulty: ★★★★ qi root+sponge planting method of hydroponic plants After the plant is selected before the hydroponic, the plant is descended to the pot, and the branch is performed according to the growth of the gas root. Divide the long roots into one plant, which can be hydroponic. Those with less gas are divided into one plant continues to cultivate soil cultivation.

All the roots of the grown roots were cut off, leaving only the gas roots. Disinfection of the roots and hydroponic after drying.

Sponge planting the small strain wrapped the roots after the sponge, and kept the sponge moist. The glassware controls the water level and exposes 1-2cm roots.

Properly lift the heel during maintenance, oxygen in the water, cover the utensils to cover the black, and promote root growth.

Cultivation difficulty: ★★★★★★ No matter what hydroponic method is used, as long as it can survive, take root, it is a good method. Is there a way to be interested in above? Let’s try it quickly!