A newspaper spring flower can be raised for a few years

There are many varieties of rewarding Chunhua. As long as you are well -maintained, you can cultivate a spring flower for a long time, but you need to determine according to the maintenance conditions and varieties. During the breeding process, loose and breathable soils need to be provided. Avoiding the dryness of the soil or accumulating water is not conducive to the healthy growth of the plant.

Spring Flower Conservation Time

Spring flower is mainly distributed in Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou regions in my country. It has a lot of cultivation in various types of the world and is often used to decorate gardening scenery. That spring flower can be raised for a few years. In fact, this is related to the variety of spring flowers. Most of the newsletters in my country are one -year plant, and the European newspaper Chunhua is two years, so the length of breeding time is different.

The maintenance newspaper needs to keep the soil moist, the most suitable growth temperature is about 10 degrees, and there is sufficient sunlight during the growth of spring flowers, but to avoid strong light irradiation, the temperature is too high, the temperature is too high It is easy to cause plant hair.

Spring flower has high requirements for water. During the maintenance process Essence

Newspaper Chunhua likes to grow in a ventilated and cool environment. When the surrounding temperature is higher than 30 degrees or in zero, it will cause plants to enter the dormant period. You can perform vegetarian fertilizer once a week to meet the needs of fertilizer water during growth.