A few wealthy wealth of the rabbits are wealthy bamboo

People who are rabbits are the most prosperous wealth for wealthy bamboo. When rabbits are breeding rich bamboo, the plants can be placed in a ventilated environment such as living room and study, which has the effect of opening luck and wealth. Fugui bamboo likes to grow in a damp and high temperature environment. It is best to control the temperature at 20-28 degrees when breeding. When breeding in summer, it can spray water around the plant appropriately.

Five prosperity of rabbits and wealthy bamboo

Everyone knows that the rabbit people are breeding rich bamboo prosperity, but they do not know that the rabbits are rich in bamboo. If the rabbit people want to have a wealth of wealth, they can raise 5 wealthy bamboo. Rabbit people can put rich bamboo in a ventilated environment such as living room and study. It has the effect of opening fortune and wealth, which can bring wealth to themselves and their families.

Method of breeding rich bamboo 1. Pinded light

Fugui bamboo likes to grow in a semi -yin environment. Let the plants receive astigmatism during breeding. If it is in summer, it is necessary to cover the plant properly to prevent the plant from sunburn. Rich bamboo has a moderate growth rate, but the potting soil should be replaced according to the size of the plant during breeding. The soil you can change can be used.

2. Reasonable watering

The requirements of rich bamboo on water are very strict. Too little, 2 to 3 days when wealthy bamboo is cultivated in spring and autumn, water should be poured once. The temperature is high in summer, and the wealthy bamboo is poured once a day during breeding; the temperature is low in winter, and water can be poured every 10 days.

3. Control temperature

Fully bamboo is suitable for growing in the weather with wet and high temperatures. Control the temperature at 20-28 degrees, and the temperature is best to control the temperature above 10 degrees during winter. When breeding rich bamboo in summer, water can be sprayed around the plant often, which can increase the humidity of the air and reduce the surrounding temperature.