8 flowers with a flowering period of more than half a year

Many people raising flowers in addition to cultivating sentiment, more to watch beautiful flowers.I hope that our flowers can flow more lasting, but there are no flowers in the world, so we can only try to raise some long flowers as much as possible.The following lists eight flowers with a flowering period of up to half a year. Let’s take a look at some flowers.Which flower flowers are long 1. Violet and Violet are a very long flowering plant. If the maintenance environment is suitable, it can also maintain flowers all year round. It is a good choice for planting on the yard and balcony.ventilation.Maintenance knowledge: The soil should choose well drainage, loose and fertile neutral or weakly blealing soil. If you want to promote the continuous blooming of violets, you can trim it in time after flowering. However, you should pay attention to regular protective pests.