What is going on?

I have just raised gardenia flowers and blossomed, but I observed that for a while, I found that the flowers of gardenia flowers were getting yellow. What was going on with the leaves? Is there any good remedy?

Want to know why gardenia flowers have the above problems. First of all, understand the growth habits of gardenia flowers: gardenia flowers are moist, warm, sufficient light and sufficient light and sufficient light and sufficient light and sufficient light. A good ventilation environment, but avoid strong light exposure. It is advisable to plant loose and fertile, well -drained acidic soil. The cause of the flowers and yellow leaves is also related to these factors

Gardenia flowers like water, insufficient water can cause yellow leaves, so you must keep the pot soil moist, and every day every day Sprinkle water on the leaves of gardenia and surrounded by water to increase the humidity of the air, especially the flower buddy in the north should pay more attention. But the premise of sufficient water is that the potting soil is loose and breathable and does not accumulate water.

Gardenia flower likes sufficient light. In the spring and autumn seasons, it is given more than 8 hours of sunlight daily. Avoid the exposure of strong light at noon in summer, and the astigmatism is placed for maintenance.

Gardenia flower likes acidic soil, and most of the soil in northern my country is embarrassed. You can pour a little vinegar or potassium dihydrogen phosphate when wateting it. The acidity of the soil.

The newly planted gardenia flowers generally do not have this situation. Many years of raising a year before leaf fate gradually occurred in the whole plant. Performance.

Remedial measures:

Pay attention to fertilization, especially potassium fertilizer is important, because potassium ions have a transportation effect in gardenia plants, which is a must -have for nutrition absorption. If there is no transportation tools, potassium -deficient gardenia flowers cannot survive. When gardenia lacks potassium, its old leaves will change from green to brown. At this time, you can choose to apply rotten cake fertilizer. If you use inorganic fertilizer, you should apply thin fatness to ensure the safety of gardenia flowers.