What flower is the flowers?What is Liuyouhua?Sixth flowers maintenance guide!

When I saw Liujiu flowers for the first time, I felt like a small butterfly dancing, which was particularly affectionate. The six flowers were actually lily flowers. There were more flowers on the blooming branches, and the branches were relatively crispy. What flower is the flowers? What is Liuyouhua? Sixth flowers maintenance guide!

The origin of the name of the flowers is because of the large color, and there are different colors and colorful. The flowers of flowers are divided.

Golden Six out of flowers. This flower is the most common one, a large number, and it is also a variety selected by many lily flower growers. A sense of noble, people who like high -profile people are very suitable for you. This kind of color is gorgeous and the flowers grow densely. It is extremely attractive

Eyes, which is very ornamental!

Dofer’s six flowers. This flower species is a variety from foreign countries. Due to the harsh environmental conditions, we are also relatively rare in this variety. Among the six flowers, we are more

Rare flower species.

Golden Liuyan flowers. It is also golden yellow, but it is distinguished that the golden yellow has a little flower pink, which is its unique charm. The reason why we like this flower is

The charming and gorgeous sense is intoxicating. This flower It is the most beautiful in Liuye flowers

Flower yellow six flowers. The yellow flower is the color of pink straps. This color is extremely attractive. In many cases, seeing the color of the color can make us feel happy and relax


The flower language of the six flowers: joy, expectation meets