What common sense should I understand?What you don’t know about the flower arrangement

Flower arrangement art is not a thing that has only become popular now. In ancient my country, people liked to use flowers to pass love. The flower arrangement art was very popular in the Tang and Song dynasties ~

In modern times, with the development of the national economy, with the development of the national economy, With the reform and opening up, the people’s living standards are gradually improved. Of course, flower arrangement is more daily ~

Flower arts are mainly there are several types, flowers, artificial flowers and dried flowers.


The most natural flowers are beautiful, colorful, flowers overflowing, full of real vitality, strong artistic charm, and wide application range. The disadvantage is that the water care is not lasting, the fee

It should not be placed in dark light.

Artificial flowers

The flower materials used are artificially imitation of various plant materials, including silk flowers, polyester flowers, etc., which are simulated, and there are random design and coloring. various kinds. Artificial flower multi -color

colorful, rich changes, easy to shape, easy to clean, and can be placed for a long time.

Dry flowers

All or mainly use natural dried flowers or dry plant materials processed processing. Not losing the natural form of the original plant, and can be dyed and combined at will.

After the insertion, it can be placed for a long time. Especially suitable for dark light. The disadvantage is that they are afraid of the long -term exposure of strong light, and it is not tolerant to a humid environment.

Then it is different from the flowers of each season. Try to choose the time -consistent flower material for flowers

Spring cut flowers: wooden cut flowers There are many, peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, pear blossoms, begonia, peony, peony, tulip;

Summer cut flowers: lotus, water lilies, hydrangea, sunflowers, cut leaves (drafts, leaf orchids, one leaf orchids , Bird’s Nest Fern, High goat teeth);

Autumn cut flowers: more types of chrysanthemums, Dali flowers, Wanshou chrysanthemums, cocks, and various South African imported flowers;

] Winter cut flowers: mountain tea, plum blossoms, magnolia, Zhu Dinghong, Australian Ladmei.