What are the varieties of camellia?Camellia maintenance guide!

Camellia is one of the top ten famous flowers in China. Do you know what kinds of camellia is there? Camellia maintenance guidelines!

Oriental Liang is a variety of mountain tea branches, dark green leaves, full of luster, and serrated on the edge of the leaves. It is dense. The flowers are white and the meat is white.

Mrs. Kai is a variant of mountain tea. The new leaves are light red, with spots, the flowers are medium or large, and the petals have small sawtooths.

Big cinnabar is a kind of small tree. The flower buds are round, showing cinnabar, so they are named. Its flowers are also relatively large and colorful. It is mainly produced in Wenzhou. The flowering period is from February to March.

Reunion Baron is a kind of rose in the camellia, and the flowers are rose red. Its petals also have more or less white plaques. Its flowers are large flowers, and some flowers are very large and very conspicuous. Its leaves are pale green, and sometimes there are even some macular. Its growth is also strong. The flowering period is also from it to night.

The magic city flowers are fiery red. The petals can reach more than 90. Flowers are white. The flowers are medium. The leaves are also thick green. Growth is very prosperous. The flowering period is in.

Laura is generally pink, and some have rose spots. Large flowers. The leaves are green. Its flowering period is in.

In fact, there are far more than these varieties of camellia, but summer camellia maintenance skills are similar!

Cooling and humidification

In the summer, you can pour the camellia once in the morning and evening. If there is a lot of rain, you can use some tea for the camellia. When encountering extremely high temperature, you need to spray water on the ground around the camellia.


Summer high temperature and stuffy hot heat, must be maintained by maintenance of camellia. If conditions permit, it is best to put the camellia on the outdoor maintenance.


Follow the tea to pursue the camellia in summer, pour the rotten cake fertilizer water once every half month, add a little sulfate, and the Camellia president is more more than it is good.