What are the problems needing to pay attention to different flowers?

Dry flowers are a unique beauty after the flowers are dried. Not all flowers are suitable for making dried flowers. Generally speaking, fresh flowers are more suitable for making dried flowers. Essence What are the problems needing to pay attention to different flowers?

Roses are the most used bouquets that everyone uses emotions in life. Large flowers like roses must not be mixed in the flower pile. Tie the same type of flower beam, use the thread or wire

Wrap it on the lower end of the stem several times, tie the tie tie, to ensure that there will be no flower branches falling down when the inverted hanging will fall down. Essence The rose that loses moisture will present a classic beauty, and the light floral fragrance of the rose itself will be preserved.

Golden ball, also known as gold hammer flower, the head is heavier when cutting flowers, so you can hang air drying, or choose a thin height ball.

After making a dry flower, you can maintain its original color and form. The stems of the herbal stems are easier to rot.

Lavender flower fragrance is strong and has the effect of soothe, so it is often made into dry flower tea bags, fragrant bags and pillows. A bunch of lavender in the home can help sleep.

Fulling Tianxing is a very common dry flower material, a very temperamental decoration, can not fight or grace, can also bring a special feeling to others, it is easy to match the high -level sense Essence After making a dry flower, there will be a small flower dropped by accident, so pay attention to putting it lightly.

Dried hydrangea, especially autumn hydrangea, has a classic temperament, traces of the years of precipitation.

Penglaisong’s very dreamy flower material, super versatile, no occasion, it is a kind of feeling that it is very likely, the whole shape is very stretched, the whole shape is very stretched, Fully, a furry sense of vision

Rabbit hair grass itself is extremely low in water, and it is most suitable for making dry flowers. Handle things have no resistance … very cute.

Dry flowers feel like a very unique beauty. This beauty is not rich and tender, but a fresh and elegant temperament spread, a faint alienation Give people a sense of joy. Combining the characteristics of flowers to make dry flowers will make your flowers more and more beautiful ~