The key point, knowing that these 5 points can make your flowers more beautiful!

Understanding a little trick will make your flowers more beautiful, why can other people’s flowers be so beautiful ~ When you ask, you know that the secret is among these 5 tips! The focus is that you know that these 5 points can make your flowers more beautiful!

Spray the flowers wax

This is the secret that the flower shop must know. Yes, it is to spray wax for your flowers. After spraying wax, the bouquet can keep moisture, and the finished products can be blooming for several weeks.

Soak the flower bundle with water

Put the flower bundle that needs to be shaped into the water, and ensure that each part of the flower can be soaked and covered with water, which can be extended to extend Placement time for flower works.

Add ice cubes to orchid

Are you still using water to water your orchids, maybe you can try the ice cubes. As the ice cubes gradually melt and penetrate, your orchids will become more stable, and this will not be

The root of the orchid is broken due to excessive water. In addition, the use of ice cubes can better control the amount of watering plants. Use one piece of ice particles a week.

Add flowers to the flowers

This is not just a rumor in the room. Alum powder can prevent your hydrangea from withered. I don’t know where the alum is sold? Ask the grocery store. When the stems are cut off, put

Put some alum powder directly to prevent the juice flowing from flowers from affecting the water quality. Through this step, you can easily handle the flower material.

Blooming the flowers

When encountering an unblied bud, you can immerse the buds into warm water, and then put it in cold water. Want to make flowers blossom quickly? Try this method.