The finishing touch of indoor decoration!The placement and layout of flower art and green plants!

It can also be used to decorate the study.The vases and flowers of the study should be selected according to the size of the room.For example, if the room is relatively narrow, you can choose flowers with smaller vases and smaller flowers to avoid crowded feelings.Those large and powerful vases can be selected.Such as landing porcelain vases.Of course, the study can also be placed with fragrant and elegant green plants, such as 菖 菖, bamboo and so on.

Some floral decorations are arranged to renew the kitchen, and the mood of cooking must be a lot better.The kitchen environment should first consider cleaning and hygiene. Plant plants should also be clean, disease -free pests, and non -odor varieties.In addition, the kitchen is easy to produce oil fume, and the plants placed should also have better anti -pollution capabilities, such as aloe, water tower flowers, kidney fern, and youth.