The artistic conception of Chinese image flower arrangement

The artistic conception of Chinese image flower arrangement. Chinese flower arrangement art can be divided into two types: commercial flower arrangement and art flower arrangement. Most commercial flower arrangement pays attention to the neat appearance, rich in color, and the main purpose of decoration. The appearance focuses on the style of Western flower arrangement. It cannot be used as China for China. The representative of flower arrangement, while artistic flower arrangement highlights the characteristics of Chinese flower arrangement, is a typical representative of Chinese flower arrangement art.

The focus of Chinese art flower arrangement is the creation of artistic conception. The “artistic conception” was originally a core category in Chinese classical art theory and a state of strong pursuit of Chinese classical art. It focuses on the aesthetics of the Chinese nation. consciousness. Understanding the mood, ancient literati and artists have different understandings, such as the “intention and realm of the Song Dynasty poet Su Shi”, the “thought and realm harmony” mentioned in “Twenty -Four Poems”, and the pursuit of Chinese painting “The” God -like “and the uniformity of the content and form beauty pursued by calligraphy art are all” artistic conception “. Although the statement is different from different perspectives, it can be unified to one point, that is, the interpretation and fit of the main emotional world and the object of the object matter, according to the interpretation of the modern “Cihai”, the artistic conception is the picture of the life described in the literary works. A state of art that is consistent with the integration of ideas and feelings. The two are consistent. Chinese art flower arrangement or drawing on the theory of various arts or drawing methods of the above arts as the basis, so you can understand the artistic conception in art flower arrangement as: the ideological content of the flower arrangement creators and the flower arrangement shape inserted in accordance with the theme constitute the artistic flower arrangement. The mood, the two depend on each other, are indispensable.

The flower arrangement can do, but the effect of the work is very different. In the flower arrangement works we can appreciate, some works are impressive and lingering; some works cannot be impressed. Some works are naturally simple, simple and elegant, but they can make people feel beautiful; although some works are colorful, they cannot attract people’s interest, that is, the difference in artistic conception. An excellent flower arrangement work must have an innovative shape. Just as the famous Hong Kong flower arrangement artist Zhong Yubing said, “It is not difficult to insert a pot of beautiful flowers, because the flowers itself is beautiful, but to insert the characteristics without gorgeous colors or special forms, it is left. The unforgettable impression must spend more thoughts. “To do this, it can only be counted as an excellent design of the flower arrangement. The deeper beauty is what people resonate with the author’s thoughts and feelings under the guidance of the theme of the work, even Inspired by inspiration, the “scenery outside the scene” and “the voice of the string”, the two organic combination can achieve a higher artistic realm.