Lily flowers choose a tip, what should I pay attention to when buying Lily?

Lily flowers are very favorite flowers. There are also many varieties of lily flowers. There are also many varieties of lilies. Common ones are white, pink perfume lilies, rose red lilies and yellow lilies. It is also particular about choosing lily in the flower market ~

How much is the flower head of Lily Flower, in lily flower market, lilies below three heads and lilies with three or more lilies are completely different Essence When choosing a lilies, if you choose a lily below the three heads, the growth of the two flower heads is almost the same, so you can bloom at the same time. However, when choosing a lilies with three or more heads, be sure to pay attention to choosing the growth of each flower head. When choosing a lily, pay attention to the overall form of the flowers and bones.

When choosing a lily, do not choose the open lily flower. To choose the best one to open. There are some small opening at the top of the flower bone. In addition, the flower bones can be white. Otherwise, if you are too green, you will not bloom if you raise it at home.


The choice of lily flower Remember to choose a flower branch with thick stems, only one or two flowers on the inflorescence, and no mechanical damage of petals

Select full selection The buds, remember that the bud that is too small and too tight may not be opened when it is soaked.

Buy a lot of lily. If one of them is losing, remove the residual flowers and the small stalks with flowers together. Essence

Warm reminder: Remember to remove the pollen after lily blooms. The flower medicine is actually lily pollen. It will not only consume the nutritional ingredients in lily stems and leaves. If it is dropped, it will stick to the petals. It is difficult to remove, affecting beauty. And the flower medicine will release a very strong fragrance, which will make people spiritual excitement and affect sleep. People who are allergic to pollen should remove pollen

Lily flower language: pure and fragrant; in the West, in the West, in the West, in the West, The Bible records that lily flower is changed from the tears of Eve, and it is a pure gift. Therefore, the world believes that lily flower represents the meaning of purity and fragrance.