Is it toxic?Where can I keep it?

Regarding the toxicity of the cinnamon, let’s first understand whether the floral fragrance of Fengxinzi is poisonous. Hyacinth is native to the eastern coast of the South European Mediterranean and the Little Asian Peninsula. It is the most fragrant variety of flowers that currently discovered flowers.

The fragrance of the flowers and scent of the wind is clear and elegant, but it is very refreshing, but it is very refreshing, but in fact, the fragrance of Fengxinzi is not poisonous. You can rest assured.

The floral fragrance of Fengxinzi is not toxic, but the spherical stems of Fengxinzi are toxic, because the roots contain biological crickets. Like narcissus flowers, if they eat it by mistake, they will cause dizziness and stomach cramps. Symptoms such as diarrhea, so we must strictly prevents children or animals by mistake.

Costumes can be cultivated indoors, but it is necessary to measure according to the specific situation. Essence However, in the bedroom, it is recommended not to place it, because the fascinating pollen is likely to cause skin allergies, and you should avoid using the nose to smell the flowers. The bedroom is suitable for placing a relatively light fragrance, because the bedroom is not suitable for placing too many plants and rich flavors. This is not just about the so -faced fabrics, other flowers and plants, because it is not conducive to sleep.

The requirements of the soil and environmental temperature of the cashish are not high. If the temperature is breeding indoors, it is okay if the temperature is not low or too high, and as long as it is outdoors Basic cold prevention should not let Frost Snow directly hurt the cashish. It is not a delicate plant, but it also requires us to carefully maintain it.