Indoor flower arrangement and dressing Tips!

Indoor flower arrangement can play a role in decorating and rendering the atmosphere of the home environment. Today, I will tell you the clever layout of the interior flower arrangement.

1. Put the flower arrangement

Wonderful placement of indoor flower arrangement, in front of the wall, table, cabinet, and space space, Plants with flowers and plants, stumps, mountains and stones, and artistic flower arrangement can be used to obtain a pleasant, vibrant, comfortable and charming beautification effect.

2. Putting the flower arrangement with the appropriate container

The container is a re -creation of natural flower arrangement. The role of self -cultivation and cultivation.

3. Flowers should be selected according to the indoor environment

When selection, you should choose those that are easy to survive and season according to the fineness of the room empty, the orientation of the room, and the conditions of light. Plants that are not obvious, consider the color, shape, texture, and quality of the flower arrangement, so that it is coordinated with the use of the room and the color of the family and private items to obtain the role of each other and complement each other.

4. Bonsai flower arrangement is the main decoration of the bedroom yard

Bonsai is the main decoration of the use of flower arrangement to decorate the living room yard. Collect data from plants, water, stones, etc., reaches the natural artistic conception of scenery, painting in the scene, poetry in painting, and intriguing.

5 bedrooms should not be placed in flower arrangement decoration

Flowers can release oxygen absorption of carbon dioxide under the action of light, and can also play a role in conditioning and purifying air in the room. However, oxygen will be absorbed without light. Therefore, it is usually not appropriate to put flowers in the bedroom at night.