How to maintain African chrysanthemum cut flowers?

Wake-up flowers: African chrysanthemum cut flowers before watering, wake up flowers, soaked in water for 3-4 hours. Prepare vases: Prepare the appropriate vase and load them in clean water. Flower arrangement: trim the flower branches, put it in the water for maintenance, and place it in a good light and ventilated position. Regular water change: African chrysanthemum fresh cut flowers should be changed regularly, keeping water hygiene, and cleaning the stems when changing water. Drip Nutrition: Supplement nutrition to the fresh flowers of African chrysanthemums, which can extend the flowering time.

1. Wake -up flowers treat African chrysanthemum fresh flowers before the water care, and the wake -up flowers are first treated. Cut the lower end of the flower branches of African chrysanthemum for 3-4 cm, and keep the angle at about 45 degrees, and the leaves do not need to remove it. Prepare a large wooden barrel, you can load the appropriate amount of water, soak the flower branches into the water, expose the flower head to the outside, and promote the flower branches to fully absorb the moisture. Generally, the water is soaked for about 3-4 hours.

2. When preparing vases to cut flowers in African chrysanthemums, prepare the appropriate vase with appropriate size, and after cleaning and disinfection in advance. Prepare hydroponic water. You can use pure water or mineral water. Pour the water into the vase, and keep the water level in two -thirds.

Third, the flower arrangement and maintenance remove the leaves of the lower end of the flower branch, trim the lower end of the flower branch, and then put African chrysanthemum fresh cut flowers in water to maintain. African chrysanthemums after hydroponic can be placed in a well -ventilated and bright position to keep the sunlight, but avoid direct light light, thereby promoting the normal growth of African chrysanthemum cut flowers.

4. Regularly change the water quality of African chrysanthemums on the water quality. You cannot grow in the turbid and non -clean water quality. Wash the stems, keep the root of the flowers clean to avoid rotting.

5. Drip nutrition to African chrysanthemum fresh cut flowers supplement nutrition, can extend the flowering time, can add nutrient solution, can be added with fresh -kept agent, and can be placed in vitamin tablets.