How to judge that succulent needs to be watered?What are the signals of succulent watering?

Poor meat is a cute and drought -tolerant plant. Most of the succulents are not drought, but are drowned. How to judge that succulent needs watering? What are the signals of succulent watering?

As a fleshy, it looks like fleshy, pink and tender, very dumb. It has a lot of water in its branches and leaves, which is a very drought -tolerant plant.

There are several judgments:

From the state of the blade, it can be seen whether the succulent is short of water. The succulent blades store a lot of water. When the water is short of water, the water of its own leaves will be consumed to supply the nutrients of the required nutrients. When the bottom leaves appear dry, the succulent is missing.

Observe whether the plant leaves or stems are full and shiny. When most plants are sufficient in water, the leaves will be bright and shiny, especially the succulent plants are more obvious. Wrinkles appear. When the plant is short of water, the first symptom is that the branches and leaves are weak.

Another way is to observe the soil of the surface of succulent. If the soil is white, you can water it. moisture. Friends with good feel can try the pot. If the pot is light, you can water it. Use the succulent planting of plastic pots. You can use mud carbon and other light -quality soil. Divided. If the leaves below are soft and dry, the leaves of the upper laps are also soft, indicating that it is very short of water.

So if you find that the succulent plants at home are wrinkled or soft, you can dig out to check the root system. The color of the root system is white or there are many white hairy roots, which indicate that the plant is very healthy, so you can water it.

The leaves below the succulent plant are soft and dry, that is, the leaf is not yellow to fall, the leaves of the upper laps are hard. Water deficiency can generally water. If the overall leaves are soft, it means that it is very short of water. After 12 hours of watering, the leaves have not been tilted. One will have just planted it shortly after you plant it. At this time, you need to put the plant in the ventilation place. Make the soil as soon as possible. The two are your succulent plants for a long time and discover this situation, indicating that 90 % of it is rotten.

Watering the succulent watering, I hope the succulent of your family lives well ~