Fulang flower inserting flower skills

1. Vase: Fulang flowers need to be cleaned and disinfected before flowering. 2. Pruning: Cut the bottom of the Francisco flower branch into oblique mouth to increase the absorption area. 3. Hydroponic: Insert the Francus flower into a vase equipped with two -thirds of the water. 4. Maintenance: Place Fulanghua in a ventilated scattered light, and change the water once a week.

How to arrange flowers in Fulang flowers 1. Choose vase

Before the flowers are inserted by Francisco, you need to choose a long -necked vase with a higher ornamental value according to the shape and quantity of the flower, and then the vase of the vase, and then the vase of the vase. Perform cleaning and disinfection to reduce the chances of infection of Fulanghua, and then inject two-thirds of clear water into the vase. You can place tap water in the sun for 1-2 days before using it.

2. Pruning method

When hydroponic Fulang flowers, you need to trim it first. You can cut all the leaves at the bottom of the plant flower branches. Rotten, and the bottom of the Francisco flower should be cut into a 45 -degree smooth oblique mouth to increase its absorption area and extend the flowering time of Fulanghua.

3. Hydroponic method

When maintaining Fulanghua, you need Provide the nutrients required for flowering, and can put aspirin powder or iron nails in water, supplementing nutrients such as Flash Flower to supplement the iron, so that its color is more vivid.

4. Maintenance management

After the flower arrangement of Fulang flowers, it needs to be moved to a ventilated and breathable environment for maintenance, so that the flowers of the plants are brighter, and it must provide Fulanghua with Furuki flower. Sanda light to avoid direct lighting by strong light, so as not to yellow the petals of the plant, and replace the water for Fulanghua every week to keep the water clean and clean.