Family flower arrangement experience skills

Family flower arrangement experience skills 1. Choose a good flower. When choosing flowers, you should choose flowers according to your own personality hobbies. You can also use flowers to express your aspirations and emotions, so that people are harmonious and natural with flowers. Flowers that can be selected throughout the year include chrysanthemums, rose, lily, fragrant bamboo, etc. Seasonal spring is plum blossoms, peach blossoms, peony, etc.; Summer has rhododendron, pomegranate, night jade, etc.; Autumn has osmanthus, wood hibiscus, golden lotus, etc.; In addition, there are foliage watching fruits such as Nan Tianzhu, Jin Orange, Pomegranate, and Bamboo, Tianmen Dong and other leaves.

2. Pay attention to the shape of flower arrangement. Light and down. Bud is up, and the flowers are flowers. The flowers and leaves of flowers are generally sparse, and there are all kinds of attitude; Do not insert the flowers on the same horizontal line or straight line, and the position should be staggered before and after; Do not arrange flowers and leaves. There should be sparse and dense, full of rhythm; To establish a center, the flowers and leaves around them echo each other around the center; The flowers are true, the leaves are virtual, there are flowers without leaves, and there are no flowers and lack of leaves; There must be static symmetry, but also dynamic staggering; Yizhuang is harmonious. It is necessary to have classical dignity, but also to create unique artistic conception through changes in materials selection and composition.

Third, the method of grasping flower arrangement. 1. Color matching method. The thick flowers should be inserted low, and the light color flowers should be high, so that the flower type has a sense of stability. 2. Natural insertion. It is to highlight the natural posture of plants, pay attention to color coordination, and be stable. 3. pattern flower arrangement method. Generally used for bonsai flower arrangement. First, according to the composition of flower branches, flowers, and colors, and then flower arrangement according to the map to produce a harmonious beauty.