Combining potted plants DIY to create a private garden

Recently, some people who are nourishing flowers have been fascinated by a “combined potted plant DIY” -the flowers with different forms and colors are enchanting in the same flower ware. Because the size is not large, you can just like a small corner of your home. It looks like a small private garden, bringing a higher level of visual aesthetics. However, the reporter visited a number of flower shops in Nanjing and found that the shop owners can only provide flowers and plants. As for how to make a group of potted plants, it depends on the self -play of the lovers.

The combination of potted plants add a garden color to the home

The combination of potted plants. As the name suggests, different varieties of flowers are planted in the same flower. Mr. Cao, the owner of Nanjing Tulip Shop, introduced that compared with ordinary potted flowers, the combination of potted plants gives new vitality, because it is more realistic, rich, and natural, to watch a combination of potted plants, you can see the master’s artistic accomplishment. For potting enthusiasts, this is a simple operation, does not occupy the home space, and can also cultivate the beauty of the mind. Especially for those families with limited living spaces, they only need to spend tens of dollars and spend one morning. Make a small combination of potted plants by yourself, you can create a vibrant and beautiful “private garden” for your home.

Everyone can make potted plants

1. Which flowers are suitable for making potted plants

Generally speaking For plants, the diameter is more suitable for less than 10 cm. Others are mainly small leaf -viewing plants. They are combined with different colors and branches and leaves of various plants, and they are accompanied by seasonal flowers and plants to achieve the harmony and richness of visual effects. Commonly used leaf -viewing plants include hanging orchids, touching incense, Buddha beads, ivy, white net grasses, and flower watching plants include begonia, charming, pineapple, Phalaenopsis, cactus, stone lotus, etc. are also common.

2. Where can I buy potted plants

The reporter visited a number of street flower shops to see, such as cactus, hanging orchids, ivy, white net grasses, begonias, charm and other common The plants can be bought. The cheap, such as cactus, stone lotus, and fermented for a dozen pieces, and the slightly more expensive pineapple flower is only 60 yuan. If you want to go to a pleasing fresh variety, the Nanjing Flower West Market on Liangliangmen Street is relatively convenient, and the price is not much different from the outside flower shop; The Wanbo Flower Market near the Green Plaza is relatively large and there are relatively many varieties. Some car people suggest to go to the flower market of Xianlin. The variety is rich and the price is affordable.

3. The selection of flower wares directly affects the aesthetics

The combination potted plants made by yourself are basically the home placement. Therefore, the overall shape The ceramic basin and plastic basin are the main materials. Ceramic flower pots are not as small as sizeAt the same time, the price is between 5 yuan and 20 yuan; plastic flower pots are the cheapest, and you can buy a few dollars; there is also a rectangular resin flower pot with more than 30 yuan. You can buy it with a dozen yuan. The reporter also saw in some flower farmers’ homes that the flower wares that were taken on the spot were also not interesting, such as porcelain discs with gaps, large shells brought back to the tourism, and even the kettle that was treated after being damaged. Flower.

4, three -step production group combined with potted plants

First, make an overall plan for your potted plants. For example, you decide to make a casual and dynamic potted plant. It is recommended to use pottery pots. The flower shop also has a suggestion for the choice of plants, such as Luo Han Song and Phoenix Fern.

Secondly, the bottom of the flower ware put on the net cushion, base stone, and cultivated soil. The most used for cultivating soil is granular peat and peat perlite. Be sure to stir well. The trimmed plants are separated into the pot. The height of the cultivation soil is 2 cm under the pot.

The planting session is completed, and the first watering, the amount of water is better, remember to put it in the shade for a few days first.

How to maintain the sun in the combination of potted plants: If potted plants are mainly leaf -viewing plants, the scorching sun is a taboo, and there should be scattered places in the house; Flowers and plants should be placed in places where the sun is sufficient, but the temperature under the sun should not be too hot, otherwise the flowers will bloom too fast. Regardless of the potted content, it is recommended to have the sun at the ground, and at the same time rotate the flower pots regularly, so that the plants on each side are evenly light.

Watering: If you feel the air dry, spray some water on the leaves of the leaves of the leaves to increase humidity to ensure the texture of the leaf surface. It is recommended to avoid strong light in the morning.

Fertilization: Fertilizer problems need to be paid special attention. Do not fertilize as a whole, which can easily cause the plant to grow too fast, destroy the visual effect, and pursue the leaf surface alone, such as wipe the leaves with cotton ball dipped beer.

The suggestion of the Potted Pot Pot Pot Pot Pot Potting Master Jie is that the initial trial combination of potted plants may wish to start with a small quantity. For example, such as cactus and scenery, good care will not be enthusiastic; secondly, the plant habits of the same combination of the same combination are the best. During the specific planting, Xiyang’s tulips and begonias have higher planting. Lan, Clivia and other species are a little lower; again, the leaves and color matching of the plant are a long -term exploration process. The first examiner may wish to fill the flower ware. Generally speaking The plants are first placed in the small flower ware, and then put into the large flower. It is relatively convenient to cover the overall beauty. It is also convenient to replace one of them.