Chinese -style flower arrangement, full of Chinese taste ~

Seeing the color rendering of color rendering and emphasizing the geometry, the flower arrangement of the geometric body. Today, the flowers take everyone to appreciate the admiration of the Chinese flower arrangement with the colorful and intriguing, and feel the ancient Chinese flower arrangement art ~

China The characteristic line shape of the flower arrangement

Line is the bone of Chinese flower arrangement. Chinese flower arrangement art uses the variety of flowers and trees and leaves in nature, through lines of line length, thickness, softness, softness, and denseness, and shaping flower arrangement works with puzzles.

Pay attention to artistic conception

Chinese art flower arrange Blend together. In the flower arrangement art, the method of Chinese painting borrows the meaning of the meaning of the Chinese painting is usually used, such as rigidity, high, and peacefulness with bamboo; plums express their bones, arrogance, and welcoming the spring; Fight.

Advocating nature

Because Chinese -style flower arrangement is natural, most of the composition uses asymmetric balance methods to avoid mechanical symmetry. Chinese flower arrangement is available on the material, flowers, branches, leaves, fruits, rattan, etc. are available; in terms of flowers, unbest flower buds, semi -blooming buds, and blooming flowers are used to express changes in the process of plant life.

The symbolic significance of Chinese -style flower arrangement Chinese flowers are deeply influenced by Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhist thoughts and feudal ethics, forming the unique concept and aesthetic taste of the Han nation. Everything is spiritual and advocates “the unity of heaven and man”.

Since ancient times, the material of flower arrangement must have a deep meaning. Because Chinese people generally think that the flowers and trees of nature are spiritual and emotional, so the Chinese have sent love and trees in the past, so as to keep their minds, stretch their love, and stretch their interests.

The style of Chinese -style flower arrangement is natural, the unity of heaven and man
“Although it is made by people, it is self -made.” This sentence is Chinese flower arrangement The highest realm, this realm of “unity of heaven and man” is the ideal goal of flower arrangement artist.

Pay attention to poetry and painting, pay attention to the creation of the beauty of artistic context

Chinese flower arrangement pays attention to implicit, considers that “the deeper the hidden, the greater the realm”, it will strengthen and deepen and deepen Infectious power of artistic conception. This is completely different from the style of Western flower arrangement. In the creation of artistic beauty, the title of the work and the meaning of the flower material plays an important role.

Use asymmetric natural composition shapeFormat

The shape of Chinese flower arrangement works often use asymmetric composition forms. Such works are fresh and natural, beautiful, and are not limited by any form and format. They can give full play to the author’s artistic creation talents. This is exactly the outstanding characteristics of Chinese flowers and unique.

Line shape, pursue the beauty of the lines of the flower material, multi -wood flower material

Chinese Chinese painting uses line shape as the main expression method, in flower arrangement creation In the middle, the flower branches are like the lines in painting. The outline and shape of the flower arrangement works are outlined with beautiful and natural and changeable flowers. This is a major feature of oriental flower arrangement.

Emphasizing the meaning of flower materials

Since ancient times, our Chinese nation has been a nation that loves truth, kindness and beauty, and the style of trees and flowers is popular. In the process of love flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, and flowers, it has deep feelings for it.

Season feature performance

Different flowers in different seasons are blooming. After the pursuit and selection of people from generation to generation, each season is confirmed. Its representative flower material. Such as Lan Tao Yingchun, Lotus Durgea, Shentan, Chrysanthemum Guide Qiu, Meizhu Dou Cold.

Pay attention to the unity of the work and the environment

Flower arrangement works to beautify the environment. Chinese flower arrangement specially attaches great importance to the perfect unity of flower arrangement works and the environment. Pay attention to the organic combination of environment, music, poems, books, paintings, accessories, and flower arrangement works. It is one of them. It is an elegant art that pursues the beauty of multi -sensory beauty.

The artistic conception can only be understood, the Huahua is introduced here ~