Yu Ruihua’s beautiful flower language

1. In ancient times, the elegant name of various flowers
Peony is known as
Peony is known as the king of flowers. Because of its diverse varieties, beautiful flowers and gorgeous, it is often used as a symbol of wealth. There are many nicknames. Common ones are: Muzan, Bai two gold, Yiluo Chuanfang, Huahou, Guike, Luoyang Hua, Luliu, Xiong Hong, Better, Rat Aunt, Winebels, Jinghua and so on.


Ladmei is called
The ancients like plum, often praised poems, such as “far away is not snow, only dark fragrance”, plum blossoms can be available Adopting medicine, you can relieve the heat of the heat and relieve cough. It is not known as: Jiu Yingmei, Jiuke, Xiao Huangxiang, Qi You, Huangmeihua, Hanke, etc.


Paeonia Affective
Paeonia lactifier is similar to peony. The dishes are very delicious for making peony porridge and peony cake. Its common names include: 犬, white dog, Dangli, close guest, Jiao Ke, Yu (yu second sound) Rong, Li grass, greedy tail spring, etc.


Orchids, one of the orchids of the orchids
One of the four gentlemen, has been the symbol of gentlemen since ancient times. It is also unclear to praise its articles and verses. Confucius once said: “生 Lan was born in Shenlin, and he did not do it with no one; the gentleman monitored the virtue, and did not change the festival for the laborer.” Orchids are commonly known as: King Xiang, Guoxiang, Youke, Xiangzu, Maid, Mei Shi, etc.


Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus is a national flower in Korea. Because of its strong adaptability and easy growth, it is often planted on both sides of the road in my country. Essence Hibiscus can be used as medicine, which has the effect of treating nausea and dysentery. The flowering period is very short. It is commonly known as: times, malaria flowers, pilgrimage flowing flowers, dynasty, dynasty, Chaohua, wrapped plum blossoms, barriers, etc.


Jasmine is called
Jasmine’s flower language is: loyalty, respect, purity, often as the flower of love, young men and women often send jasmine between each other Expressing love can also be given to friends as a flower of friendship. Its nicknames are: Xiao Nanqiang, Hiskeeper, Nai (NAI Fourth Voice) Flower, Lishu Jun and so on.

酴 醿 醿 (tú mí)
The world often mixes Manzhashahua with 酴醿 flowers. The difference between the two is quite large. Lu You’s “Wu Dichun cold flowers are getting late, and the northern returnees are picked all the way.” It describes the flowers, and the ancients also used the flowers to make the wine. Its nicknames are: talented, Mu Xiang, Spring Spring, Ya Ke, Yunyou, etc.

Ling Xiaohua
Ling Xiaohua’s folk legend is a flower that changed from a girl named Ling Xiao, so the flower name is Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao can be used as medicine, has blood to remove blood stasis, cooling blood and eliminating wind, which can be used for menstrual closed, postpartum milk swelling, Rubella red, itchy skin, acne and other diseases. Its nicknames are: Shipke, Ghost Eye, Lingyao, Ziru, etc.

The Chinese literati’s elegant names of several particularly loved flowers:
“Four Gentlemen” -Mo, Lan, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum; 123] “Double Flowers” -Peony, Peony; “King of Flowers” -Peony; “Flower Phase” -Bei Lainli;
“China Three Natural Flowers” – Dragon;
“Flowers and Plants Siya” —— Lan, chrysanthemum, narcissus, and 菖 菖; , Rose;
“Second Sisters in the Flower” -This mint and Lilan fragrant; “Sisters of Red Flowers” -Red Flowers and Red Flowers;
“Five Sisters of Pot Flowers” – , Hanging bells Begonia;
“Seven Sages of the Pile” -Cholka pine, 缨 络 、, Feng, Ginkgo, Crameme, Dongqing, Elm;
“Garden Three Treasures” – Caozhong orchid;
“Eight Famous Flowers in Yunnan” -Shan Tea, Magnolia, Rhododendron, Raoju, Spring, Lily, Orchids, Green Emperor Artemisia, Dragon.
“The Queen of Flowers” -The Rose; “Flowers in the West” -Churium;
“Gentleman in the Flower”, “The First Fragrance of the World”, “Fantastic Beauty” -Ling Bo Fairy; “——The African fairy
” Shili Fragrance “,” Autumn Wind Send Cool ” -osmanthus
” Flower Zhongzhong “-the Camellia”, the first incense in the world ” –
” Dongli Gao Shi “,” Dongli Gao Shi “, “Snow in Snow”, “Gao Wind Liang Festival” -chrysanthemum;
“Hibiscus in the water” -the lotus; “Green Fairy” —— Diaolia; “Shi You Tan
Si Yu Meiren Fairy Fairy’s second talented daughter” Wan Dendou “Mourning Fang
Solo Ruhuang Fairy’s third talent” Five Color Pen “Ji Shenyu
Si Qingqi Fairy Fairy The fourth talent “Book of Tadpoles” Yan Jinxin
Si Zhiwu Fairy Fairy Fairy Fifth Paradise “Carving Worm Skills” Xie Wenjin
Si Lingzhi Fairy Fairy Sixth Person “Guide Car” Shi Lan Yan
Si Rose Fairy Seventh Girl “Qi Luo Cong” Chen Shuyuan
Si Pearl Flower Fairy Eighth Girl “Filigger Forest” Bai Lijuan
Sir Rui Shenghua Fairy Ninth Girl “Shengping Song” Guorui Zheng [123 ] Sihehuan Fairy Fairy’s Tenth Girl “Putianle” Zhou Qingtin
Si Baihua’s eleventh talented daughter “Dream Dream” Tang Girlfriend
Si Mudan Fairy Fairy’s Twelfth Girl “Women’s Zhongkui” Yin Ruohua
Simu Bihua Fairy’s twelfth talent “Fengyue Lord” Yin Qiaowen
Solo Yang Fairy Xianzi “The 13th Girl” Hui Wenjin “Bao Baoyun
Si Lanhua Fairy’s fifteenth talented girl” Blood Tears “Tian Xiuying
Si Ju Fairy’s 16th talented girl” Yu Winn Flawed “Lin Shuxiang
Si Qionghua Fairy 17th The “Dragon and Phoenix” Song Liangzhen
Si Lian Fairy’s eighteenth talented daughter “Lantian Yu” Zhang Lanying
Si Meihua Fairy Nineteenth Girl “Creamy” Yang Mo Xiang
Si Haitang Fairy Fairy Second Ten talented girl “Huayu Shi” “Jinchun
Si Guihua Fairy Twenty -first talented girl” Water Moon “Tian Shunying
Si Xinghua Fairy 22 Talent” Xiao Tai Shi “Lu Zixuan
Si Yanhua Fairy Fairy Twenty -Three Girl “Jade Jiao Zhi” 邺 Fangchun
Si Jasmine Fairy Twenty -fourth talented daughter “Coral” Shao Hongying
Si Furong Fairy Fairy Twenty Talent “Jade Linglonglong “Wish Title
Si Xiaohua Fairy Fairy Twenty -sixth Girl” Person “Meng Zizhi
Si Ziwei Fairy Fairy Twenty -seventh Talent” One Red “Qin Xiaochun
Si Han Xiaohua Hua Fairy Twenty -eighth talented daughter “Cymbidium” Dong Qingzheng
Si Rao Fairy 29th Girl “Little Chang’e” Chu Yuefang
Si Yulan Fairy Thirty Girl “Splendid Liver” Situ Yier
Si wax plum blossom fairy 31st talent “God Bosomar” Yu Lirong
Si Shui fairy flower fairy 32 talented daughter “Ling Bo Xian” Lian Jinfeng
Simu Lotus Fairy 33 Girl “Xiao Yangxiang” Luo Hongzhang
Si Suxinhua Fairy 34th Girl “Sai Zhongzhong” Lin Wanru
Si Jiexiang Fairy Fairy 35th Girl “Jade Ring” Liao Xichun
Si Tieyu Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy The thirty -sixth talented female “female bachelor” Li Hongwei
Si Bi Taohua Fairy’s 37th talented female “Parrot Tongue” Yan Ziqiong

Si Mulan Fairy Fairy 39th Girl “Three -sided Network” Yin Honghua
Siqian Beitang Fairy Fairy Fairy “Little Orion” Wei Ziying
Si Chi Hua Fairy Fairy 41st Talent “Hero Hero” Zai Yu toad
Si Yu Club Fairy Fairy Fairy 42 Talent “Dream Man” Meng Langzhi
Sijuna Fairy Fairy Fourteen Talent “Weaving Girl” Xue Yixiang
Si Ling Xiaohua Fairy Fairy Fragrant Female “Female Midsman” Yan Ziqi
Si Yinghua Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy Famous Girl “Li Township Cao” Zhilan Yin
Simu Xianghua Fairy Fairy Fairy 46th Girl “Cai Sang Girl” Yao Yanxin
Si Fengxian Fairy Fairy Fairy “Furong Sword” Yi Ziling [123 ] Si Gui Bauhinia Fairy Fairy 48 Talent “Qingfeng Wing” Tian Fengzheng
Si Qi Rose Fairy Fairy Fairy “Guanghan Yue” Chang Hongzhu
Talent “俦 俦 叶” Ye Qiongfang
Si Jin with the fifty -one talented girl “Hong Wenjin” Bian Caiyun
Si Yurui Fairy Fairy Fairy Franco “Night Light Wall” Lu Yaozheng [ 123] Si Baxian Fairy Fairy Franco -Qingxufu Zuo Rongchun
Si Ziwu Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy “Italian” Meng Yunzhi
Si Qingzhang Fairy Fairy Franco Talent “Rui Wenjin” Bian Luyun
Si Jingjie Fairy Fairy Fairy Fifty -sixth Girl “A gentleman” Dong Baozheng
Siri Xianghua Fairy Fairy Fairy “Mao Rainbow” Shi Yanchun
Fairy Fairy Fifteenth Girl “Belt” Dou Gengyan
Si Yueyue Fairy Fairy Fairy “Chaoxia Jin” Jiang Lihui
Si Yelai Xianghua Fairy “Crystal Bead” Cai Lanfang
Si Poppy Fairy Fairy’s 61st Talent “Book in the Book” Meng Huazhi
Si Shizhu Hua Tingzi “Qi Wen Jin” “Jin Jinyun
Si Lanju Fairy Fairy Six3 The talented girl “Lian Li Zhi” Zou Wanchun
Sijiahua Fairy’s 64th talented daughter “Jade Pot Ice” Qian Yuying
Si Xitang Fairy Fairy’s 65th talented girl “Jinfan Georn” Dong Huayu [ 123] Si Yingchun Fairy Fairy’s 66th talented daughter “Shuangfeng” Liu Ruichun
Siqianri Red Flower Fairy “Xiong Wenjin” 卞 Ziyun
The person in the painting “Meng Yuzhi
Si Tao Bell Blossom Fairy’s 69th talented daughter” Robe Tattoo “Jiang Yuehui
Sihebao Peony Fairy Fairy” Lianchengyu “Lu Xiangzhang
Si Xifan Lotus Fairy Seventy -one talented daughter “Big Fish” Tao Xiuchun
Si Jinshi Peach Blossom Fairy Seventy -two Talent “Emei Moon” Palm Bead
Si Yan Qiuchai Fairy Fairy “Ji Jin Jin” Jiang Xinghui
Sisters of Sisters Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy “Flower Dew” Dai Qiongying
“Ruyi Feng” Dong Zhuyu
Sishan Danhua Fairy’s 76th Girl “Yao Wenjin” Xiang Xiangyun
Si Yuzheng Fairy Fairy Fairy Seventy -seventh Girl “Monthly Month” Meng Yaozhi
Goldenque Fairy Fairy Seventy -eighth Girl “Yaotai Moon” Clapped Drives
Si Xuanzi Fairy Fairy “Kirin Jinjin” Jiang Qiuhui
“Girl Beiti” “”
Si Buddha Sang Hua Xianzi “Long Wenjin” Bian Suyun
Director Chun Hua Xianzi Eighty -two Girl “Bi Bird” Jiang Lilou
Division Mountain Alum Flower Fairy Eighty -Thirty talented girl “Holding Girl” Milanfen
Sibao Xianghua Fairy Eighty -Fourth Talent “囗 囗 山” Zai Yin Chan
Talent “Rouge” Pan Lichun
Si Hollyho Flower Fairy Eighty -sixth Girl “Mirror in Mirror” Meng Fangzhi
Si Chicken Crown Fairy Fairy Eighty -17 Talent “Concentric Known” Zhong Xiu Tian
Si Butterfly Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy Eighty -eighth talented girl “Ren Fan” Tan Yanfang
Si Yobe Fairy Fairy Eighty -19th Girl “People in the Eyes” Meng Qiongzhi
Si Lai Li Fairy Fairy Ninety Girl “Passionate” Jiang Suhui [123 ] Si Lihua Fairy Ninety -one talented daughter “Jingshan 璧” Lu Ruizheng
Si Tenghua Fairy’s 92nd talented daughter “Taipingfeng” Dong Cuiyi
Si Luhua Fairy Ninth Girl “Xiaoxiangyue” Pu Zhu
Si Yan Hua Fairy Ninth Girl “Crane Red” Jing Yaochun
Si Kwai Fairy Ninety -five Girl “Underwater Moon” Cui Xiaoying
Six talented girl “Iron Pi Fairy” Su Yalan
Si Taohua Fairy Ninety -seventh Talent “Sai Zhao’e” Zhang Fengya
Si Caohua Fairy Fairy “Little Poison Bee” Min Lan 荪
Linghua Fairy Ninety -ninth Girl “Bi Life Flower” Hua Fang
Sili Hua Fairy’s 100th talented girl “one volume of books” Bi Quanzhen