Wild Panes Pictures

1. Patriotic picture Daquan Pornographic Picture Appreciation and Information Introduction
Many people in the bellflower know that Eleven Chinese medicinal materials are actually a kind of ornamental flower, and the flower type is unique to a good ornamental effect. Below it will take everyone to enjoy the bellflower. Photo: About Kikyo Flower: Pornographic Blossom Flower, Bell Flower, Monk Hat Flower, Latin Name: Platycodongrandiflorus (JACQ.) A.DC. 120 cm, usually hairless, occasionally short hair, no branches, and rarely top branches. All the leaves are rotated, some are rotated to all of each other, with non -reciprocating or extremely short handles, ovate, ovate and ovate to lanceolate, ovate or ovate lanceolate in the leaves, dark blue or dark purple white white or dark purple white white , Can be used as watching flowers; the Korean people are used as wild vegetables; their roots can be used as medicine, have the effects of relieving cough and expectorant, proclaiming lungs, and pus, and common medicines for Chinese medicine. Nen leaves can be marinated into pickles, which are called “dog treasure” pickles in northeast China. In the Korean Peninsula, the Yanbian area of u200bu200bChina, beniest is a well -known kimchi ingredients. The local folk “Polycoflae rumor” describes this plant. According to the name alone, some people will mistakenly think that the bellflower is the stalk of the orange, but it is actually not directly related to the genus Orange or citrus. The morphological characteristics of the bellflower: 20-120 cm height, usually hairless, occasionally short hair, regardless of branches, and rarely top branches. All the leaves are rotated, and some are rotated to all of each other, with non-reciprocated or extremely short handles, ovate, ovate and oval to lanceolate, 2-7 cm long, 0.5-3.5 cm wide, wide wedge at the base to circular to circular to round Dark, urgent, hairless and green on the top, often hairless and white powder underneath, sometimes short hair or tumor -shaped hair on the veins, and the edge of the edge is finely serrated.花單朵頂生,或數朵集成假總狀花序,或有花序分枝而集成圓錐花序;花萼鐘狀五裂片,被白粉,裂片三角形,或狹三角形,有時齒狀;花冠大,長1.5-4.0 cm, blue, purple or white.球 Fruit spherical, or spherical inverted conical, or obovate, 1-2.5 cm long, about 1 cm in diameter. The flowering period July-September. The growth habits of the bellflower: like cool climate, cold tolerance, and sunny. It is advisable to cultivate a hilly area below 1100m above sea level. In the half -yang sandy loam soil, the neutral sandy sandy soil rich in phosphorus and potassium fertilizers is better. The seed life is 1 year. Storage at low temperatures can extend the life of the seeds. The seeds of 0-4 ° C for 18 months, the germination rate increased by 3.5-4 times compared with the normal temperature storage. The seed germination rate is 70%, at 18-25 ° C, there is sufficient temperature, and the seedlings are seeded at 15D after planting. The breeding technology of the bellflower: The breeding of the bellflower, so the high -yield plants should be selected, and the seedlings must be removed in late August to remove the inflorescence on the side branches, so that the nutritional concentrated supply of the upper and central fruits will be provided, and the seeds are full and the seed quality is improved. When the fruit becomes yellow, cut the whole plant, put it in a ventilated and dry place, and then dry it. Live broadcasts are usually used, and seedlings can also be transplanted. The live broadcast output is higher than transplanting, and the roots and quality are small. CanAutumn, winter or spring, the best in autumn.Pornographic flower language: 1. Eternal love; sincere, smooth, sad.2. No hope of love.3. Missing.Origin: Legend, Pornographic Flower Kai means that happiness comes again.Pornographic meaning has a double meaning -eternal love and hopeless love.
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