What is the symbol of black peony symbol

1. What does black peony represent?

Peony, the national color, has always been regarded as a symbol of wealth, auspiciousness, happiness, and prosperity. Since the Tang Dynasty, Peony has been respected as “national color incense”. The peony is unified and has a distinguished status. The poet of the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi “Flowers bloom for 20 days, and people in a city are crazy” and Liu Yuxi “only the real country of peony, the flowers of the capital when the flowers bloom”, and vividly described the people at the time to watch flowers at the time. grand occasion.
Peony Flower language: complete, strong, rich, graceful and luxurious
Autumn peony flower language: life, expectation, faint love
Red peony flower language: wide red flower, known as the king of Baihua, flower language, flower language It is ‘wealthy, complete’, attribute fire.
Purple peony flower language: Petal is purple peony, flower language is ‘difficult to be affection’, the attributes are dark
White peony flower language: Gao Jie, dignified and elegant, ritual, national color incense, trustworthy people
green peony flower language: Life, expectations, faint love, and intention to pay
Black peony flower language: Love must be loved, there is no pure black peony in the peony family, people are used to calling dark red and dark purple peony as black peony [123 123 [123 ] Pink peony flower language: grace and luxury
Yellow peony flower language: bright and rich and luxurious
2. What is the symbolic meaning of peony flowers?
The eight colors of peony flowers
1. Big red peony
Big red peony is a shrub, and the leaves are often oval. The characteristics of flowers are large, red, and more. The flowering period is often in May, and the fruit is in June. Because the color is warm red, it feels enthusiastic, and there has been red customs since ancient times, which can often be seen in costume dramas. Therefore, the flower language of red peony flowers is a beautiful and beautiful meaning, attribute fire.

2. White peony
There are many varieties of white peony flowers. The most representative is the white Snow Tower peony. There are also Xiangyu, Liuli Guanli, Jingyu, and Lotus Crane are all representative of white peony flowers. White has always been a pure representative, so white peony flowers also represent Gao Jie and dignified, symbolizing trustworthy people.

3. Purple peony
Purple peony is a plant belonging to the genus of peony family peony. The flowering period is usually in May, and the fruit is from July to August. The leaves are often wide ovate or ovate, which is about 15-20 cm long, and petals are usually about 9-12 pieces. The petals are purple peony, and the flower language is very unique. So what is the flower language of the purple peony flowers? It is very difficult and dark.

4. Green peony
Green peony is a perennial deciduous small shrub. Huazawa is gorgeous and magnificent, and it has the reputation of “the king of flowers”. The most commonly used as one of the cultivation varieties, the green color of the flower is the top grade, so there is also the title of “national color and sky incense”.Essence Green usually represents vitality, so the flower language of green peony symbolizes the expectations of life and pays attention.

5. Black peony
Black peony refers to the peony nearly black, not really black like black charcoal. In the flowers, there is no absolute black, usually refers to dark purple. For many years of deciduous shrubs, it grows slowly and plants are short. Because the black flowers in the world are extremely scarce, even through hybridization, the probability of obtaining black flowers is extremely small. Therefore, black peony is very precious. Black generally means death, so black peony symbolizes the love of death.

6. Pink peony
Pink peony grows in the water all year round. The roots are strong and the stems are hypertrophy. The flower shape is large and beautiful, floating on the surface or above the water, which is a high viewing plant for pond breeding. Pink usually refers to the color of women, so the flower language of pink peony is graceful, implicit, and beautiful.

7. Yellow Peony
Yellow peony was mutated through wild peony. It is a small shrub or sub -shrub in the peony family. There is no hair in the whole body. The flowering period is usually in May, and the fruit is from July to August, which is the same as the purple peony. Yellow is a very bright color, so the yellow peony flower usually represents bright and rich and luxurious.

8. Blue Peony
The common variety of blue peony is blue hibiscus, which is warm, cool, dry, and sunshine. The blue peony flowers are not absolute blue, but pink blue. Lan hibiscus peony system is a deciduous shrub, with thousands of flowers. Blue is a romantic color, so the flower language of blue peony is beautiful romantic, fresh and elegant.

Peony has always been a rich man, and its flower language has the meaning of grace and luxury. The peony flowers that have always been gorgeous are always blooming in groups. When the flowers are open, Baihua feels three points. Because only peony is the real national color.
3. What is the symbolic significance of the peony color
Red peony flowers -cherish your love. Pink peony flowers -vowed to believe me. White peony flowers -treasure yourself. Red peony flowers -accept your blessings and love. Pink peony flowers -pray for the late love and pity. White peony flowers -mean rejection.
4. What is the symbolic meaning of peony?
The symbolic meaning of peony is: wealth, completeness, and affection.

When the peony flowers bloom, the flowers are like brilliant, gorgeous and splendid, and their beautiful flowers are dumping. , Prosperous.

People’s love for peony also makes peony flowers a symbol of the spirit and excellent character of the Chinese nation. It also becomes the embodiment of beauty. It has the symbolic meaning of pure and love.

Extended information: Peony (scientific name: Paeonia Suffruticosaandr.) It is a plant and peony genus plant, which is a perennial deciduous shrub. The stems are as high as 2 meters; the branches are short and thick.

葉通常為二回三出復葉,偶爾近枝頂的葉為3小葉;頂生小葉寬卵形,表面綠色,無毛,背面淡綠色,有時具白粉,側生Little leaves are narrow ovate or long round ovate. The petiole is 5-11 cm long and has no hair with the leaf axis.

Reference information: Baidu Encyclopedia-Peony

[Peony Flower]:

The flower type is wide, known as Baizhua The king has a completeness, affection, wealthy, graceful and luxurious.

Life, looking forward to, a faint love, giving with heart.

Gao Jie, dignified and elegant, there are thousands of manners, the national color is fragrant, and the trustworthy person.

[All kinds of peony flowers]:

Autumn peony flower language: life, expectation, faint love

Red peony flower language: Flower The wide red flowers are called the king of Baihua.

Purple peony flower language: The petals are purple peony, and the flower language is ‘difficult to love’.

White Peony Flower language: Gao Jie, dignified and elegant, dignified, dressed, national color, and trustworthy people.

Green Peony Flower: Life, expectations, faint love, and intention.

Black peony flower language: In fact, there is no pure black peony in the peony family when you die. People are used to calling dark red and dark purple peony as black peony.

Pink peony flower language: grace and luxury.

Yellow Peony Flower: Bright and rich and luxurious.

[The number of flowers and the meaning of the representative]:

1 flower: You are my only
2: You are strong I am thick
3 flowers: I love you
4: Oath; promise
5: No regret
6 flowers: smooth
7: joy meets
8: make up for
9 flowers: firm love
10: perfect; perfect ten beauty
11 flowers: one heart
12 flowers: heart -to -heart stamp
13 flowers: secret love
17: 123] 20 flowers: This situation is unprepared
21: The favorite
22: Double pair
24 flowers: Missing
33: I love you; Three Lives III
36 flowers : My heart belongs to you
44 flowers: until you die
50 flowers: No complaints and regrets
56: I love
57: My love and wife
66: True love does not change
77: joy meets
88: make up for it with heart to make up for it
99 flowers: Old looks, firm
100 flowers: white -headed old, 100 years of good combination
101: The only love
108: Proposal
111: Endless Love
144 Dobo: Love you life
365: I miss you every day
999: Tiantong and Earth
1001: Until forever

The peony of the peony Symbolic meaning: Gao Jie, noble, dignified and elegant, dignified and elegant, dignified, national incense, trustworthy people.
Peony is a city flower in Luoyang, Heze, Tongling, Ningguo, and Mudanjiang in China. Peony is also known as the wealthy of flowers in China.
Extended information:
The peony flowers are gorgeous, the jade smiles are fragrant, the romantic, magnificent, and known as the “king of flowers”. In the type of cultivation, it can be divided into hundreds of varieties based on the color of the flower. “There are many varieties of peony, and there are many colors. It is based on yellow, green, red, dark red, and silver red, especially yellow and green. On behalf of Liu Yuxi, there was a poem: “There is no complication of the peony in front of the court, and the puppet of the pond. Only the peony is true. “In the late Qing Dynasty, peony was regarded as the national flower of China. In May 1985, the peony was rated as the top ten famous flowers in China.

symbolic significance
When the peony flowers bloom, the flowers are like brilliant and gorgeous, and their beautiful flowers are dumped. The image of graceful, elegant, wealthy and peaceful represents the people of the people of the country for tomorrow’s beautiful vision and beautiful vision, which means that the country is prosperous and prosperous. The love of peony also makes the peony flower a symbol of the spirit and excellent character of the Chinese nation, and also the embodiment of beauty. It has the symbol of pure and love.
Peony is a theme often depicted in Chinese painting flowers. The meaning of praising the peony and paintings is not only the beautiful appearance of the peony, but also the beautiful emotions of the poet and the painter.

The noble temperament of the peony, and the colorful color of the colorful colors are rich in the paintings of all ages. The sense of peace, the combination of peony flowers in the painting and other flowers and birds or mountains, has different meanings that combine with the rich, and also become one of the artworks decorated with home or some public places.

“Rich Changchun” Peony flowers are painted with rose. Because the rose is called Changchunhua, there is a meaning of rich and rich.
“Full of wealth” peony and begonia painting together, which means wealth and auspiciousness.
“Four Seasons rich and rich” Peony and narcissus, lotus, chrysanthemums, plum blossoms, etc. have the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness all year round.