What is the name of blue chrysanthemum?

1. What kind of chrysanthemum varieties are small? Is there a sky blue chrysanthemum?
There are many varieties of chrysanthemums, and the same environment is different due to variety, and the flowering time is different

2. What is the name of this purple -blue flower like chrysanthemum, what names like chrysanthemums are called Intersection

3. What is blue chrysanthemum symbol
There is no blue chrysanthemum !!!
Experts are studying the cultivation of blue Color chrysanthemums are more difficult to cultivate blue chrysanthemum compared to red chrysanthemums. At present, there is no blue chrysanthemum in the world. Nanyan experts revealed that they are currently studying the cultivation of Lanju.
Experts introduced that if the red gene in chrysanthemums is difficult to find, the blue gene can be said to be impossible. Nanyan experts are currently copying the genes in other blue flowers through biotechnology to chrysanthemums, hoping to create miracles. “Hope that one day, the first blue chrysanthemum was born in Nanjing.”

PS: This is the meaning of other colors:
Chrysanthemum (general) -You u0026#039; Re A Wonderful Friend, Cheerfulness And REST
Chrysanthemum (Generally speaking) -You is a great friend, happy and relaxed

chrysanthemum (red) -I love
Chrysanthemum (red) -I love

菊花(白色) – 事實

菊花(黃色) – 忽視的愛

[123 ] A Japanese experts used 13 years to cultivate blue chrysanthemums. For details, Baidu
4. Is the blue chrysanthemum chrysanthemum?
It is not necessarily, and the color of the chrysanthemums of the carcasters is diverse. The hometown of Yaruju is in Europe. It was originally a wild flower. After many years of cultivation, its “wild” is less, the flowers become larger, and the colors have become more. Fure. There are everywhere in German hillside, fields, waterfronts, roadside, and front houses. It is regarded as a national flower by Germany.
Yatar chrysanthemum (Latin name: Centaurea Cyanus L.) Chrysanthemuma Yajie Chrysanthemum is a one -year or two -year herb, up to 70 cm high, upright, branches, stems as gray, foundation leaves, and the top of the umbrella house or cone inflorescence Essence Total bud oval -shaped, plate flowers, blue, white, red or purple, achene oval, flowersFruit period from 2nd to August.