What is Taipinghua called

1. What flower is also known as Tai Pinghua?

2. What is Taiping Fireworks
As soon as you enter the street, you will turn out the news in the lower left corner, and you will jump out of the salary of salary.If you turn off, there will be a red envelope. If you go to the backpack prop, right -click him and click on him, and then go to the fireworks to order the fireworks.

QQ Hyun Dance Taiping Fireworks

QQ Hyun Dance Taiping Fireworks
: All games can be used.123]
Taiping Fireworks Price
: 3.00qb/piece
3. The related varieties of Taipinghua
Taipinghua (original variant) Philadelphuspekinensrupr.var.pekinensis long leaf Taipinghua (variant) Philadelphusisrupr.Form.lanceolatuss.y.hu