Various daisy pictures

1. What kind of pictures are chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemum is a perennial root sheet plant. People have evolved from the primitive yellow chrysanthemum to such colorful flowers from the original yellow chrysanthemum through artificial cultivation, hybrid breeding and natural mutation. In the late Ming Dynasty, there were 14 species of chrysanthemum spectrum, and during the Qing Dynasty, it increased to 24 varieties. In the Republic of China, chrysanthemums were divided into 10 categories according to the shape of petals. At present, plant classification records 920 genus, 19,000 species of chrysanthemums in the world, about 164 genus and 1950 species in my country. There are more than 3,000 chrysanthemum varieties in China, which are divided into yellow, white, purple, green and other colors from their colors in gardening, and have two colors. Turning, dragon claws, burrs, pine needles, etc.; from the cultivation method, it is divided into Liju, Southern Chrysanthemum, Dali chrysanthemum, cliff chrysanthemum, flower bed chrysanthemum, and grafting chrysanthemum; Four seasons and so on. According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “There are a hundred kinds of chrysanthemums, the roots are born, the stems and leaves are colorful, and the products are different. … The stems have a special plant, red green and green, and their leaves are large and thick. There are Chiba single leaves, no heart, no son, yellow and white, yellow and purple, different color shades, and different sizes. The taste is sweet and sweet, and there are summer chrysanthemums, autumn chrysanthemums, and winter chrysanthemums. ”

There are many. This picture was taken at the July Exhibition, just a small part.

2. Find beautiful daisy flower pictures

There are still many, which cannot be sent. Give me the mailbox.


3. Can you send a few high -definition daisy pictures?
In fact, I didn’t forget anything, but there were only some things that were only suitable for collection.