There are seven colors of chrysanthemums

1. What are the colors of chrysanthemums symbolizing?
Chrysanthemum: purity, high cleanliness, longevity, auspiciousness, I love you, true love
Chrysanthemum (red): love
Chrysanthemum (white): honesty Gentleman
Chrysanthemum (Huang): Love
Cuiju: Thinking, reliable love, please believe me
Chun Ju: divination for love
June Chrysanthemum: 别
Dongju: 别 [123
] French chrysanthemum: Patience
Gua Chrysanthemum: Happy
Persian chrysanthemum: Wild Beauty
Great Persian Chrysanthemum: Girl Pure and Strong
Wanshouju: Friendship
Yasa chrysanthemum: slender, elegant
Mai Mai Stalk chrysanthemum: eternal memory, portrayal in the heart
Large care chrysanthemum: eternal love

Red: represents enthusiasm, unrestrained, joyful, and celebration.
Black: represents serious, night, stability.
Yellow: It represents noble and rich.
White: It means pure and simple.
Blue: Represents wisdom, sky, refreshing.
Green: Represents life and vitality.



  白菊花:真實[ 123] Red chrysanthemum: I love you
2. What are the colors of chrysanthemum?
The color is mainly yellow, white, pink, orange red and red.

Expansion Reading: Chrysanthemum (scientific name: Chrysanthemum) commonly known as chrysanthemum, alias Shouke, Jinying, Huanghua, Qiuju, Taoju, etc. A genus. There are about 40 species under it, most of which are native to East Asia, and its mutant center is in China.

In Chinese classical literature and culture, chrysanthemums have an important position.

Chrysanthemums are widely used for viewing. In the traditional Chinese New Year, many people like to place chrysanthemums at home. The Chongyang Festival has the custom of appreciation of chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum wine. Meng Haoran’s “Over the Old Man”: “When it is Chongyang, you will come to chrysanthemum.”

Reference: Chinese Plant Chrysanthemum Website Link

Because chrysanthemum is the most complicated and most complicated among all flowers, there are many colors.

According to my country’s classification of chrysanthemum color, it is roughly divided into seven types: yellow, white, red, pink, purple, green, compound color.

1. Pure colors are yellow, white, purple, red, pink, green, green, ink, mud gold, snow green, etc.

2. There are also many color ones, there are two flowers and twoThe colors, such as the “Er Jiao” in the red and yellow half, the red and yellow “pupae”.

3. There are two colors of the back and belly, one side is yellow, and the other is a red “golden back red”.

4. The petals are based on a color, and there are other colors or spots on it.

5. There is a color base at the base of the petals, and the apex is the other color, such as the tube’s petal is red, and the apex is yellow “red line golden beads”.

Extended information: Chrysanthemum is the third of the top ten famous flowers in China, one of the four gentlemen (Meilan bamboo chrysanthemums) in the flowers, and it is also the world’s four major cut flowers (chrysanthemum, rose, carnations, Tang Yupu Pu Pu ) One, output.

Because the chrysanthemum has the character of Qinghan and Aoxue, it has the famous sentence of Tao Yuanming’s “Picking Chrysanthemum East and Seeing Nanshan”. In ancient mythology and legends, chrysanthemums are also given auspicious and longevity meaning.

Chrysanthemums are precious ornamental flowers cultivated by long -term artificially selected. Around the 8th century AD, the chrysanthemums that were viewed from China passed from China to Japan. At the end of the 17th century, the Dutch businessmen introduced Chinese chrysanthemums to Europe, were introduced to France in the 18th century, and in the mid -19th century to North America. Since then, Chinese chrysanthemums have spread throughout the world.

The color of the chrysanthemums except for the red, the other colors are all available, which is particularly bright. Among them, the yellow graceful and luxurious, the golden light is brilliant; the red enthusiasm is unrestrained, gorgeous; white and clear and elegant, light makeup wrapped; black -purple like “Mohe”. Different interesting names.

White chrysanthemums include: “Silver Sirdowned Beads”, “Empty Valley Qingquan”, “Pearl Curtain Waterfall”, “Yueyong River Stream”;

Yellow chrysanthemums are Yes: “Flying Huang Tengda”, “Huang Ying Out of Valley”, “Golden Lion”, “Agarwood Totori”;

Green chrysanthemums are: “Green Yang Spring”, “Green Willow Dynamic”, “Spring Water and Green Wave”; [123 ]
White green is called “Jade Crab Icelet”;

The red in the red is called “maple leaf reed flower”; “,” Green clothes and red clothes “and so on.

The color of chrysanthemums is represented by poetry dictionary, such as red -colored “red leaf poems”, yellow “yellow stone”, pink “human peach blossoms” and so on.

Expanded information:

Peony (Paeeidae peony genus plant): (scientific name: Paeonia Suffruticosaandr.) It is a pearl and peony genus plant, which is a perennial deciduous shrub. The stems are as high as 2 meters; the branches are short and thick. The leaves are usually two times and three outs.Occasionally the leaf near the peak of the branches is 3 leaflets; the top leaflet is wide ovate, green on the surface, hairless, pale back on the back, sometimes white powder, narrow ovation on the side of the side, 5- 11 cm, hairless with the leaf axis. Flower single branches, bracts 5, oblong; sepals 5, green, wide ovate, petals 5 or severe petals, rosy, red purple, pink to white, usually large variation, permeable, the top is irregular on the top Waves; flowers are round and round, 4 mm long; flower dish leather, cup -like, purple -red; heart skin 5, thinner, dense and golden hair.黄 Long round, dense yellow brown hard hair. Flower period in May; June of the fruit period.

The color is gorgeous, the jade smiles and the fragrance, the romantic, magnificent, and the reputation of the “king of flowers”. In the type of cultivation, it can be divided into hundreds of varieties based on the color of the flower. “There are many varieties of peony, and there are many colors. It is based on yellow, green, green, red, dark red, and silver red as the top grade, especially yellow and green. 123]

Autumn chrysanthemum

3. How many colors of chrysanthemums? What color?
[Scientific name] DENDRANTHEMA MORIFOLIUM (Ramat.) Tzvel.
or Chrysanthemum Morifolium Ramat.

[English name] FLOS Chrysanthemum (Florists Chrysanthemum)
[Alias] Juhua, Qiuju, Nine Hua, Huanghua, Emperor, Emperor Emperor, Emperor Emperor Flowers, laughing gold, festivals, Ju, Jin Rui, chamomile.
Because of its flowers bloom in late autumn and have a strong fragrance, there are “late gorgeous” and “cold fragrance”.
[Classification] Chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum
sometimes as the general name of all flower varieties of chrysanthemum family. Chrysanthemum is the largest section of seed plants, with a total of 25,000 to 30,000 species, and there are many types of flowers, second only to orchids.
Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum屬有30余種,中國原產17種,主要有:野菊、毛華菊、甘菊、小紅菊、紫花野菊、菊花腦等。
菊花:清凈、高潔、長壽、 Auspicious, I love you, and true feelings; now on the Internet, the anus of people is popular on the Internet.
Chrysanthemum (red): Love
Chrysanthemum (White): Honesty gentleman
Chrysanthemum (yellow): Lost Love
Cuiju: Thinking, reliable love, please believe me
Chunju: Divination for love
June Chrysanthemum: Li Li
Dongju: 别
French chrysanthemum: patience
melon melon Ye Ju: Happy
Persian chrysanthemum: Wild Beauty
BigPersian chrysanthemum: Girls’ innocence
Wanshouju: Friendship
Yasa chrysanthemum: slender, elegant
Wheat chrysanthemum: eternal memory, portrayal in the heart
scales of chrysanthemum: eternal love
Edit book Duan origin and habit
Chrysanthemum, native to my country, has a domestication history of thousands of years.
It is cool and cold -resistant. The growth temperature is 18-21 ° C. The underground roots are drought -resistant. The most available waterlogging, high ground potential, deep soil layer, rich in humus, loose and fertile soil. It can grow in micro -acidity to micro -cylinder soil. It is best to use pH6.2-6.7. For short -day plants, nutrition growth is performed under long -day photos of 14.5 hours a day. Darkness of more than 12 hours a day is suitable for the development of flower bud at the night temperature of 10 ° C.
Edit the morphological features of this paragraph
Perennial herb. The height of the plant is 20-200cm, usually 30-90㎝. The stems are tender green or brown. Except for cliff chrysanthemums, they are mostly upright branches, and the base is semi -wood. Single leaves are born with each other, the eggs are round to long, and the edges are lacking and jagged. The head -shaped inflorescence is top or axillary, one or several clusters. Tongue -shaped flowers are female flowers and cylindrical flowers are bisexuals. Tongue -shaped flowers are divided into four types: below, spoon, tube, and abnormal. They are rich in color, including red, yellow, white, ink, purple, green, orange, pink, brown, snow green, light green and so on. The cylinder -shaped flower develops into a variety of colors u0026 quot; cinnamon petals u0026 quot;, the color is red, yellow, white, purple, green, pink, compound color, inter -color and other colors.
The size and shape of the inflorescence are different, there are single petals, there are severe petals; there are flat shapes, spherical; long fluff, short flocculation, flat flocked and rolling; Dagging, there are many styles, and the variety is complicated. Sooner or later, early or later, there are early chrysanthemums (open in September), autumn chrysanthemum (October to November), late chrysanthemum (December to January), but after the hard cultivation of garden artists, there are also five conditions to change the conditions of the sun. The lunar Mayor of May, July Chrysanthemum in July. According to the size of the flower diameter, the flower diameter is more than 10 cm. It is called a chrysanthemum. The flower diameter is 10-6 cm. It can be divided into more than a dozen types: flat petals, tube petals, and spoons.

The ancient chrysanthemum was yellow with yellow, and the flowers were small. After more than 3,000 years of artificial cultivation, chrysanthemum has evolved from the original yellow chrysanthemum to a colorful flower like today. Chinese chrysanthemums are currently having more than 3,000 varieties.園藝界將其分為單瓣型、卷散型、舞環型、蓮座型、球型、龍爪型、托掛型、垂珠型、垂絲型、毛刺型、荷花型、鷹爪型、 There are many types of types such as pipe tube type, pine needle type, and 8 major colors such as yellow, white, purple, pink, red, green, tea, and miscellaneous.這許許多多的品種,有的似彩帶飛舞,有的似圓珠合抱,有的雄勁簡樸,有的披散飄逸

  菊花有黃色,白色,Red, pink, purple, golden yellow and so on.

Pure colors include yellow, white, purple, red, pink, green, ink, mud gold, snow and so on. There are also many colors, there are two colors of flowers, such as the “two trees” of red and yellow, and the red and yellow “pupae”. There are two colors of the back and belly, one on the other is yellow, and the other is a red “golden back red”. There are petals with a color as the background, and there are other colors or spots on it. For example, the “sika deer” with white spots with pink purple as the background. There are one color at the base of the petals, and the apex is the other color, such as red in the tube petals, and the apex of yellow “red line gold beads”.
How many colors are there in chrysanthemum?
White `

White Green
Red and white in red
red, white and green three colors

white chrysanthemum:” silver silk beads “,” empty valley ” Qingquan, “Zhu Curtain Waterfall”,
“Yueyong River flow”
Yellow chrysanthemums include: “Flying Yellow Tengda”, “Huang Ying Out of Valley”, “Golden Lion”,
“Agarwood Totori” [ 123] Green chrysanthemums include: “Green Yangchun”, “Green Willow Dynamic”, “Spring Water and Green Wave”
The colorful green is called “Jade Crab Icelet”
red in the red and white name: ” Maple leaf reed flower “
The three colors of red and white and green
” Three -color Peony “and” Green Clothing and Red Cloths “