The most precious varieties in chrysanthemums

1. What kind of chrysanthemums are the most precious
Top Ten Famous Chrysanthemum

Green peony ink chrysanthemum and green clothes are more expensive
2. What kind of chrysanthemum is the most expensive chrysanthemum [123 ] The United States of Berbi proposed in 1954 that they were willing to provide a 10,000 US dollar bonus to a pure white Wanshouju, which is the most expensive chrysanthemum in the world.

3. What are the famous varieties of chrysanthemum
There are many varieties of chrysanthemums, the head -shaped inflorescence can be used as medicine, sweet, cold, scattered wind, clear heat, clearing heat, clearing heat, clearing heat, clearing heat, clearing heat, clearing heat, clearing heat Detoxification. This is the chrysanthemum. After the head is dry, the shape of the shape, the length of the tongue -shaped flower can be divided into 4 categories, namely the four categories: white flower chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, tribute chrysanthemum and Hango chrysanthemum. In each category, it is named according to the place of origin. In white chrysanthemums, the quality of the chrysanthemums produced by Boxian, Anhui, followed by Huaiju in Wuyu, Henan, Chichu in Zhongjiang, Sichuan, Qi Ju in Anguo, Hebei, and Deqing from Deqing in Zhejiang. Due to the long history of chrysanthemum cultivation, the emergence of chrysanthemum spectrum has been the general record and classification of chrysanthemum varieties of chrysanthemum varieties. In 1967, Tang Zhonghao proposed a relatively complete classification method for chrysanthemum varieties. He was divided into two regions: full of sky stars and large flowers according to the size of the flower diameter, and then the ratio of tongue -shaped flowers in the head inflorescence to the number of tubular flowers was ratio. In each area, tongue -shaped flowers and tube -shaped flowers are finally divided into class and type based on the degree of petals and petals. In the Manchurian District, there are 3 types of tongue -shaped flowers: flat petals: ① flat petals small chrysanthemum type; spoon petals: ② spoon petals small chrysanthemum type, ③ honeycomb chrysanthemum type; tube petals: ④ tube petal chrysanthemum type. There are 1 type and 2 types in the plate -shaped flower system: category: ⑤ Pingzhu small chrysanthemum type, ⑥ tube column small chrysanthemum type. In Dahua District, there are 4 types of tongue -shaped flowers: flat petals: ⑦ wide petal type, ⑧ peony type, rolling roll type; spoon petal type: ⑩ 在 type, (11) scattered type, (12 12) (12) (12), (12) (12) ) Dancelin type, (13) ball type, (14) dance ball type; pipe petal type: (15) disc, (16) tube type, (17) ball type, (18) 翎 tube type type , (19) 枯針型, (20) 紐絲型, (21) 散發型, (22) 大勾環型, (23) 小勾環型, (24) 垂珠型, (25) 飛舞型, (26) Dragon claw type; burrs: (27) Bonded type. There are 3 types and 3 types in the plate flower system: flat petals category: (28) flat petal support column type; spoon petals category: (29) spoon petal support column type; (30) tube tube type; (30) tube tube Ploped pillar type. In 1982, the Academic Discussion Society of the Chrysanthemum Category Classification of the Chinese Horticultural Association was studied, and the classification of chrysanthemums was uniformly defined, divided into 5 types and 30 types.分別是:(1)平瓣類:寬帶、荷花、芍藥、平盤、翻卷、疊球;(2)匙瓣類:匙荷、雀舌、蜂窩、蓮座、Roll scrolls, spoon spoon; (3) tube petals: single tube, tube tube, tube plate, pine needle, sparse tube, ball, silk hair, flying dance, hook ring, pearl, needle tube; (4) cinnamon petal class: Ping Gui, Tao Gui, Guan Gui, Quangui; (5) Farlings: Dragon claws, burrs, shear.

Hang Ju, the most beautiful, very famous, can also be eaten. This is my favorite flower

Baidu Encyclopedia to check the “chrysanthemum” entry, with a detailed introduction. I personally think that Hang Ju is most famous, and you can eat

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4. What kind of chrysanthemum is the most common chrysanthemum
The chrysanthemums we often see include bonsai chrysanthemum, tower chrysanthemum, cliff chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, Wanshou chrysanthemum, Guoqing chrysanthemum, wild chrysanthemum, calamus chrysanthemum, Cui, Cui, Cui, Cuicu Chrysanthemum, three -color chrysanthemum, Persian chrysanthemum, wheat chrysanthemum, longan chrysanthemum, etc.
Chrysanthemums have a lot of chrysanthemums and different shapes. There are green peony, green cloud, Mohe, Phoenix Zhenyu, handsome flag, West Lake Liuyue, etc. Among them, the most valuable is “green peony”. The “green peony” branches are thick and the leaves are irregular. The petals do not show their hearts. When blooming, the outside petals are light green, and the middle petals are curled up. The heart petal is thick and green, the entire corolla is tight, and it is flat. At the beginning of the opening, the color of the color is like jade, and the crystalline is dripping; after the sun, the green is yellow and the glorious is dazzling. It is a rare treasure in the chrysanthemum family. So people call it “green peony”. My favorite chrysanthemum is “West Lake Liuyue”. The “West Lake Liuyue” branches are stout, with large leaves and long circles, and they are “spoon spherical”. The color is light yellow, bright and pure. The petals are a spoon of crude tube petals, and the outer petals are twisted slightly; the middle petals are rotated and open; The entire flower body is plump and large, and the color is as fast as Haoyue’s water, which reminds people of the beautiful lake water, silk shore willow and Haoyue when they are empty. After the flowers bloom, the corolla is like sunflower to the sun, which is different from the chrysanthemums.

There are many most common chrysanthemums. For example, the golden silk chrysanthemum we drink. It is golden, rich in nutrition, and can live a few years after drinking. Also known as a long -lived flower.

Wanshouju daisy et al.

Huang Ju