The meaning of Taipinghua

1. What flower is also known as Taiping Flower?

2. The meaning of various flowers
1, lily flower

Lily flower has “Yunshang Fairy” say. Because of its elegant appearance, Catholicism uses Baiuri flower as a symbol of the Virgin Mary, and the Vatican uses lily as a national flower. Lily’s breeding head is composed of scales, and the meaning of “a hundred years of good” and “Pepsi”. China has been regarded as an essential auspicious flower for weddings since ancient times. There is also the meaning of respect.

2. Rose

Red Rose represents enthusiastic true love; yellow roses represent treasure blessings and jealousy; purple roses represent romance and preciousness and uniqueness; white roses represent purity; Naive; black roses represent gentleness and sincerity; orange -red roses friendship and youthful beauty; blue roses represent goodness and kindness.

3. Orchid

Since ancient times, the Chinese people Ailan, Lanchi, Yong Orchids, and Lan Orchid have been praised by the ancients. People even more appreciate the orchids with grass and trees, do not compete with Qunfang, not afraid of frost and snow, and persevere. Orchids have always been regarded as a symbol of Gao Jie and Elegant. They are called “four gentlemen” with plum blossoms, bamboo, and chrysanthemums.

4. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum experience wind frost, there is tenacious vitality, high wind and bright festival, because Tao Yuan Ming picked the chrysanthemum east fence, the chrysanthemum was ” The title of the hermit “in the flower. In Japan, chrysanthemums are the symbol of the royal family.

Chrysanthemum symbolizes long. The chrysanthemum is open in the fall, so it is the symbol of autumn. People even call September “chrysanthemum moon”, because the chrysanthemum is the same as “based”, and “nine” is the same as “long”, so the chrysanthemum is also used to symbolize longevity or long -term;

and the chrysanthemums collected on the day of the 9th day of the Lunar New September, the chrysanthemums are more meaningful. They use their refined chrysanthemum tea. The meaning of chrysanthemum water “.

5. Carnations

The meaning of carnations includes obsession, distinctiveness and love. Like many other flowers, different messages can be expressed with different colors of flowers.

For example, light red carnations are often used to express admiration, while dark red expresses deeper love and emotions. White carnations are related to pure and good luck. Pink carnation is usually a symbol of gratitude. At the beginning of the 20th century, Carnation became the official flower of Mother’s Day. In addition, many other cultures in the world have special significance.

Carnations are still the favorite flowers on many different occasions. They are recognized flowers, andAnd it has the charm of people around the world. In fact, in many parts of the world, the popularity of carnations exceeds any other flowers including roses. These flowers can express strong emotions, which is the perfect beauty of its classic and long -lasting freshness.

The meaning of the flower
Beautiful and pure love
Great, sacred, charming Mother
Orange and Red Rose
The mood of first love
Red Kaitaixin
I wish your mother a healthy and longevity
White Rose
Pure and Noble
Pink Kang Naixin
I wish my mother forever, beautiful, beautiful
Pink Rose
First Love, Special Care
Huang Kang Naixin
Long -term friendship
Yellow Rose
Bai Kang Naixin
Pure Friendship
Red Rose [ 123] Love, sincere and honest
Goldfish grass
There is more than gold, prosperous and prosperous
Centennial goodness, corresponding heart
Purple Goldfish grass
Dahong Da Zi
Fire fire Lily
Warm Love
Red Goldfish Grass
Fortune Top
Huang Lily
sincere blessing
Pink goldfish grass
Flower Moon
Goldfish grass
Gold and Silver Town [ 123] Hyacroxin
love confession, sincere emotion
Bai Fengxinzi
The love that dares not to reveal
Zi Lu Jinxiang
Never worn love [ 123] Huang Fengxinzi
Happiness, Mei Man
Pink Tulip
Fanfeng Xinzi
Enmerse, romantic
Huang Tulip
Refusal, hopeless love
Red Wind Shinzi
The love that moved me
Black Tulip
mysterious, noble
Red Palm
Grand Exhibition Macros ] Love, blessing, joy
Gorgeous and gorgeous, business is booming
unrestrained, fantasy
Paradise bird
Couple in love
Elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant Qingyi, fragrant vulgarity
Don’t forget me
Love and eternal friendship
I love you
Horseshoe lotus
forever concentric, auspicious Ruyi
] Gao Jie, Longevity
The meaning of the number
There is a single clock for you
The world is only us
I love you
Shanmeng Oath
No complaintRegret
May everything go
Endless blessing
Apologically apologize you forgive
Permanent possession
10 [10 [10 [10 [10 123] Investment
I only belong to you
Seal of heart
You are the one in my secret love
I will always love you this love forever love you Unwilling
You are in love with each other, you are stronger
Calling “I love you”
Romantic mood is all because you
44 [44 [ 123] Dead
This is no regret love
My love
Make up all the faults of everything
Long Time
Jian Ru’s hand
You are my only love
108 [123
]marry me!
Love Freedom
Love you, Sun, Moon, and Moon
I miss you every day, love you every day

Loyal love, until death

Red Rose- I love you
Carnations-Mother Love
Mihong Carnival- sad
Tulip-Fables of Charm, Love
Huang Tulip-Desperate Love
Persian chrysanthemum-innocence, always happy
Narcissus flower- respect
red tulip-love vows

Wenzhu- Eternal
Autumn Peony- Lost Love
White Mountain Tea- True Love, True Love
Burnom Tea- Natural Lisa
Sword orchid-strong personality, intention
Do not forget me -The Eternal Love
Chicken Crown Flower- Multi-color Love
Daisy-Pure, innocence, slender
Phalaenopsis-first love, happiness, pure and beautiful
Kirin grass-alert [Alert [Alert [Alert 123] Purple cloves-first love, shy
Plum Blossom-Gao Jie
Wind bell grass- gentle love
Feiyan grass-light and light
Orange-gifted-elegant and unchanged love
Golden Witch-Inspiration
Golden Skin-Humidity
Peach Blossom-Doubt, Good Luck will come, admire
Shizhu- humility, sorrowfulness, recklessness
Hundred days of 100 daysGrass-Thinking
White Tea- Flawless
Margrey Chrysanthemum- Prophecy
Orange Blossoms-Chastate
Yajie Chrysanthemum-Elegant, Beautiful
Qianri Cao- Immortal
apricot flower -Dynate
Dayan Tong-Desire
Rhododendron-Study, Empathy
Poppy flower- comfort, thank you
Fengxian flower- provokes People love, reject love
Lihua- Chunjin
Sakura-indifferent, joy
Paeonia Lotten- Fear, Farewell, Shy
Gachana-sad, parting, obsession
Three-color 堇- Missing
Goldfish grass-pleasant, enthusiastic, arrogant
Hua Tu-Elegant
Changchun Changchun Flower-Happy Memories
Lin Yan-Lure
Taishan Mu-majesty
Red Flower-Different
Cuiju-Far Farewell
Fu Shou Cao- Memories
Beauty banana-solid, blessing and longevity
Iron Lotus-Gao Jie, Elegant
Ji Lily-Happy, Honor
Full Star- Love pity, miss, care
Lily Flower-Pure Jacking, Gobo
Dendrobium Lan-willful beauty, father’s flower
Lotus- Silent Love
African chrysanthemum-lofty beauty, Xinxin prosperity
Star flower- forget me
Wenxinlan-hidden love, happiness
Song, bamboo, plum-year-old Han three friends [123 123 [123 ] Magnolia, Yingchun, Peony-Golden Jade Fugui
Auspicious grass-Happiness and auspicious
olive branches-Taiping, Heping
Huang Lily-Happy, Festive
Red Lily- 气 气
Light Red Beauty Sakura-Family Harmony
Yinliu-Reunion, Fortune Promotion
Goldenque Flower-rich, humble, humble
Orange Tree-auspicious Ruyi, tolerance generosity
hydrangea- Mei Man, Reunion
Huilan- Fengshengxianghe
Pineapple- Perfect
Red Rose- Seeking
Changchun Flower- Ordinary Live
Red Palm- -The sky is long
檸檬樹花、忍冬– 忠誠的愛
丁香– 愛的萌芽
天堂鳥– 自由、幸福
火炬花– 熱情、光明
松蟲草– 夢想、 Recalling
Peng Artemisia chrysanthemum- deeply hidden in love
Changchun vine-emotional loyalty
Horseshoe lotus- happiness, purity
three-color 堇- happy thoughts
iris- enthusiasm-enthusiastic
Yu Meiren- Conversion
Fragrant Pea-Love in Love
Thousand Ri Cao- Immortal
Flower 簪- sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy, sympathy Condolences
Wannian-healthy and longevity, youth permanent residence
White chrysanthemum-mourning
Fire lily- 气 气
Fastener Tree-Changsheng, Xinglong [123 [123 ] A string of red-rich and rich
Red cotton-Hero Flower
Launani Tree Ring-Young Merchants
Firecracker Red-Warm Congratulations
Oats- Music
Camellia-Ying Yong
Duohua Rose-Genius
Hua Cyng-Victory
The pride of Lily of the Linglan-Qiang virgin
Baizi Lotus- Yanzi Qunfang, Love Visiting Visit
Stone garlic-beautiful, deserted, lonely
Wenxinlan- youth lively
100r Cao- cherish
Yang Yang- firm, calm
Guizhi-Learning Yuan Bo
Cat Tail Flower-Catal Flowers, Evangle Town Disaster
Wooden Grass-Moisturizing
Dragon Ship Flower-Fighting Fight
Jinzhi Jade Leaf- Noble, Happiness
Four Seasons Begonia- Tongxin Kejian
Little Canglan- Pure and comfortable
Grape-tolerance, Boai
Zhu Banana- Personal, Passion
Mangcao- Qiu Yi Yi
Ge Gui Zhi-Honor
Red Maple-Red Fire, Lao Lao is
Magnolia Orchids-Soul Soul
Rose Branches-serious, simple
Hanging Suzuki-Talent
Tao Li -Pacon
Yipinhong-Demonstration of Demons and Demon
Huan Huan- Husband and Wife Love
Mint- Emphasized
Lagerstroemia- Good luck, arguments, women
Songbai-Yannian Yishou
Cuizhu-Gao Feng Liang Festival
Aichi-Happy, respect
Wild Lily- Rehabilitation
Bai Yang-persistence, courage
Red poppy- comfort
German iris- sacred
Lu Lotus-charming charm
Gao Xuewan- liar
Graphite chrysanthemum- plenary
White Dwarf Morning-Exist
Purple Dwarf Mid-Bulls-Disglement
Ruixiang-Happy, Undead
Jinlilan- Fading
Huoxiang Thistle- I believe it can get it Answer
Genjie orchid- Longevity
Hua Lingcao- Do not refuse me
White sage-energy
Purple sage-wisdom
Pomegranate- rich [123 [123
] Red Lobia- Heart Burning
Monan- Kuofa
Garlialan-Mysterious, Noble
Beauty Sakura-Temptation
Red Summer Cao- The joy of expectation [ 123] Black species of grass-fresh love
Linen- Beautiful and simple
Manolo- Fraud, deceived love
Haishi Bamboo- Certainful, intimate
mast flower- 闲 雅 雅- 闲 雅 雅 — , Quiet, Happiness
Golden and Silver Flowers-Aid Love, Love
Su Xin- Happiness, Carey
Pyreal Pyreas-Cursing
Yellow Cleveyor-Deep Friendship
Fengwei 耆- -Ad miss
Red Tea Plum- Qingya, Qian Jang
White Tea Plum- ideal love
Lada-Ci Ai
Snow film- Pure
String Bell Flower- Sad Love [123 [123 ] White Persian chrysanthemum- Pure
Jin Lilan-Vague Beauty
Dongju- 别
Orange Pyracofeng- Emotional, Moved
Lavender-Elegant, Femini Taste
Willow wearing fish-slender
Fushou Cao-Recall
White Lou Doucai-Dalisman
Red Lou Doucai-Farmer
Golden Lotus- Unstable and restlessness
White Bailou-True
Red White Heng- Love
Purple Bailou-Xinnong
Orange Blossom- Ai
Pear Blossom- Pure Love
Apricot Flower -V visit me
Autumn water fairy–Fors
Purple 堇- Honesty
Tang Yanpu-armed, personality
酢 酢-—— I will not give up you, joy
Swallow flower- lucky arrival
French sycamore- Genius
Bamboo-Zhijie, Mistric
Liu-Mourning, Death
Bai-Death, Shadow
Mountain Julu Window-Continuous, durable
Red Camellia-humility, virtue, cute
Wisteria-Love, Welcome
Mattermels- Mantra, Moss
Tang澮– 大膽、無遠慮
橡– 權威
武竹– 飄逸
紫色紫丁香– 初戀的感激
千屈菜– 悲哀
紫茉莉– 臆測、 Suspin
Dayan Cave-Desperate
Begonia-Carey, Single Acacia
Light Flower-Night Beauty
Hanging Bell Flower- Fun, Hobbish
Dragon Blade
Tiger Ear Cao- Love
Eight Immortals-Selfish
Fan Red Flower- Youth Happiness
Moon See Cao-Beauty, Magic
Fairy Come -Shaxy, suspicion
Jade Cicada Flower-Audio Audio
Hundred Days Cao-Missing Dead Friends
Wanshouju- Inferiority
Lace Flower-Pure, Lucky
Cuiju Flower- I wish you happiness
Magnolia-Natural Love, Violation
Peacock grass- jealousy-jealousy , Sad Love
Colorful Ye Ah-Jue Love
Pingpeng Cao- Hobbly
Pu Baohua- Fulu
Holly Holly-Love, Simple
Deer onion-physical pleasure [123 ] Thousand Tongue Cao- First Love
Tianren Chrysanthemum-Unity
Golden needle flower-charming, announced
Glass chrysanthemum-daughter, pursuing
Morning chrysanthemum- permanent change
Puffy chrysanthemum-possessive lovers, true love
Ye Peony-Interest
Full Tree- Hobbly
Red Carrycine-Family, Missing
Margaret-Lovers’ Love [123 [123 ] Hmem grass-forgetfulness
Chrysanthemum-Gao Jie, joy, true love
Fire crane flowers-News, enthusiasm
Wan Shouju-Longevity, Corning
Violet-Chari, Eternal Beauty
Willow tree-frankness, frankness
White-White-White-Bailac -Plement, youth, laughter
Ji Qing Guo, Ruixiang-Xiyi Xiangrui
Shinanhua- Dalvation
foreign hydrangea- Selfish
Baiuri-100 Years Haohe
Rose Crown-Virtue [Virtue [ 123] Beake-Passionate and Greeting Beauty
Welcome to spring flowers-life is strong
Fern leaf-rich, beautiful
Moon Mochi-Magic
Bauhinia-family harmony, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, Doubt
Wheat-Agree, Cooperation
Three-wheeled grass-Missing
Yanzhuhua- Friendship
Fushouhua-Duofu Duo Shou
Water Lily- Pure
Thousands of Red- -The long
Sakura Flower- Youth
Purple Jasmine- Be careful
Red Bean- Acacia
Bozancao- Persistence, Pure
Snow Cuttle- Peniser
Generh , Anle, Fraud
Fulu Kao-Unanimous Agree
Sunflower-admiration, worship
Yellow chrysanthemum-fragile love
Qu Mai- ambition
Lotus- silent read [123 [123
] Yellow Aquatic Fairy- Single Acacia
Wild Rose- Freedom
Sakura Flower- Youth
Bai Zhi- Mourning
Butterfly Flower- Resistance
Cardamom Flower- Farewell, Farewell [123 [123 [123 ] Liu Zhi-Sadness
Newspaper-First Love, Hope
Feat Fan Beans-Happiness, Maternal Love
Lotus Blossom-Fortune Rolling
Black Lily-Curse
Morning Glory- Love forever
Six times Li Lye- Poor, sympathy
Pink Morning Flower-Fiber Film and Tenderness
Fennel-Excellence, Power
Mao Dihuang- Lie [Lies [ 123] Shinanhua-Dantou
Hue Sang-Gorgeous Passion
Hyacinth-Hengxin, Romantic, Pure
Feiyan Cao- Beautiful and Light
Xilian Lotus- -Shengai
Gao Jie
Thousands of Red- Immortal, immortal
Red Persian chrysanthemum- Erotic
Snow willow- Switch
Matsus-leaf Peony-Poor, Popularity
Rotary Flower- Gift
Changchun Teng-trick
Red Flower- Differences, Differences
Hua Cao- Obesence
Red Purple cloves- -Li Miao Gabi, Innocence
Cui Ju-Far Ferry
Purple Lou Doucai-Shengli
Huang Hollyho-Single Love, Trust
Golden Chicken-Competitive Heart
Yellow White Heng- -Ejuerity
Ziyuan-reflection, thinking
olive-wisdom, peace
Forsythia-don’t touch me
Red Holly Helbs-Mild
Elm-Dignificance, Patriotic Heart
Lonely Tinghua-Talking, Mouth
Onion Lan-Expecting, White Love
Vallesta-justice, looking forward to roses: beautiful and pure love carnations: great, sacred, kind mother
Orange red rose : The first love mood is red and carnival: I wish my mother healthy and longevity
White rose: Pure and noble pink pink carnations: I wish the mother forever, beautiful
Pink rose: first love, special care of Huang Kaixin: Long -term friendship
Huang Huang
Huang Huang
Huang Huang
Huang Rose: Apologize Bai Kang Naixin: Pure Friendship
Red Rose: Love, sincere and honest Lily: Centennial goodness, corresponding heart
Red Palm: Da Zhan Honghui Fire Lily: Warm Love
Goldfish Grass: Yes, there is Jin Youyu, prosperous Changsheng Yellow Lily: sincere blessings
Red goldfish grass: Hongyun is the head of pink fish grass: flower good moon circle
Goldfish grass: Gold and Silver Manchuria Phalaenopsis: I love you
Purple Goldfish grass: Big Red Big Purple Horseshoe: Big Red Big Purple Horses Horses Lotus: Yongjie Tongxin, Auspicious Ruyi
Tulip: The confession of love, sincere emotional daffodils: elegant, clear, fragrant and refined
Pink Wind Xinzi: admiration, romantic red wind: The love that moves me
Black Tulip: Mysterious, noble forgotten: love and kindness, eternal friendship
Zi Lujin: never worn love Shiba: unrestrained, fantasy
Pink tulip: Happy Dendrobium Orchid: love, blessing, joy
Huang Yu Jinxiang: Rejecting, hopeless chrysanthemum: Gao Jie, Longevity
Hyacinth: Victory Full of Tianxing: Care, Pure
Huang Fengxinzi: Happiness, Happy Rhododendron: Gorgeous and Gorgeous, Business Struggle
White Wind Shinzi: Love Paradise Birds who dare not reveal: Couples in love

Red Rose: Love, enthusiasm, love you
Pink rose: first love, love, love and special Care
Yellow Rose: noble, beautiful or apologize
Orange rose: youthful and first loveThe mood
White rose: naive, pure
Green rose: innocence and simplicity, youth long residence
Tulip: Confession of love, sincere emotion
Red Tulip: official love
Zi Juju: Never worn love, love the most
Bai Tulip: Pure friendship
Huang Tulist: noble, precious, apologize
Pink tulip: Beauty, love
Nai Xin: Great: Great , Sacred, kind, warm motherly love
Hongkang Naixin: warm love, wish your mother healthy and longevity
Pink Kang Naixin: I wish my mother a beautiful and young
Huang Kang Naixin: Thanks for the mother

White Carnations: True Love, Pure
Combined: Hundred Years of Hundred Years, Good Career, Blessing
White Lily: Pure, Pure
Fire Lily: Warm Love
Huang Lily: Noble, honorary, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory
Perfume Lily: Blessings of Rich and Wedding
Red Palm: Grand Zhan Hongtu, Hongyun Too, Corresponding Heart
White Palm: A smooth sail
Paradise Bird: Love in Love, Children’s Lover [ 123] Mu
Dan: rich and auspicious, prosperous and prosperous
Phalaenopsis: I love you
Chrysanthemum: Clean, Gao Jie, Longevity
Cuichu: Make up, Far Foresignation
Don’t forget me: Eternal Love: Eternal Love 、濃情厚意

仙:高雅、 Qingyi, fragrant and vulgar
Rhododendron: gorgeous and gorgeous, business prosperous
Fairy Come: Naive and Western
Feng Fairy: joy, love, affection and affection
3. Various flower representatives represent The meaning and picture?
Red Rose -I love you carnations -Mother Love Mi Hong Kannin -Sad Tulip -Charm, Love Fables Huang Tulip -Desperate Love Persian Chrysanthemum -Pure Love, Forever Nobel Ferry Flower -Respect the Red Tulip Fragrance —— The vows of love, Wenzhu -Eternal Autumn Peony -Lost Love White Mountain Tea -True Love, True Love Red Mountain Tea -Born Light Sword Orchids -strong personality, unforgettable heart -eternal love chicken crown flower -multi -color love Daisy -innocence, innocence, slender Phalaenopsis -first love, happiness, pure and beautiful unicorn grass -alert aura -first love, shy plum blossom -Gao Jiefeng bell grass -gentle love Feiyan grass -light and light bellflower -temperament of temperament -temperament Elegant, constant golden witch plum -inspiration Jinquier -humble peach blossoms -doubt, good luck will come, love stone bamboo -humility, sadness, reckless hundreds of grass -think about white tea -flawless Margrea – -Pheget Orange Blossoms -Chastate Chrysanthemum -Elegant, Beautiful Thousands of Grass -Immortal Apricot Blossom -Doubt Da Yantong -Desire Rhododendron-——Ressorization, empathy, do n’t love gardenia -Qingya Poppy Flower -comfort, thank you for the Phoenix Flower -Love, Reject Love Dalo -mysterious Lihua -Pure Cherry Blossoms -Calm, Happy Paeonia —— Farewell, Farewell, Farewell, Farewell , Shy and Greater Flowers -Gorgeous, Auspicious Affordiers -respectable Golden Flowers -Sad, parting, obsessed with three -color 堇 -miss the goldfish grass -pleasant, enthusiastic, arrogant flowers 菖 - —— Elegant Changchun Flower -Happy Memories Lin 檎 — Lure Taishan Muki ——Bantow Bai Heng -Destiny Red Flower -Different Cuiju -Far Farewell to Fushou Cao -Memory Beauty Banana -Revised, Dofu Duoshou Tie Lotus -Gao Jie, Elegant Jili Lily -Happy, Honor Alice – Stable and full of stars -love pity, miss, care for roses -enthusiastic sun flower -mysterious lily flower -pure knot, noble Dendrobium orchid -willful beauty, father’s Hualien flower -silent love Africa Flower -Do not forget Wenxinlan -Hidden love, happy pine, bamboo, plum -the year -old Han Sanyou Magnolia, Yingchun, Peony -Golden Jade Fortune Auspicious Grass -Happy Auspicious olive Branches -Taiping, Heping Yellow Lily- Happiness, Festive Red Lily -Hiqi Yangyang beauty cherry blossoms -family harmony silver willow -reunion, financial prosperous golden bird flower -rich, humble, humble oranges -auspicious, tolerance large hydrangea flower -beauty Man, reunion, reunion, reunion, reunion, Huilan -Fengshengxiang and Pineapple -Perfect and Red Rose -Seeking Love Peony -Valuable Changchun Flower -Ordinary Permanent Red Palm -Lemon Tree Flowers, Loyal Eylla -Loyal Edish -Love Eybolic Paradise Bird – -Fresh, Happiness Torch Flower -Passionate, Bright Pine Cordyceps — Dreams, Recalling Artemisiae chrysanthemum -I have hidden in Love Chang Spring -Loyal Horseshoe Lotus -Happy, Pure Three -color 堇 —— Happy Miss Iris – -The enthusiastic strawberry -Respecting Yu Meiren -condolences to incense pea -there are distress in love, nostalgia of thistle -independent Thousands of Grass -Immortal Flower 簪 — sympathy, condolences to the youth -healthy longevity, youth forever rose -prosperous white chrysanthemum flower ——Maping fire lily — 气 - ——Changsheng, Xinglong a series of red -rich red cotton -heroes of the heroes —— Glory laurel tree ring – Camellia -Yingyong Hua Rose -Genius Flower Lumin -Winning Lumana -the Pride of Bido, Virgin’s Pride -Yanzhong Qunfang, Love Visit Shimoglic -Beautiful, Calm, Lonely Wenxin Lan -Youth Qinai locusting locomoto — Friendship 100 -day grass -cherish Yang Yang -firm, calm Gui Zhi -knowledge far and blog winter -Justice cattail flowers -hard work, avoid evil town disaster wooden grass玉葉--高貴、幸福四季海棠--童心可鑒小蒼蘭--清純舒暢葡萄--寬容、博愛朱蕉--堅毅、熱情芒草--秋意月桂枝--榮譽紅楓--紅火、 There are Magnolia flowers -soul noble rose branches -serious, simple suspension of Suzuki -talented peaches -to achieve a red -driving monsters to remove magic and love -husband and wife loose mints 、雄辯、女性松柏--延年益壽翠竹——高風亮節附子--快樂、敬意野百合--康復白楊--堅持、勇氣紅罌粟--安慰山楂--安慰荊樹--撫慰德國鳶尾--神圣陸Lotus -Charming Charm Gao Snow Wheel -Liar Gourd Leaf Chrysanthemum -Happy White Twin Morning Glory -There is a purple dwarf -cow -broken affection -joyful, immortal Jinli Lan -vague incense -Zhenshu Huoxiang Zi Xiangjia – I believe to get a response to the roots of orchids -Changhua Lingcao -Do not refuse my white sage -energy -pomegranate -smart pomegranate -rich red sage Lialan -mysterious, noble beauty cherry — temptation of red grass -the anticipation of joy black grass -fresh love linen -beautiful and simple Manpro -fraud, cheating love sea stone bamboo -consideration, considerate, intimate桅子花--閑雅、清靜、幸福金銀花--獻愛、誠愛素馨--幸福、親切桃色夾竹桃--咒罵黃色夾竹桃--深刻的友情鳳尾耆--思念紅色茶梅--清雅、 Qian let white tea plum -ideal Ai plum -love -loving snow tablets -pure skewers bell flower -sad love white big Persian chrysanthemum -pure Jie Jinlilan -faint beauty of beauty -别 - 别 - - - - Moved to lavender -Qingya, feminine willow wearing fish -slim ears -Happy Fushou Cao -Recalling White Lou Dou Cai -Dull Red Lou Dou Cai -Golden Lotus White Heng -Real Red White Heng -Love Purple Bai Heng -Xin Nong Orange Blossoms -Emerald Pear Blossom -Pure Apricot Blossom -Visit Me Qiu Shui Fairy -Forgotten Purple 堇 —— Honesty Tang Tu Pu -armed, personality -I will not give up you, Happy Swallow Flower -Lucky Coming France’s Indus -Genius Saint Liu -Criminal Bamboo -Zhijie, Jie Liu -Mourning, Death Bai ——Supermint, durable red camellia -humility, virtue, cute wisteria -love, welcoming golden witch -spells, inspiration moss -humble Tang 浍 -bold, non -far -fading rubber -authoritative martial arts -elegant purple Purple cloves -gratitude for first loveQu Cai -Sad purple jasmine -speculation, suspicion of the big cave -despairing ball root begins -kind, single acacia flower -beauty hanging bell flower -fun, hobby of dragon gangsters -justice, Qing Gao Tiger ear grass – -情愛八仙花--自私溪蓀--憤慨番紅花--青春的快樂月見草--美人、魔法仙客來--疑惑、猜忌玉蟬花--愛的音訊百日草--思念亡友蒲公英——Buke Chicken Crown Flower -Undead Wanshouju -Infuted Bud Flowers -Pure, Lucky Ancient Rare -Vanity Cuiju Flower -I wish you a happy magnolia -Natural love, majestic peacock grass -jealousy, sadness and love Caiye Ah -Love Ping Pongcao -Lofeing Pu Baohua -Fullying Holly Holly Holk -Love, Simple Deer onion -Body Pochonism — Glass chrysanthemum -daughter, pursuing wheat chrysanthemum -permanent non -changeable lettuce chrysanthemum -possessive lovers, real love leaves and peony -interest fir tree -lofty red carnation Hmem grass -forgetful chrysanthemum -Gao Jie, joy, true love fire crane flowers -newlyweds, enthusiastic Wanshou chrysanthemum -longevity, Corning Violet -chastity, eternal beauty golden Lilac -Happy, Youth, laughing Ji Qing Guo, Ruixiang -Festive Auspicious Shi Nanhua -Dantaica Hydrangea -Selfish White Lily -A century -old Rose Corolla -Dedic Sea Strong fern leaf -rich, full moon amaranth -magic bauhinia -family harmony, betrayal, doubt wheat -agree, cooperate three rounds of grass -missing Yanzhuhua -Friendship Fu Shouhua – Pure Thousand Sun Red -Long Cherry Placostic – Youth Purple Jasmine -Be careful of red beans -Acacia Bozen Clawl -Persistence, Pure Snow Cutcar -Patience Perinence -Again , Worship yellow chrysanthemum -fragile love Qumai -ambitious lotus -silently miss the yellow waterfelt -single -phase thought wild rose -free cherry blossoms -youth cypress -mourned butterfly flowers -resistance of cardamom flower -别 别 、 、 、 Liu Zhi -Sad Spring Flower -First Love, Hope Featan Fan Beans -Happiness, Mother Love Poor Blossoms -Fortune Rolling Black Lily -Curse Morning Glory -Love Everlasting Palm -Six times Victory -Poor, Sympathy Fan Pink Pink Morning Glory -Fiber and Tenderness Fennel -Excellence, Power Mao Di Yellow -Lie Shihua -Denta Fang Sang -Gorgeous Pine Leaves Chrysanthemum -惰 怠 信 信 - - - - - - - - - - - 惰 惰——— Beautiful and light West Lotus -Shengai Bin Thistle -Lonely Litang Flower -Gao Jie Qianri Red -Immortal, Non -Destroyed Red Big Persian chrysanthemum -passionate snow willow -殊 松 松 — Gift Changchun vine -scheming red flowers -differences, distinction between Huajiao grass -obeying red purple cloves -Ai Miaoguan, innocent green chrysanthemum -far -sighted purple Lou Doucai -Shengli Huang Holva -Single Love, Trust Golden Chrysanthemum – —— Competitive Heart Yellow Bai Heng -Zengjiao Ziyuan -Anti -reflection, thinking of olives -wisdom, peace and forsythia -don’t touch my red Holly Helmes -mild elm -dignity, patriotic heart lonely flowers -more talk, mouth orchid – Looking forward to the white love Bodhi -Anning Malaysia whip -justice, expectation

Tulip representative love roses represent love lotus representing pure clean kapona represents loyalty. Flowers represent hope that the Cock Crown Flower represents vitality

Rose -love; lily -eternity; carnations -family Yellow Aquside -I only know so many sorry
4. Taiping What is the flower like
[Features] Taiping flowers are named Beijing Shanmei and White Flowers. Tiger -earcrapee, mountain plum blossom. Falconium shrubs. As high as 2 meters, the branches are raised, and the branches have grown. The leaves are raised, the torque is round or ovate, the edges are sparse and small teeth, three major veins are found, and the two sides are hairless. Blooming in summer, general inflorescence, 5-9 flowers, inflorescence shafts and sirles of flower stems; the calyx is dark yellow -green, the calyx has a hairless, 4 pieces of cracks, daily ovation, about 5 mm long, about 5 mm long, about 5 mm long, about 5 mm long, about 5 mm, about 5 mm long, about 5 mm long, about 5 mm. There is no hair on the outside, with short pour hair in the inner edge; 4 pieces of petals, white, ovate; most of the stamens, 9 mm long; the lower position of the child room, 4 rooms, the majority of embryos, 4 cracks on the flower columns, and the stigma near the spoon. Fragrance. The fruits are spherical, and the seeds are small. Sexuality is sunny, cold and drought -resistant, and can also grow on the barren land of the sun, but it is best to grow on the fertile and humid valleys, beside the stream, and well -drained loose loam. Afraid of waterlogging, water soaked in rotten roots. Produced in northern and central my country. [Points of cultivation] Sowing and division can be reproduced. Sowing is generally carried out from late March to April. The Taipinghua is generally carried out. The method of high -bed shallow broadcasts is usually used. The sprouts are carried out from May to June to combine the application of thin rotten people. The seedlings were moved in the spring of the following year, and the row distance was 40 × 60 cm. It can grow in the nursery for 2 to 3 years in the nursery, and when the seedlings are 80 to 100 cm, the garden can be planted. Taipinghua has strong adaptability, strong growth, very little pests and pests, and relatively extensive management. Trend branches should be cut off every fall. Because of fear of waterlogging, it should be planted in a dry place. [Observation configuration] Taiping flower color is elegant, smell and fragrant, long flowering period, the most suitable for planting in the center of the larger flower bed, can also be plantedThe corner of the lawn, the corner of the garden road, the rocks, and the buildings near the buildings are suitable for both cluster planting and flowers. [Interesting news] According to the “Big Fang Fang Qi Ji”: Ruisheng products are produced in Qingcheng Mountain, Sichuan, because this flower “dozens of crickets are one flower in total, densely dotted, successive, the new Rui is opened and the old has not withered.” ; Later, Cheng Xiang’s picture was passed on to the world, and it was even more named Rui Shenghua. Lu You’s “Jiannan Poetry Note” cloud: “The Shengzhong is presented to the Beijing Division, and Renzong is named the Taiping Rui Shenghua.” Now, this flower is called Taipinghua, which is probably related to the name of Emperor Renzong. [Poetry appreciation] Tai Pinghua’s Southern Song · Lu You supports the bed from Beijing, and there is no book in the head of the head. Xiao Yan has so far the Labor Lord, and the tear marks are on the Taipinghua. This poem was written in the first year of Song Xiaosong Chunxi (1174), and the author was 50 years old. Lu You is a great patriotic poet. He has been struggling for the unified cause of the motherland throughout his life. Like many other patriotic poems, “Taipinghua” is full of passionate patriarchal passion. The first sentence of the poem is the portrait of the poet’s self -image. The help of the bed, originally refers to the unstable walking time. Here refers to the poet to work hard for the state affairs and even hard work. Lu You was born in the first two years when he died in the Northern Song Dynasty. He had witnessed the dishonesty of the Song Dynasty from an early age. After being out of the official, he actively devoted himself to the unified cause of the motherland and actively supported and participated in the Northern Expedition of Zhang Jun, Wang Yan and others, but all made the Northern Expedition as a bubble because of the incompetence of the rulers. “, With a full of grief and anger, walking away from Kyoto. The second sentence not only explains the reasons for “the help of the bed”, but also further supplements the poet’s self -image, and at the same time reveals the hidden pain of the poet’s heart. “Book of Rites · The Golden Mean” said: “Today, the car is the same, the book is the same.” Later generations said that the car book was unified as the country. The poet has struggled for the car book for most of his life. It is now half a year and his hair is all white, but the northern expedition is hopeless. Three or four sentences expressed their indignation for their unified causes of the country, but they were not reported to the country, and they were not as ambitious. Xiao Yan, the shrinking name of “Xiaoyi à (gàn) food”, dressed when it is not bright, and eats late. “Labor Saint”, to work hard for the monarch of Holy Ming. Lu You’s life is the life of loyalty to the country. He wrote in “Six Words of the Sensing”: “The two years of snow has made snow for many years, and the heart is as dead as Dan”, and in “Golden Wrong Knife”, “The history of the thousand -year history is shameless, and the heart of the heavenly heart.” In the feudal era, the monarch is the symbol of the country, which is inseparable for the monarch and the country. But what is the result of “Xiaoyi Food”? The last sentence of the poem replied: “The tear marks are on the Taipinghua.” After the phrase of the original poem, the author has a self -note: “The flowers are flowing from the south of the sword, like a peach, a thousand packs of four packs, and the puppets are extracted. I hope to entrust the hope of peace in the world, but because the rulers do not think of their ancestors’ wishes, they just compromise the surrender, and even the foreign enemy steps into force.During the deep hot, and to the Taipinghua, “there is a thousand lines in the air.”From this point of view, the poem “Taipinghua”, the author’s intention is not groaning, but is played by borrowing the questions, so as to vent his sadness in his heart.The last sentence is “Poetic Eye”, which is painful, rich in connotation, and complicated feelings.It is both a bleeding of emotions, but also a great irony to the ruler.It is worth noting that there are many “empty” in Lu Shi: “The generals will not fight the sky”, “Sandt empty shines on the bone”, “the Great Wall Empty is promised”, “How can there be no one in China”, “Deadly die,”Originally knowing everything. “In the face of the word “empty” before facing the Taipinghua, all these are the deep hatred of the author who reports to the country without the country, the ambition and the hardships of the ruler, and the ruthless lashing of the ruler’s surrender.The impassioned poems produced by patriotism feelings have given people a strong infectious power.