Symbol of quiet and unique flowers

1. What flowers are clear, elegant, soft, soft, quiet? Representative strong, hard work, not
1. Lotus 2. Plum blossom

Answer 1:

Some people say that maple leaves are eternal
Some people say that maple leaves represent the fall of the degeneration
But I think Maple Leaf represents warmth
Maple leaves are so warm
It gives anyone a hint of hope
It makes people understand the meaning of warmth

Silent: It does not mean that I succumb to .-.
Take a step back: It’s not me to admit defeat
Let go: It does not mean that I give up ┈-.
As: smile. I do n’t mean I am happy

Maybe I am just a passenger in your life, but you are the eternal melody in my heart. I don’t know if I will hate you, but I know

I will still cry for you and still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you, I still miss you. Still nostalgia and walk together.
If green really represents peace, I sincerely hope that you will be peaceful every day in the future.
In the end, I still understand: maybe letting go is also a kind of happiness. It turned out that loved someone was the sky that gave her a piece.

Answer 2:

Maple leaf represents a promise, you said that if you have a fate, you will meet again. I can’t believe there will always be tomorrow, I just want to watch your face quietly. Living in the common picture, I also wanted to slowly precipitate the mood. The heart had been filled by bit by bit. Forgetting was just repeated forever. Maple leaf representative: Cheng Yi’s heart!
Unparalleled Maple Leaf Representative: Unparalleled heart!

Answer 3:

Two flames of fire red maple leaves are connected by heart shape. Red maple leaves symbolize affectionate lovers, with pure love.
Maple leaf symbolizes Hongyun Maple Leaf not only red until autumn, but also the beautiful scenery of “Frost Leaf Red in February Flowers”, but also because “maple” and “seal” are the same sound, so it means “sealed”. In the middle, a monkey is inhabited by the tree, and a hive on the tree means “sealed”.
It symbolizes. Two hearts. Fire red love
It has the meaning of treasure, and more importantly, the small leaf surface condenses the big thoughts. Finding a symbol on the maple leaves, looking for sustenance, so there are red leaf poems, warm thoughts, youthful style, fiery love, in full swing, and colorful careers. The flag swaying, comforting people’s emotions. Red maple leaves are a symbol of maturity of life, and it is also a manifestation of the willingness and brilliant performance of life.

Everyone’s heart has a different definition of red maple leaves: Some people say that it represents a strong thought, and some people say it represents lonely.
In fact, Red Maple Leaf represents pure friendship and beautiful love. When the maple is red, the other flowers are fading. It is different. It is strong. It is beautiful. It can withstand the light and frost white. Color light is a symbolic color of light. The white is bright, clean, simple, elegant and chastity. But it does not have a strong personality and cannot cause the taste of taste, but it should not be white in the color of appetite, because it indicates that clean and delicious, just a single white will not cause appetite.
In the West, especially in Europe and the United States, white is the main color of wedding dresses, indicating the purity and firmness of love (also saying that it is God’s favorite color). But in the East, white is funeral. White is not cold, nor warm, that is, white is no color tendency.
In the Han national culture, white and death, funerals, such as “white” in “red and white happy events” refers to funeral. Today, at the funeral of the Chinese, the relatives and friends of the deceased usually hold the black gauze with arms, and have a small white flower on their minds to express their mourning and respect for the dead relatives. It also symbolizes failure, stupidity, and no proficiency. For example, the party who failed in the war always expressed surrender under the “white flag”; Busy “, white effort”, “white dry” and so on. It also symbolizes the evil and sinister, such as “white face”. It also symbolizes the shallow knowledge and no reputation. “White” is “the color of civilians” in the feudal society, saying that the people of civilians are “white”, “white”, and “white body”. Call the lack of exercise and experienced literati as “white scholars”. In the traditional drama, the white face expressed insidious and treacherous, and compared the offenders to “sing white face”. During the Chinese Revolution, the crazy of reactionary forces was called “white horror” by the revolution. If you are not welcome by others, you will say “the white eyes of someone”; unrepressed injustice, poor and blank. White is usually a symbol of purity.
The reason why white flowers are because white flowers can reflect all the light, so that the petals are not damaged.
White is also a color that cannot be adjusted.
International Lighting is the standard white light radiation stipulated in the Black Association at 6500K, which is equivalent to the daylight of the day

White symbolizes pure purple. It represents the color that nobles love. In the teaching of purple, it represents the meaning of sorrow. Purple also represents courage and courage. Hidden, depression, noble, mysterious, deep, mature, romantic symbolic meaning in Chinese tradition, purple is the color of the king, such as the Forbidden City is also called “Forbidden City”, and there are so -called u0026 quot; purple gas east u0026 quot; Purple representativeNoble, often becoming the color that nobles love. It is because the purple dyes commonly used by the Tils of the ancient Roman Empire are only for aristocratic wearing, and the dyeing clothes are similar to crimson, and they are also well received by the monarchs at that time. In the teaching of purple, the significance is sorrow. Purple also represents courage and courage. Purple crystal: mysterious and romantic, the only purple gem. It can help you wisdom and give full play to potential; themes also represents love, which can make the other party unwilling to you, and can increase popularity and opposite sex. Purple represents a lot of meaning. Unlike the West, in Chinese traditional culture, purple is not genuine, but is combined with red and blue. The earliest use of purple. When it was seen in the Analects of Confucius, the Analects of Confucius · Yang Yin has “the evil purple section of Zhu also, the chaos of the evil Zheng sound, and the bad mouth of the bad mouth.” Due to the Confucius of the Confucius, people often take the evil prisoners, and the following chaos will be used to win Zhu Zhu. Wang Mang usurped the Han, and “Han Book · Wang Mangzanzan” was the “purple frog sound, the rest of the place”, and said that Wang Mang usurped Han as purple to win the Zhu, and the frog sounded. The literati of Qing Dynasty scolded the Manchu dynasty as “winning Zhu Fei, and the surname was called the king.” This is also the use of purple to win Zhu. Purple represents authority, reputation, profoundness, and spirit. Purple is composed of warm red and calm blue, which is excellent. Purple can reduce heart pain, stiffness and cysts, and has a good auxiliary effect on treating severe constipation, water cysts, migraine and gastrointestinal, skin diseases, and skin diseases. In addition, it can also be used to treat mental illness, rheumatism and epilepsy. Purple can be used for deep system surgery to reduce pain. Purple will have a soothing effect on the eyes, ears, and nervous systems, but it may also suppress people’s emotions, especially anger. Those who like purple are always working hard to make places than existing, whether in terms of belief, emotion or spirit. They long for knowledge and love reading. In order to be able to achieve the ideal self, people will seek answers in their lives with others. Because of the pursuit of perfection and extremely harsh on themselves, they are also struggling to fight hard with themselves. Purple is the leadership of the West, the symbol of noble, wealth. (In the West) It used to be the color of the emperor, military commander and other officials. Since the Roman era, it has been closely united with the royal family. In the Middle Ages, purple colors are the most expensive dyes and can only be used for fabrics used by nobles and rich people. Usually the royal talents are given these. Many kingdoms banned anyone or institutions outside the royal family at the time. In view of this convention, very sensitive, we always put purple and money and power together. Purple represents a strong feelings, so there will be “Purple Passion” (literal translation). Although purple is not as hot as red, it seems that it can burn everything as quickly as red. Purple is made up of red and blue. From a painter’s point of view, purple is the most difficult color to be prepared. There are countless light and dark and color tones to choose from.Find a “suitable purple”. Many people who are not color blindness have certain difficulties in identifying and distinguishing purple and other colors. Sometimes the blue looks purple, sometimes the chestnut looks like purple, and sometimes it looks like purple, and of course, vice versa. Purple is the embodiment of creativity and good ideas. Many children say that purple is their favorite color, and some creative people also say that. If people who like purple can always make many friends, because they always consider others to consider themselves first. In general, they do not ask for too much for themselves, but some people may also become their heroist. This is mainly because they like to seek answers in an uncertain way, and they often fail, and they will be depressed. Purple represents a lot of things, as if: purple is violet, purple symbolizes his old age, sunset, purple is a purple crystal, purple is a vine, purple is the color of Harold’s crayons. Purple represents newborns, purple is a color in Lydia (rich ancient country in western Asia Minor). Purple is many different colors. Purple represents venous blood vessels. Purple is the color of plums. Purple — represents elegance, noble, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, charm, Self-proud, mysterious, impressive, feeling, tendency purple, can produce horror. Blue purple — loneliness, dedication. Red and purple — sacred love. Deepen purple Outbreak from dark purple. Purple infiltration into a small amount of white-beautiful, moving. Lights of lavender are very fun, and it feels very inadvertently. It is said that people remember the past or young people. The dark purple is very heavy, as if it is an irresistible evil force. Purple symbolizes magic, mysterious, crystal and myths. Purple is full of mystery. The purple dreams are full of romance and mystery, making people think and aftertaste. However, purple also represents the color that is uneasy. People who like it are extremely sensitive and introverted. Purple represents death, ghosts, and nightmares in Western culture, and is sad in Japan. Purple (hidden character) people who like purple usually have the characteristics of artists and are prone to worry. But the wit is sensual, and the observation power is particularly keen. Although he thinks he is ordinary, he is quite individual. It seemed silent and introverted in public. But it is often easy to abuse your feelings, causing a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings. This is not a malicious affection. After others tell you afterwards, you will reflect very seriously, but it is also easy to make again. People who like purple people like purple people who like purple elegance and noble people, rich and sensitive, delicate and sensitive, and elegant aesthetic taste. They also understand themselves. They feel stupid for those who do not grasp the sense of harmonious and balanced shape, color, texture, etc., and they will feel stupid. At the same time, they will try to avoid people who do not understand the mood of others, self -centered, and do not consider the contact of others. To this end, they sometimes feel a bit “Yangchun Baixue and Widow”, which is difficult to approach. Such people are very strong inside,However, the appearance is very peaceful, and he has a strong interest in the mysterious power of fortune telling, the hexagrams and the invisible eyes, and it is easy to believe this set. For things that can evoke resonance deep in your heart, you will be moved and longing for it, but this side is not understood by others. Most people who like purple are weak, or more people with allergies and nerves. This physical condition makes such people feel more keen, strong and rich. Very human, very popular with friends. Essence Essence Color function-Purple in the visible spectrum, the waves of purple light are the shortest. Especially the invisible ultraviolet rays are even more so. Therefore, the slightly distinguished resolution of the eyes of the eyes is weak and can easily cause fatigue. Purple is noble, superior, and elegant. Feelings such as flow, restlessness. Dark purple is only painful, disease, and corpse color, and it is easy to cause psychological gloom and anxiety. Many nations regard it as negative and ominous colors. Light purple is the color of fish fat, which is easy to think of the bitterness and internal organs of fish gallbladder. Therefore, purple also has the functions of suffering, poison and horror. However, the bright purple is like the light in the sky, the flowers on the wild, the eyes of the lover, the moving heart, making people feel beautiful, so it is often used to symbolize the love between men and women. In some places, if purple is not used properly, it will produce a low -level, deserted and ugly impression. The shortest wavelength visible light is purple wave. Usually, we feel that there are a lot of purple, because red or blue with a little blue or blue will significantly purple flavor. So it is difficult to determine the standard purple. John Eaton described this description of purple: purple is not perception, mysterious, impressive, sometimes impressive, and because of different contrasts, sometimes threatened, sometimes encouraged. When the purple color gamut appears, it may have a sense of horror, which is even more so in the tendency to be purple -red. Germany said: “This type of color is projected on a pair of scenery, suggesting the terror of the end of the world.” Purple is a symbol of piety. When purple deepen the darkness, sometimes the symbol of superstition. The lurking disaster often burst out of the dark purple. Once the purple is faded, when the light and understanding illuminate the obscure and devotion, the beautiful and cute halo will make us intoxicated. Use purple to express chaos, death and excitement, use blue -purple to express loneliness and dedication, and use red purple to express sacred love and spiritual dominance -briefly, this is some of the expression value of purple belts. Purple seems to be the most negative color on the color ring. Although it doesn’t want to be as cold as blue, the penetration of red makes it complicated and contradictory. It is in a state of swimming between warm and cold, and its low -brightness properties may constitute the passiveness caused by this color. Different from yellow, purple can accommodate a lot of diluted levels. A dark pure purple as long as a small amount of white is added, it will become a very beautiful and soft color. With the continuous addition of white, there are many layers of pale purple, and each layer of light purple looks very soft and moving. ~~~ The following is a setPurple understanding of purple. What color representatives of the royal family of traditional Western countries? White purple green ________________________ The brightness of purple is the lowest in colorful colors. The low -brightness of purple gives a dull and mysterious feeling. When there are many red components in purple, their perception has a sense of depression and threat. 1. Add a small amount of black to purple, it feels dull, sad, and horrible. 2. Add white in purple, which can disappear purple dull character, become elegant, delicate, and full of women’s charm. The meaning of purple meaning is eternal! Purple represents: elegance-noble-charm-mysterious Impression-feeling-romantic! Blue purple — loneliness, dedication! Deepen purple — 昧 superstition symbol, the lurking disaster often erupts from dark purple! Purple infiltrates a small amount of white — beautiful, moving! Purple roses! Purple roses! Purple roses! Express love at first sight! Violet is a symbol of honesty! Purple tulip shows loyal love! Purple crystal is a symbol of love!

I don’t understand,
2. What flower flower is the flower language is Quiet?
The flower language of the sunflower is silent love purple three -colored flower language is ‘silent words’

White crane taro: pure flower language, Antaiping and quiet.



  白鶴芋:花語純潔, Antai Pinghe. Symbol of quiet


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4. Is there a flower representing quietness, mystery, disdain, desolate?
Red Rose represents enthusiastic true love; yellow roses represent treasure blessings and jealousy;
Purple roses represent romantic truth and precious and unique; white roses represent purity and innocence; Orange -red roses friendship and youthful beauty;
Blue Rose represents the kindness and kindness; pink rose forever love.
Carnations (red)
Carnations (pink)
Carnations (Miscellane)
Carnations (White)
Tulip (Red)
Tulip (White)
Tulip (yellow)
Tulip (Purple)
Tulip (Miscellane)
Perfume lily
Africa 堇
Paradise Bird
Man Xing
Purple cloves
Qili Xiang

I wish you health
Love you
Excuse me
Reject your love
Missing the dead mother
The confession of love
In love
I desire love
Eternal Love
You are really beautiful
Great Love
Pure, Centennial Horizable
Self Love
Competition, pride
Girl’s Momo
Care me
I deeply admire you
Unchanged heart
I look forward to the love
magnificent beauty
The man in the relationship
Shy heart, intriguing taste
Missing, thinking
Thinking of her first love
I am your captive
courage to pursue love
Mature Beauty
Do not forget me

Persian chrysanthemum (white)
Persian chrysanthemum (red)
Morrhoic chrysanthemum
Cui Ju
Yarcus chrysanthemum
Melon chrysanthemum
Mountain Camellia
lonely flower
lace flower
Lian Donghua
three -color 堇
hanging bell flower [ 123] Dali Flower
Chicken Crown
Christmas Red
Mint 123] Lavender
Goldfish grass
Don’t forget me, real love
You are really beautiful
Remember in your heart
Happy, happy, pure
Do you love me or not
Joy and Happy
Wealthy, magnificent
You belong to me
Qian Rang, virtue, cute
desire to be loved
Make people love pity
Dedicate love to you wholeheartedly
Confession of love, miss me
Try it againBelow
The heart of good change, unstable heart
I quoted the neck
Come on
Please believe me
I wish you happiness
I feel warm
Breaking up, separation
Love me again
Mom, you are so great
Please answer me
Never forget
lively and lively

Rose language rose rose rose language [123 ] 1 Floor Love Deep 17 to end 77 proposals
2 I wish you lucky 20 to love you 88 to make up for it
3, please forgive me 22 loves and each other 99 days long
4 flowers Love each other long 33. I love you 101 unique love
10 completely love 44 to death. ] 12 Duo Heart Printed 56 I love 999 Endless Love
13 crush on 66 love field Ruyi
At the end of January Love May Pu Puchian June June is cautious
July Ziyang Flower Love in August Pure Pure Pure September Crown Flower Fading Love
In October, Ju Qingjing and Elegant Pomegranate Pomegranate December December
[ 123] [Constellation]

Pisces (2/20-3/20) Alice; Perfume lily
Aries (3/21-4/20) star flower; daisy; full star [ 123] Taurus (4/21-5/21) yellow rose; Carnations
Gemini (5/22-6/21) purple rose; Kasibia; sheep tooth fern
Cancer (6/22-77 /22) Lily; Night Laixiang
Leo (7/23-8/22) Pink Rose; Sunflower; Zen Chrysanthemum
Virgo (8/23-9/23) Persian chrysanthemum; Yellow Luminan; Dendrobium Lan; Dendrobium
Libra (9/24-10/23) Seakes; African chrysanthemums; Fire Crane Flowers
Scorpio (10/24-11/22) Gadlialan; Hongzhu; Wenzhu
Sagittarius Sagittarius (11/23-12/21) Margaret; Su Xinlan
Capricorn (12/22-1/20) Purple Tulip; Purple clove
Aquarius (1/21-2/19) butterfly Orchid; lace flower

[Blood type]

Type A full -star B -type small daisy O -type sunflower AB type purple Volida

eachPlanting flower language

Red Rose love carnations and love the love of Ji Lily, Lily Belief
Alice Stable Violet Eternal Beautiful Wonland Hidden Love Aquside Revles Fang Tianxing Love Chrysanthemum True Love; Gao Jie
Purple Dingxiang’s shameless crane Flower Flower New Wedding Enthusiastic Margaret’s Lover’s Master Love

Flower Language
Flower language [ 123]
Rose love golden needle flowers happy, forgetfulness (middle)
Meiya (west)
Rose (red) love
Rose (white) I respect you Wanshouju jealous
Rose ( Huang) Jealousy Gao Jie, Auspicious (middle)
narcissistic, self -confidence (west)
Rose (red and white mixed) reconciliation
Chrysanthemum is high, hidden wind and faithful competition, game
Carnations mother love, love Xiao Cang Lan innocence, non -evil
Full Tianxing Joy Lu Lian’s charming rich man
African chrysanthemum mysterious, mysterious whitening head is getting faint love
Fire crane flowers newly married , Hobbing
Goldfish Cao Duoduo, good management of the magnificent beauty, cleanliness
Golden cup wealth, Changchun (middle)
disappointed, parting (west) lily pure heart
perfume lily’s great love
The happiness of the crown flower love beauty and the danger of the incense night incense
Thanks for the Dali flower dressed in the love of the loved man
Shizhu’s pure love Alice love information
Feiyancao loves others tulip love, good Famous
Big Persian chrysanthemum girl’s sincere tulips (red) love confession
lace flower provokes love tulip (purple) forever love
orange bellflower alert, be careful of lonely flowers
Star flower surprise The unchanged heart of Jiadelia ornament
Margaret predicts that the happiness of love Phalaenopsis gradually comes
The love of the fans of the fans beans, the hidden love of the Wenxinlan
The permanent beauty of the autumn Dendrobium of the purple Vermaland [ 123] Cui Ju is worried about your willfulness of Dendrobium Dendrobium
Yang Yang admires and worships

The flowers blooming in the pan -flowering time is very short, very desolate and quiet
[ 123]

is the sacred cherry blossom