Peony Picture Daquan

1. The types of peony flowers and their pictures
Peony is a genus plant of the family and peony, which is a perennial deciduous shrub. The color is gorgeous, the jade smiles is fragrant, the romantic, magnificent, and known as the “king of flowers”. In the type of cultivation, it can be divided into hundreds of varieties based on the color of the flower. “There are many varieties of peony, and there are many colors. It is based on yellow, green, green, red, dark red, and silver red as the top grade, especially yellow and green. 123] Peony:

Purple spot peony (variant):

Dwarf peony (variant):

[ 123]

There are many types of peony, more than 500 subdivisions, and the more common ones are the welcoming Japan red gold silk golden hibiscus Luo Fan nation, etc. [[[[[[[[[[ 123]

There are too many types of peony. For example, “Wang Hong”, “Big” Red “,” Mo Kui “,” First Case Red “Yao Huang”, “Ge Tules Purple”, ” Lantian jade “,” beauty red “”, “champion red”, big brown purple, “Hebai” and so on

Hahahamin is peony

2. Pictures of Peony Flower varieties
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[Main varieties of peony]
Currently produced in different colors in all parts of China (such as: red, purple, purple, pink, white, blue, green, black, black and compound color, etc.), different Flower type (such as: single -petal type, lotus type, crown type, building type, hydrangea type, etc.) and the characteristics of drought resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, and humidity resistance can be planted in more than 300 varieties in temperate, cold and heat, and subtropical regions. There are more than 100 varieties of Japan, the United States, and France
1. The rich and adaptable Central Plains Peony
(1), compound color

? Yan, Erqiao, Sanchang Saiyu, Agate lotus, colorful butterflies, flowers butterflies
(2), green
green ball, spring water green waves, bean green, green jade,
(3) , Yellow

Yao Huang, Jin GuiFragrant, Yuxi Yingyue, Yellow Flowers, Golden Jade Chapters
(4), ink purple
Guanshi Mo Yu, smoke velvet purple, green dragon lying inkchi, Mo Lou Zhenghui, Wu Jin Yaohui, Black Hua Kui Kui Kui Kui Kui Kui Kui Kui Essence
(5), pink
Zhao Fan, Lu Fan, Pink Crown, Peach Blossom Flying Snow, Concubine Insert Cui, Xue Ying Peach Blossom,
Rate Jade Wenxiang, Ladies Makeup, Peach Blossom Snow, Pink Pink Hepiao River, Silver -scale Bishop, Shengdan Furnace, Qinglong Mids Pond
(6) White
Nights White, Jingyu, Xiangyu, Venus Xuelang,
glazed beads, Xue Tower, Snow Tower, Baiyu, Xuegui, Kunshan luminous, Yulou dotcu, jade board white, snow lotus, crystal white, white crane feather, Fengdan white, crystal ball, Fengdan white, jade board white, fragrant white, fresh fragrance,
(123] (123] (123] (123] (123] (123] (123] (123] (123] 7) Pink blue (purple) color
Lantian jade, purple blue kui, sapphire, diamond blossoms, dangled blue, cinnabar base
embroidered peach blossoms, scenery scenery, painting, big blue, like lotus, like lotus, like lotus Lotus, Lan Furong, Lu Hehong
(8) Purple
Sheng Ge Towel, Wei Zi, Zhao Zi, Ge Towel Zi, Xiao Wei Zi, Zi Kui, Deep Black Purple
(9) Zi Zi Red category
Hongxia Zhanhui Hongxia Ying Renjin Pokhopper Red
Oolong holds the Tibetan Branch Red Bai Garden Hongxia Yingjin Jinhong
Big Brown Purple First Case Red Champion Red Plate takes fruit
Fine Sleeid Ball Luoyang Red
(10), red category
Laughing Chenhong in the coral bus
Fire refined Jin Dan Jiao Hong Ping Shiyan
Jin account hibiscus welcoming Japan No. 18 Neon Huancai
Ruby Hongtu Mountain Flower Flora Red
Star Chunhong Jiao Yan Permiany Furong Yu Ji Yanyuan
Feiyan Hongfu Yin Qiao Qiao Hu Hong
Red Bead Girl No. 18 璎 璎
2. Plants Northwest Purple Poor Peony with tall, cold resistance, and strong drought resistance
(1), white
scholars holding ink purple spots and white jade pot ice hearts
Chrysanthemum white jade butterfly Zhongchuan jade Xiaoxue
Guanyin Dou crane feathers Baiyun Crane Red Sea Microwave
(2) Yellow -green
Yellow Clouds Chifeng Return to the Nest of the Buddha Top
(3) Red category
Three -turn red crown jade bead red robe drunk rouge
(4) Black category
Black Velvete Lotus Nights Cup Black Phoenix Butterfly Purple Crown Jade Belt
(five) Purple -red
锸 锸 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 黑 [
Ning’an red hero red heavy petal red magnolia purple purple purple
Festive Red Rose Ancient City Meeting Golden Flower Champion
(6) pink
vegetarian powder 绫 [[二 二 二 [[[
Red cloud powder Tianxiang powder pink fans appeared
(7) Purple purple purple purple Blue
Longyuan strong man flower monk Great Han and cloudy crane
Blue crane and blue butterfly welcomes spring blue ocean silver wave
Third, the strange foreign peony
Fangji Sun Moon Jin Jin Taiyang
New Qifu God Flower King
The Twilight Eight Dynasties Spring Five continents Lianhe
Japanese island Jin Ge Kim Pavilion
Garden Jewelry Golden Island Noon ( Haihuang)
Minister of Kim Lao Hua Kuroguang Chiwu

4. What does the peony flower look like
Peony Monopathic Top , 10 to 17 cm in diameter, 4 to 6 cm long, bracts 5, long oval, different sizes, sepals 5, green, wide ovate, different sizes, petals 5, or heavy petals, rose, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red Purple, pink to white, usually mutated very large, permeable, 5-8 cm long, 4.2 to 6 cm wide, with irregular waves at the top.

The stamens are 1 to 1.7 cm long, the flowers are purple -red, pink, white, about 1.3 cm in length, flowers long and round, 4 mm long, flowers leather, cup -like, purple -red, there are several tops at the top of the top. The sharp teeth or cracks are completely covered with the skin of the heart, long and round, dense yellow brown hard hair.

Different varieties of peony flower shapes are different, divided into single -petal, lotus, chrysanthemum type, rose type, thousand -story Taige, cinnamon type, golden ring, crown, hydrangea type, louzi, and louzi Tai Ge type. These flowers are large, elegant, noble, rich in flavor, and there are many varieties. It has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth, luck, prosperity and prosperity. Peony is the most famous in Luoyang and Heze.

Extended information

Peony flower variety

1. Darum peony (variant):

The difference between the peony: the back of the leaf: Both the leaf axis are brief, and the top leaflet is wide or nearly round, 4-6 cm long, 3.5-4.5 cm wide, 3 cracks to the middle, and the cracks are shallow.

It is produced in Yan’an, Shaanxi, China. Shengshan slope sparse forest.

2. Yao Huang:

The branches are upright and tall, the distribution is compact, the expansion angle is small, and the angle between the branches and vertical lines is within 30 °. The interval is long, the annual growth of the new branches is 10-15 cm, and the five -year -old plant height is 40-50 cm, and the height is more than 1 meter.

3, the champion red:

The branches are strong and upright, stretching around the surroundings, the angle is between the above two, the plant shape is successful, the height is moderate, the new branch grows 6— 8 cm, generally five years of plant height of 30-40 cm.

Reference Data Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Peony

The shape of the peony flower is gorgeous, the flower is single, the diameter of 10-17 cm is 10-17 cm ; Flower stalks are 4-6 cm long; bracts 5, oblong,The size is different; sepals 5, green, wide ovate, different sizes;

Petal 5, or to severe petals, rosy, red purple, pink to white, usually mutated very large, ovate, 5 length, 5 length 5 -8 cm, 4.2-6 cm wide, with irregular waves at the top; stamens 1-1.7 cm long, filament purple, pink, white upper white, about 1.3 cm long, flowers and medicine long, 4 mm long; [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 123]
The flowering quality, cup -shaped, purple -red, several sharp teeth or cracks at the top, completely covered the skin of the heart, cracked when the heart skin mature;黄 Long round, dense yellow brown hard hair. Flower period in May; June of the fruit period.

Different types , Dental petal (layer) class, thousands (layers). Among these three categories, the morphological characteristics of flowers are divided into: sunflower type, lotus, rose, hemispherical, crown type, hydrangea type (traditionally called crown type and hydrangea type as a building) type. This classification method is more intuitively reflecting the various changes in flowers.

In recent years, together with the scientific researchers in the production area, the traditional classification methods of the production area, after many years of field observation and research and anatomical observation of peony flowers, they have figured out the flowers and flowers composition of flowers and flowers. After the evolutionary law, a new classification is proposed, that is, the peony flower type is divided into single -petal type, lotus, chrysanthemum, rose type, thousand -story Taige, cinnamon type, golden ring, crown, hydrangea type, and hydrangea type , Louzai Pavilion.

1. Single petals

2-3 rounds of petals, 10-15 pieces, wide and flat, 200-300 stamens, 4-6 pistils, male, pistils develop normally, strong ability capabilities, strong ability capabilities powerful. This type of flower type is represented by “Opium Purple”, “Pomegranate Red”, “Saizhu Pan”, “Feng Danbai” and other varieties.

2. Lotus type
Petal 4-5 rounds, 20-25 pieces, the petals are wide, the shape is similar, the arrangement is clear, the pistil development is basically normal, the strong ability is strong, but the individual varieties occasionally there are stamens. Or pistil stigma petalization phenomenon. Such flower types are represented by “like lotus”, “Jinyun Hong”, “Snow Lotus”, “Jade Board Bai” and other varieties.

3. Chrysanthemum type

The petals are more than 6 rounds. The petals are similar, neatly arranged, and the layers are clear. ~ 11 pieces, normal growth or degeneration becomes smaller. Some varieties of stigma are valve, and the conclusions are poor. Such flower types are represented by varieties such as “Rose Red”, “Congzhong Xiao”, “Silver Red Pay”, and “Jinpao Red”.

4, rose type

Multiple rounds of petals, the petals gradually become smaller from the outside to the inside, part of the petals into normal petals, the pistil degenerate or the petalization, and the conclusions are poor.This type of flower type is represented by “Purple Erqiao”, “Wuhua Yaohui”, “Hongxia Fighting Hui Hui”.
5. Totori type

2 to 5 rounds of the outside petals, wide and neat, some stamens are turned into long petals, and the petals often have flower medicine or flower medicine marks. And sparse, pistils are normal or slightly valve, and they have conclusions. This type of flower type is represented by “ladylike”, “Jiao Hong”, “Xian’e”, “Three Change Sai Yu”.

6. Golden ring type

2 to 3 rounds of the outside petals, wide and flat, some stamens in the center of the flower turn into narrow and long upright large petals, and there is a circle between the center petals and the outer wheel petals. The golden ring, the pistil is normal or slightly valve, and the conclusions are poor. There are very few types of flower types, represented by “white swans” and “Junyan Hong” varieties.

7. Crown type
2 ~ 5 rounds of the outside petals, wide and flat, arranged rules, most or all petals into fine or wrinkled petals, the petals are densely tight, like a crown. The inner petals are arranged irregular, and the petals are often mixed with normal stamens or degenerate stamens, and flower medicines are often left at the end of the petals. This type of flower type is represented by “Lantian Jade”, “Hu Hong”, “Yao Huang”, and “First Case Red”.
8. Wisery type

The stamens are fully valve, the shape of the inner and outer petals is similar, and the crowded ups are spherical or oval; This kind of flower type is represented by varieties such as “bean green”, “green ball ball”, and “snow -ying Chaoxia”.

9. Thousands of layers of Taiwan Pavilion

Below the petals of more than 4 rounds, the petals are arranged neatly, the shape is similar, and there are no stamens and degenerate stamens between the petals. The stamens are normal and small, or occasionally valve, and the pistil degeneration becomes smaller or valve; This type of flower type is represented by “Linghua Zhanlu”, “fat red”, “Shou Xinghong” and other varieties.

10. Lou Zitai Pavilion type

Below the flower and male stamens are more fully, similar to the shape of normal petals, and the pistil petals are turned into normal petals or color petals; Large, the stamens are basically all valve or degenerate; the pistil valve is turned into normal petals or color petals, and some varieties disappear. This type of flower type is represented by “red dragon Huancai”, “Shengdan furnace”, “Yulou Point Cui”, “Zizhonglou” and other varieties.
In the process, the flower type of peony, some varieties of the same plant, the same branches are often blooming 2-3 flower types or more flower types. Such as “Zhao Fan”, “Qingxiang White”, “White Crane lying Snow”, “Mountain Flower Rotten”, etc., Tongli can open “Crown”, “Tuo Gui”, “single -petal type” and other flower types. Therefore, when determining the flower type of a variety, the variety should be the highest evolution to reach the highest flower type.

Peony is a perennial deciduous small shrub, growing slowly, small plant types, as high as 0.5-2 metersBetween the root of the root, thick and long, centered wood, the length is generally 0.5 to 0.8 meters, and the length of a few roots can reach 2 meters.Peony is a unique wooden flower flower that is unique to my country. The flowers are gorgeous, graceful and luxurious, rich and dignified, fragrant, and there are many varieties. It is regarded as a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, prosperity and prosperity.Peony is the most famous for Luoyang and Heze Peony.