Flower language is peaceful and smooth flowers

1. There is a flower pavilion, accompanied by couples, peace and smoothness, joy and worry, what does it mean?
The daughter -in -law’s long Ting Ting, the partner worked with him.
Everything is safe and happy, nothing unhappy.

Putting the pipa sound. Broadcasting drama, Xiao Xingchen was guilty for this
But the father of the courtesy can not have anyone who can touch the porcelain
The favorite sentence: Let’s go together, farther Xie Yu started to give me the beginning

You can Baidu.

Putting the pipa sound. Broadcasting drama, the poverty -stricken way, Wei Wuxian became the eyes of Xianmen Baijia’s eyes and pork in the meat
2. The flower language of various flowers is What
Rose language

Rose: love, love and beauty, Rongguang Ryhuan
Rose (red): enthusiasm, love you, I love you, love love, I hope to have passion love with you
Rose (Blue): Hou. Kind.
Rose (pink): Declaration of moving, love, remembering the heart, first love, like your bright smile
Rose (white): innocent, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure, pure Dear, humility
Rose (yellow): not virginity, jealousy, joy, joy, apology
Rose (purple): melancholy. Dream, love to dream.
Rose (bouquet): Happiness Love
Rose (orange): shy, dedicated to you a mysterious love
Rose (buds): Beauty and Youth
Rose (Orange): Desire.
Rose (red+white): There are
Rose (red+yellow): Happy
Rose (black): You are a demon, and for my all
Rose: Pure love, beautiful love Beautiful often
Red Rose: Love, enthusiasm, love you
Pink rose: first love, love, love and special care
Yellow Rose: noble, beautiful or apologized
Orange rose: rich The mood of youth and first love
White rose: naive, pure
Green rose: innocence and simple, youthful stay, I only love you
1 flower: You are my only
2: There are only you and me in the world
3: I love you
4: Oath, promise
5: No regret
6 flowers: smooth heart, smooth, forever, and wish you everything Success
7 flowers: Xiang meets
8 flowers: expensive to make up, apologize, make up, deep apologies, please forgive me
9 flowers: keep each other, firm
10 flowers: ten beauty
11 flowers:Love you Lifetime
12 flowers: All Aibi Wing Double Flying, Perfect Combination, Sealing Heart Seals, Missing each other every day
13: Secret Love
14: Pride
15: The person who keeps you [ 123] 16 flowers: one sail and smooth marriage
17 flowers: accompanied by you for a lifetime
18 flowers: youthful beauty
19 flowers: the highest point of love
20: Love each other
21: Favorite
22 flowers: both pair right and two loves, you are strong, you are happy, both love each other, both pair of love
24 flowers: miss, pure love
30 flowers: Please accept my love
33: Three Lives III
36: My love is only left for you
40: Love to die
44: Unexpectedly, Shanmeng Oath, Henggu unchanged Vow
48: Love
50: Love without regret
51: I only have you in my heart
57: I love my wife,
56: I love,
66 flowers: smooth, everything, smooth love, six or six smooth, and the long water flows my love will never change
77: joy meets, proposal, lovers meet, meet each other’s fate
88: make up for make up Sorry, make up for everything with heart
99 flowers: Longevity
100 flowers: White head and old
101: Until eternal love
108 flowers
123: freedom of love, freedom of freedom
144: Love you life, 12 × 12 love you, sun, moon, and moon
365: Love you every day
999 Everlasting, love endlessly, until dying
1,000: loyal love, until death
1001 flowers: forever

Tulip flower language

Tulip: The confession, honor, and blessing of love

Tulip (red): Declaration, joy, love

Tulip (powder): Beauty, love, happiness

Tulip (yellow): noble, precious, wealth

Tulip (purple): Endless love, favorite

Tulip (white): innocence, purity and desperate love

Tulip incense (Double color): Beautiful you, happy meeting

Tulip (feathers): affection

Lily flower

Lily: smooth, thoughtful, blessing, noble. (However, it is an ominous flower in Japan. The Japanese say that its flower language is “beheading”)

Lily (perfume): Pure, wedding blessing, noble
Lily (white ): Pure, solemn, and heart -to -heart print

Lily (sunflower): Victory, honor, wealth

Lily (Ji): Wealth, honor, purity, elegance

Lily (wild (wild (wild ): Forever Happiness

Fox Tail Lily: Honor, Holy Verm, Outstanding

Corn Lily: Perseverance, Brave

Editor Lily: talent, majesty, outstanding

Christmas Lily: Hi Yangyang, Celebration, True Love

Narcissus Lily: Joy, Expectation Meeting Meeting
White Lily: symbolize a century -old good, great love

Pink lily: symbolize Pure, elegant

Huang Lily: symbolizing wealth, noble

Carnations Xinhuahua language

Carnations: Mother I love you, enthusiasm, true feelings

Carnations (red) : Believe in your love

Carnations (pink): Love, bright

Carnations (white): I love forever, true love, purity

Alice flower language

Iris (Alice): Good news, messenger, miss you

German Iris: Saint

Little Iris: Cooperation to resist, concentric heart

Paradise bird flower language [123 ]
Paradise Bird: Child and passionate son (Huaxin)

Narcissus flower language

Chinese narcissus: Love you

Western Narutable: Looking forward to love, love you, love you Pure

Yellow Aquatic Fairy: Revisiting love

Sharpical: Beautiful time, Xinxin Xiangrong

Flower Flower language
Sunflower: admiration, glory, loyalty and silent Love is excellent

Mountain Camellia

Camellia: cute, modest, ideal love, great charm
Camellia (white): innocence without evil, how can you despise my Love

Camellia (red): Born in beauty

African chrysanthemum language

African chrysanthemum (Fulang flower): mysterious, excitement

Daisi flower language [123
Daisy (Yaidu Chrysanthemum): pleasant, happy, pure, naive, peaceful, hope, beauty

Three -color:Read me, happiness

Yellow three -color 堇: Sweet Solidarity

Purple three -color 堇: Silence

Margaret flower language

Ma Griete: Pride, satisfaction, joy

Peony flower language

Peony: completeness, affection, wealth

Autumn peony: life, expectation, faint love

Chrysanthemum Flower Language
Chrysanthemum: Pure, Gao Jie, I love you, true love, longevity, auspicious

Chrysanthemum (red): love

Chrysanthemum (white): honest gentleman [ 123]
Chrysanthemum (Huang): Lost Love

Cuiju: Thinking, reliable love, please believe me

Chunju: Divination for love

June Chrysanthemum: 3

Dongju: separation

French chrysanthemum: patience

Guye chrysanthemum: happy

Persian chrysanthemum: wild beauty

Great Persian Persians Chrysanthemum: Girls’ innocence

Wan Shouju: Friendship

Yasa chrysanthemum: slim, elegant meet happiness

Wheat chrysanthemum: eternal memory, portrayal in the heart

] Caprica chrysanthemum: Forever Love

Hyacroxinzi Flower Language

Hyacinth: joy, love, happiness, deep feelings

Hyacroxinzi (White): Tiantong [123 [123



石竹:純潔的愛、才能、大膽、 Women’s Beauty

Lilac Stone Bamboo: Bold, Positive

Colorful Bamboo: Women’s Beauty

Xiangshi Bamboo: Enthusiastic

Glory: Love, Calm, Unreal

Short Glory: Safety, concentric with you

Lilac Flower

Purple: Indicates first love

White cloves : Youth Smile

Poppy flower language

Corporal Poppy: Flower Language

Long pod poppy: Flower language: Rest

Beauty Poppy ]
White Poppy: Forgotten, First Love

Oriental Poppy: Concerned Ping An

Other flower words

The other shore flower (Manjushahua): parting. Sad memories. Beautiful and pure .

Lavender: Waiting for romantic and beautiful love

Ocean Lavender: Surprise, Naughty Heart

Jasmine: kindness and affirmation

Hbaioci: Forget love

Changchun Flower: Happy Memories

Pearl flowers: The flower of the mediation

Dandelion: brave and fearless

Sunflower (also called Wangrilian): respect / silent love
Black Sang: Life and death

Bai Sang: Wisdom Overnight

Sauce: Pure Love

Fan Red Flower: Youth Flower

Wind Lingcao: Jianzhen is grateful

Gold Zhanju: Sadness and jealousy

Mimosa: Yichen’s heart

Pyreas: Pay attention to danger

Polyza grass: Loyalty and relaxed

Feiyan Cao: Avasting and Light

Golden Sparrow Flower: Youya Tidaline

Lemon Cao: Unparalleled Love

Violet: Please believe me, please, believe me, Youth Yongshu

Wild Rose: Romantic Love (Wild Rose Story: Go to Paradise with you)

June Snow: Girls’ Beauty
Longevity, Corning

Sun chrysanthemum: enthusiasm, vitality

Iris: enthusiasm, adaptability strong

Don’t forget me: long live friendship, always miss

Full of the sky Star: Supporting actor, but indispensable

Dancing orchid: youthful and lively

Paradise bird: freedom, happiness, auspicious
Red palm: enthusiasm, enthusiasm, blood [blood [blood 123]
Horseshoe lotus: purity, happiness, Qingxiu

Xiao Canglan: fresh and comfortable
Strawberry flower: sweet

Lotus: Pure

Plasma: Unchanged love, honesty, smoothness, and sadness. Eternal love, hopeless love.

:]: The happiness of the believer

Fairy palm: the love hidden in the bottom of the heart

Flame grass flower language: important memories.

Peach Blossom: Love Capture

Osmanthus: Inhale your breath

Phalaenopsis: I love you

African lotus fragrance: unsure
123] Mimosa: Sensitive heart

Eurasia Flower 楸: Guang

Seven degrees stove: Unlazy heart

Bai Yang: Courage

Three -color 堇 堇 堇 堇 堇 堇 堇 12 12 : Imitation

Chi Liu: Toughness

ShilianFlower: Diligence House

Xia Chancao: Innocent

Rapeseed Flower: Happiness

Cut Qiu Luo: Witness

Lantern flower: Thanksgiving and thanks [ 123]
Four wild grass: eternity and friendship

Bai Hua: Life and death

Popularity: Pure and League Appointment
Lavender: Waiting for

Lily : It has the meaning of pure, victory, elegance, and sacredness. It is a symbol of angels and plus hundreds of columns, but in Japan is an ominous flower

Furong: It is the flower of the court of France. Meaning

]: Lucky, Hope

Four Leaf 苜蓿: Fortunately

Lemon Beauty Sakura: Patience
Feiyan Cao: Qingjing

Crown Crown Flower: Decoration will cause you to hurt

Gardenia: Eternal love and agreement

Rosemary: Remembrance and eternal love

Practical flower language

Commonly used flowers and flowers and flowers

The Spring Festival (the first day of the lunar calendar)
Song, Bamboo, Mei: The three friends of the old Han
Huang Lily: Happy, Festive
Shamo Tree , Xinglong
Light Red Beauty Sakura: Family Harmony
Huoyi: Hiqi Yangyang: Bai Yuri
Peach Blow ]
Valentine’s Day Girlfriend
Red Rose: sincere love
Yugang: Happiness
Full Tianxing, tricycle grass: Missing
Goldfish grass: pleasant
wind bell grass: gentle ones Love
Red Tulip: The vows of love
Pink Morning flower: tenderness
Black Mountain Tea: Born in Literature
White Lilac: Youth, laugh
Huang Yu Jinxiang: The Love of Love
Sauce: Pure and tenderness
Purple Dinglai: First Love
Pineapple: Perfect
acid model: love, love
Do not forget me: eternal love
Phalaenopsis: first love

Valentine’s Day gift Boyfriend
Fulang Flower: Fuhuo Langjun
Changchun Flower: Happy Memories
Horseshoe lotus: Shy
Violet: Chastity
Cherry blossoms: Youth, Beautiful
Red Palm: Heavenly Earth [Long Emperor 123] Moon seeing grass: Silent love
菖 菖: obedience
Lemon tree flower, forbearing winter: loyal love
Mother -in -law: female loyalty

Qingming Festival nostalgic
Three -color 堇: Missing
three rounds of grass, full star stars: Missing
Qianri Cao: Bi Pu
Wenzhu: Eternal
Flower: sympathy, condolences

Mourning of Qingming Festival
Goldfish flower: Sadness
Bai Zhi: Mourning
Liu Zhi: Sadness, Mourning

He Xixi was completed
Wannian four seasons evergreen [ 123] Rose is prosperous and developed
Sun Ju Xinxin is prosperous
Peach Blossom Good Luck to
Huo Lily Emperor Yangyang
Peony Fugui and prosperity
Shao Yoshong, Xinglong
Flowers respect, prominent

] He Xishe Triumph
Red Cotton Hero Flower
Populum bravery
Launana Glory
Launani Tree Ring has a meritorious minister
Palm Victory

Congratulations to the performance
Oat Music [123 ] Duohua Rose Genius
Dutch Qin Dexin
Anise excellence
Optim was elegant
Dali flower elegant, noble

Gifts from friends
Three -color 堇 Miss
Lai located friendship [ 123] Dou Kou Hua, Paee -Affinant Flowers, and Baijiacao

Gifts to make progress
Beauty banana solid
Beake enthusiasm
Yang Yang Jian
The god of winter justice
fir tree Horizontal
Fennel Power
Guizhi Learning Yuan Bo
Palm Victory

Mother’s Day (May 2 Sunday)
Carnations Mother’s Flower, Mother’s Day Lord
Do not forget the eternal love
Jasmine is amiable
moss mother love
Muzao grass moral noble
Deep mountains and maternal love
Pink glory fiber tenderness

Dragon Boat Festival On the fifth day of the month)
避 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 [[[月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月
Dragon boat flower competes first
Happy Grass

Father’s Day (third Sunday, June) [ 123] Dendrobium’s father’s flowers, perseverance, bravery
Yang Yang is firm, calm
Orange tree tolerance generosity
Winter justice
Willow tree straight rate, frankness
grape tolerance, blog love
fennel power

Mid -Autumn Festival (August 15th of the lunar calendar)
Guizhi knowledge Yuan Bo
Grand Guizhi Honor
Mansion Qiuyi
Pure Pure
Sauce Pure Love
Shi Shihua solemn
Hu Zhizi elegant

Teacher’s Day (September 10)
Magnolia flowers: soul noble
Rose branches: serious, simple [12 12 [12 12 [12 12 [12 123] Rose Crown: Virtue;
Hanging Suzuki: Talent
Launani Tree Ring: Cultivation, Honor

Christmas (December 25)
Yipin Red: Drive Demon Remove [123 [123 ] White Beauty Sakura: Blessing
Sun Chrysanthemum: Guangming, Xinxin Xiangsong
Shansheng Tree: Changsheng, Xinglong

Bai Lily Perfect, Centennial Horizable
Red Palm Heaven Long
Hehuan Huan Huan Huanhuan Love in love
Changchun, Bodhi, Lemon Tree Flowers Loyalty, White Heads are all old
Mint feelings are warm
Morning flower, Shizhu love forever
Chunfan red flowers youth
Mountain tea true love
No Eternal love for megia

Pine tree wisdom, longevity
Bamboo Gaofeng Liangjie
Mei Ao Xue Lingshuang
Fushou Hua Duofu Duo Life
Dear in Huangshuyashi
Lanhua Pinchen Gao Jie
Wannian Yin Youth
Qianrilian Happy
Affordone respects
Clock flowers are grateful
Goldfish grass pleasant

Detective disease
Poppy flower comfort [ 123] Sakura Flower Youth
Jianlan Personality
Bai Yang insisted on, courage
Daisy sympathy
Rose petal hopes
Yu Meiren, Cao Cao, Hawthorn comfort
Iris greetings
Full of the sky Star Caring for Huanghua Encouragement
Jingshu soothe

Detailed flower language
hydrangea (1/1 birth flower)
Flower language: hopes
, It has always been known for its evergreen trees that bloom in severe winter. In the cold winter, at first glance, pink flower buds and white flowers seemed to be telling people that the footsteps of spring were approaching. So the flower language of hydrangea is -hope.
People born from this blessing of flowers are extremely endurance and tolerance. He will bring many people’s hope that his life is also very rich.

Lilac Flower (2/10 Born)
Flower language: Bright (123] Lilac Flower has the glorious nickname of the flowers of heaven, maybe because of its noble fragrance, it has been subject to it since ancient times. value. Therefore, the flower language of clove flowers is also worthy of the glory of the nickname of the world.
People born from this kind of flower blessing, blessed by the god of heaven, have a glorious life. Because of being too smart, there are problems that like to take shortcuts. Hope in the process of pursuing, don’t forget the ultimate goal.

Daisy (2/22 Birth of Flowers)

Flower: Vitality
When it comes to the appearance of daisiesSo one thing. On the contrary, daisies are a very vitality flower. As long as you are a little lazy and do not organize the lawn, you will emit new buds or even flowers. So its flower language is -vitality.
People born from this kind of flower blessing have a pitiful appearance, but have a strong vitality. The lovers who are suitable for you may be a young and coquettish type!

酱 sauce grass (3/17 born flowers)

Flower language: Patriotism
The sauce of the sauce belonging to the bean family is used to dedicate to Ireland to guard the saint -San Patrick -St. Patrick The flowers are now the national flower of Ireland. In order to fight for independence, Ireland had a long -term anti -war against Britain. Therefore, its flower language is patriotic.
Anyone who is born of this flower blessing, people who are around their family members and other people around them are willing to pay love. If you get married, you can build a happy and happy family.

ivy (Born 4/8)

Flower language: Influice
Before the British used to use Kubuhua in the 16th century, I used Ivy to make beer, Because mixing it in the wheat will make the wheat turn into beer. Therefore, the flower language of Ivy is -influence.
Anyone who has been born of this flower blessing has a great influence and can affect others. Maybe you are suitable for a politician or entrepreneur? It also has a great influence on lovers, and can subtly turn the other party into the type they like.

Violet (5/4 Born)

Flower language: Cool (COOL)
Violet is a flower that blooms in May or June and becomes nail -shaped. The aroma of this flower is very compelling. Although it belongs to wild plants, the gardener especially likes to plant it under the window sill. Mainly I hope to bring the fragrant aroma into the house with Violet. So the flower language of violet is cool.
Anyone born in this kind of flower blessing has the characteristics of heart to the people around, and pure love is more suitable for you. As for the current popularity of extramarital affairs, it is better to touch it.

Mimosa (6/15 Born)

Flower language: shy (shyness)
Gently touching the leaves of this plant will be tightly closed, even a gust of wind blow This situation will appear like a shy girl. So its flower language is -shy.
The person who was born with this flower blessing was very shy and scared. Feeling particularly keen and strong self -esteem. However, if you are with someone who knows yourself, you will be much more comfortable. You do n’t have weight to make friends.

Three -colored 堇 (7/16 Born)

Flower language: Restrain
Large -scale three -color 堇 is a plant with a climbing nature, about three meters high, so as to use ClimbingLive any kind of object nearby, and then grow up, as if to tightly entangle the dependent objects. Therefore, its flower language is -restrained.
Anyone who was born by this kind of flower wishes is particularly possessive. Whether it is a friend or a lover, you want to occupy himself. In fact, this excessive restraint will get reverse effects. Understand this shortcoming, you should reflect and improve it in a timely manner. Love should be adjusted again!

Silent love welcome the light.
Peony Flower
symbolizes wealth.
Pure and elegant wealth.
Blue Rose
Mysterious and kindness.
Pink Rose
The innocence of first love.
Yellow Rose

Zhenzhong blessing and jealousy.
Red Rose
The symbol of charm and enthusiastic love.

The warm blessing of selfless mother love. Pea flower
Gentle memories of the new beginning

The flower language of azalea is control;
Wanshouju’s flower language is friendship; Happiness and sadness;
The flower language of plum blossoms is strong and elegant;
Songbai’s flower language is longevity and bravery;
The flower language of the lotus is luck; , Noble;
The flower language of the rose is happiness, glorious, beautiful and new;
The flower language of the peony is complete, strong, and rich;
Kirin bamboo flower language is longevity and happiness; Early noble son;
The flower language of peony is farewell;
osmanthus’s flower language is glorious;
The flower language of the camellia is a victory;
Kapok (Panzhihua) flower language is a hero;
Mulan’s flower language is the flower language of Mulan is Raise his eyebrows and breathe;
Horseshoe lotus language is proud of the spring breeze;
The flower language of Lagerstroemia is good luck.

3. What are the ancient poems that are described as safe and smooth?
1. “Yuan Ri”

Song Dynasty: Wang Anshi

The sound of firecrackers was divided by one year old, and the spring breeze was sent to Tu Su.

There are thousands of households, and the new peaches are always replaced.

Translation: In the sound of roar, the old year has passed; the warm spring breeze blows the New Year, and people have a joyful drinking Tu Su wine. The rising sun shines on thousands of households, and they are busy taking off the old peach runes and replaced them with new peach fabrics.

2. “Erlang God · Yanguang Xie”

Song Dynasty: Liu Yong
Frozen and cold.The three levels of the border between the clouds and clouds from far away, there is a mountain outside the mountain.

Even if Tianneng went to the sea to overturn, it is difficult to eliminate the resentment of this dead country. I continued to hear that Chaozhong sent someone to greet the prisoner who was prisoned.

Translation: The summer heat faded down, and after a dusk of rain, the dust was swept away. When it was exposed, the cold wind cleared the courtyard. The blue sky is like water, a crescent moon, hanging in the far away sky. It may be that the weaver girl sighed for a long time to separate from her husband. In order to date, she flew into the galaxy by driving a fast wind wheel. Looking at it, the high night sky clouds floated across the galaxy. The bright galaxy is high.

The quiet and quiet night sky. You must know how much this situation is to buy. The beautiful girls up the boudoir looked at the moon in the moonlight to wear a needle and begging the weaver girl. Raise the noodles, the clouds are drooping. Guess who is under the shadow of the corridor, exchanges token, and cuts it. May the heavens and the world, every year, are happy.

3. “Xijiangyue · Night Walking Yellow Sand Road”

Song Dynasty: Xin Qiji

Mingyue did not have a shock, the breeze in the middle of the night. In the fragrance of rice, it is said to be rich and listened to the sound of frogs.

Seven or eight stars, two or three o’clock in front of Yushan. In the past, the forestry of Maodian Club, the road turned to Xixi Bridge suddenly.

Translation: The bright moon in the sky rose to the treetops and shocked the magpie of the branch. The cool night wind seemed to have a cry of cicadas in the distance. In the aroma of rice flowers, people talk about the years of harvest, and there is a burst of frogs in their ears, as if talking about the harvest year.

The light clouds floated in the sky, and the flashing stars were hidden. There was a small rain in front of the mountain. The familiar Maodian hut was still located in the woods near the land temple. After turning around, Maodian suddenly appeared in front of him.

4. “Entering the Entering Beijing”

Tang Dynasty: Cen Shen

The hometown of the hometown is long, and the double -sleeved dragon bells are not dry.

Immediately, there is no paper pen, and the prime minister is safe.

Translation: The distance between Dongwang’s hometown is long and long, and the tears and wet sleeves continue to flow. When you meet you with a paperless pen, please tell your family to say that I am safe and sound.

5. “Ruan Lang Gui · Shaoxing Yizhong Da Snow Poyang Road”

Song Dynasty: Xiang Ziyu

Jiangnan Jiangbei snow is long, and it is easy to know water cold. Tongyun depths look at Sanzhuan, and the intestinal mountains and mountains.

God is old, and the sea can turn over, eliminating this hatred. Frequent wishes to ask Ping An, when is it still?

Translation: Jiangnan Jiangbei is flying snow, and it is known that the north of the north is the cold and cold. The three levels of the border between the clouds and clouds from far away, there is a mountain outside the mountain.

Even Tianneng is oldThe sea can be overturned, and it is difficult to eliminate the resentment of this dead country.I continued to hear that Chaozhong sent someone to greet the prisoner who was prisoned.