What’s wrong with the leaves dropped leaves

There are many reasons for the leaves to drop the leaves: if it is caused by improper temperature, the temperature needs to be adjusted; if it is caused by insufficient light, the solar irradiation time is needed; if it is caused by insufficient nutrition, nutrients need to be supplemented; if insect pests occur, insect pests need to be treated.

1. Temperature discomfort 1. Reason: Inappropriate temperature will affect the health of the plant, this situation will be manifested through the leaves from the plant.

2. Solution: First of all, you need to understand the temperature of suitable plants. When the temperature is too high, the plant needs to be cultivated in a ventilated place, and the more water of the plant is sprayed with the more thinner water. When the temperature is too low, the plant can be cultivated in a warm place. Pay attention to the warmth of the plant when cooling.

2. Insufficient light 1. Reason: Insufficient light can lead to insufficient nutrition of the plant, and the leaves will fall into the plant.

2. Solution: Plants can be placed on the balcony or placed in the outdoor sun to solve this problem.

3. Insufficient nutrients 1. Reasons: Plants have different nutrients in different growth periods. The plant is insufficient and the leaves are dropped.

2. Solution: Increase nutrients to plants, pay close attention to the growth dynamics of the plant, and avoid the loss of leaves caused by the malnutrition of the plant.

Fourth, insect pests 1. Reason: Plants will drop the leaves when encountering pests.

2. Solution: Check the pests in the plant in which part of the plant. If it occurs in the stems and leaves of the plant, it is necessary to kill the stems and leaves of the plant. Change the plant for pots and completely disinfect the pot soil of the plant. This can solve the problem of planting leaves caused by insect pests.