What to do if Yu Weng does not bloom

Yu Weng’s flowers are peach red and look like pink. Yu Weng’s flowers are small bell -shaped, and they are open around the ball. The shape is unique and very cute. But why do some jade weng do not bloom?

Yu Weng’s discomfort of temperature and light should be too low in temperature, and when the light is insufficient, it will cause Yu Weng to not bloom. In winter, you must put the indoor winter in winter, and ensure that the indoor temperature is 5-6 ° C. When the indoor temperature is close to 0 ° C, pay attention to cold protection and warmth. In addition to controlling watering, put it on the balcony of Xiangyang on a sunny day. When Yuweng’s potting soil is too damp, the temperature is too high, and the light is too weak, it is not conducive to the growth of Yu Weng. It is usually necessary to ensure that the growth temperature of Yuweng is 24-26 ° C, and it is avoided in summer to avoid exposure in strong light.

Too much or too little watering of Yumeng will cause water damage and cause Yumeng not to bloom. During the growth period, watering should be less, and the principle of “not dry and not poured, watering is poured”. Watering once every 3-4 weeks is the best, and the sphere should not be made when watering. Less long water deficiency or watering will also affect the growth of Yuweng.

Insufficient fertilization or excessive fertilizer of Yu Weng, there is no insufficient fertilizer or fertilizer, and it is impossible to bloom. Yu Weng has little demand for fertilizers, but still has to apply nitrogen fertilizer. It is best to apply diluted fertilizer once every six months.

Xiaobian’s message: The reason why Yu Weng does not bloom is multi -faceted. Flowers must solve the problem according to the actual situation!