What to do if the peony flowers are dry in summer

Summer temperature is high, and the leaves of peony flowers are prone to dry and brilliant phenomenon under the irradiation of strong light. Strong light is only one of the reasons. In the combination of multiple reasons, peony flowers are easy to leave us in summer. What should I do if the peony flowers are dry?

The cause of the peony flower leaves to grow too late The peony flowers need to be supported by strong rhizomes as support. There are many roots, which can fully absorb the nutrients in the soil. However, the soil is hard or frozen, and the root system is difficult to extend down. In the spring of the second year, after the peony flowers germinated, the roots could not absorb sufficient nutrients. In the summer, it was sunny and dry, and the phenomenon of leaves was prone to leaves.

The soil of soil discomfort can be known in the summer. It can be known in the summer. Soil plates, soil biases, and barren soil can affect the growth of peony. Because in the summer, the water evaporates rapidly, and the root needs to obtain sufficient oxygen and moisture from the soil to meet the growth and development of peony flowers.

What to do if the peony flowers and leaves are dry and planting the peony in a timely manner. It is best to choose to be in the sunny autumn. Significant growth. Take good thermal insulation measures in winter. Before the summer comes, be prepared for shading to avoid strong light.

The soil that improves soil salt or sand is not used to plant peony flowers. The ordinary garden soil is selected, and a small amount of coarse sand is added to increase the permeability of the soil. Increase organic fertilizer and increase the fertility of the soil.