What to do if the bamboo leaves are yellow

Bamboo leaves may not have too much soil water due to excessive watering, and the soil water should not be too much when transplanting. Spray water to the leaves when lacking water. It may also be due to malnutrition or sufficient fertility. Pay attention to mixing base fertilizer in the soil. Apply; placed in areas with poor ventilation will also cause yellow leaves, and the planting bamboo should be placed in a ventilation.

Water management Bamboo likes a moist environment, but afraid of accumulating water. Too much watering will cause the root to be unable to breathe, which may cause rotten roots and cause the leaves to yellow. The correct watering method should not be too much soil water during transplantation, but pay attention to spraying water at the leaves. When the bamboo is short of water, the leaves will be rolled slightly. At this time, it should be watered in time. After the water is supplemented, the leaves will quickly stretch. Pay attention to the hot weather in summer, and water less water in winter to prevent freezing in the pot.
Fertilizer management Bamboo nutrients cannot keep up or too much fertilizer can cause fertilizer to cause bamboo leaves to turn yellow. The correct fertilizer method should be paid to mixing the base fertilizer in the soil when transplanting. After the bamboo is slowed through the seedlings, pay attention to the topdressing. Based on the principle of “thin fertilizer and diligence”, it is applied to compound fertilizer in spring and summer. , Immediately pellet, dilute the concentration of the fertilizer or wash away the fertilizer. If necessary, dig out the bamboo to clean the roots.
The distance between the bamboo is not good, or the bamboo is placed in a poor ventilation area, causing the carbon dioxide concentration around the bamboo to be too high, the photosynthetic effect is low, which will also cause the bamboo leaves to yellow. The correct ventilation method should be elected in the garden to ventilate, and can accept the wall of the sunlight; if it is a potted plant, then it should be placed by the window so that it can accept the sunlight and ventilation.
If the pest bamboo is attacked by the red spider, it is easy to cause yellow leaves. The red spider mouth is stabbed into the leaves and stabbing juice. Even falling off. The correct method of preventing insects usually checks more leaves, especially the back of the blades. Once the red spider is found, it is cleared in time; if it has been reproduced in large quantities, you can spray pesticides to kill the pests.