What to do if Dayan Tong does not bloom

Dayan Tong may not bloom because of temperature discomfort. At this time, it is necessary to change it to a environment of about 23 ° C for maintenance, waiting for it to bloom. It may also be because the air is too dry. At this time, spray some water mist to increase humidity and help it bloom.

If you choose the excellent varieties of large rock tung seeds, if you want to bloom more in the big rock tung, you should first choose the imported flowers, strong plant types, strong disease resistance, rapid growth, and easy management. The excellent variety of hybrids is a mother plant. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to blooming more than heavy petals varieties. Therefore, when choosing, you should try to choose a single -petal variety. In addition, seedlings are generally recommended to use sowing method. After the seedlings come out, strengthen management, take care of it carefully, pay attention to the seedlings with three citrones at the same time. Sexual reproduction keeps the high purity of the variety.

Note that the temperature of the Great Rock Tung Tung Tungs likes warmth, the suitable temperature during the growth period is 20 ~ 25 ° C, and the spring growth is the strongest; Automatically entering the dormant state; high temperature is not conducive to the normal growth and development of the plant. When the summer temperature is as high as 30 ° C, it will be half dormant. At this time, pay attention to the cooling work. The growth period of the big rock tung is like a warm and humid environment to avoid direct sunlight. In the summer, we should pay attention to shading. It is advisable to keep it cool. It is beneficial to flowering around 23 ° C. The temperature is maintained at 18-23 ° C from January to October; the temperature during the dormant period is best at 10-12 ° C. The minimum temperature is not less than about 5 ° C, and it can also make it safe.

Ensure that the humidity of the big rock tung is sufficiently humid and moist, and the moderate demand is large, but it is not suitable for large water. Destroy the roots; the dormant period in winter needs a relatively dry environment, which is conducive to its self -recovery and energy storage in the dormant period. If you want to bloom in large rock tungs, the appropriate air humidity is indispensable, and you can harvest beautiful flowers.

Adjusting the breeding matrix of the large rock tung, the root of the large rock tung tank is capillary, and it is relatively weak. Therefore, in order to make the big rock tungs bloom more, the cultivation of soil should be used for more loose soil, such as corrupt leaf soil, perlite, peat, sawdust (already rotten), vermiculite, pine needle, mushroom waste (rotten), etc. The cultivation tool should choose a small flower pot with permeable water. Fertilizer can be used for hemp sauce (rotten), chicken and poultry manure and compound fertilizer. It should be noted that during the seedling period, a small amount of fertilization should be used to avoid fertilizer.

Pruning the excess blades If the leaves of the flowers are open in four weeks, it can cut off some of them or cut off half of the leaves as needed, and flow out of the light space. All the flowersConcentrated on the top of the plant to form a bouquet, which is more conducive to the beautiful plant shape.