What should I do if the leaves of the coral fern are yellowed?

Coral fern is a plant that has been left to the present since the far away, which can be regarded as one of the earliest lives of the earth. This plant plant is short and has many branches and leaves. It looks like a fluffy and fluffy tender green piece. It is very cute. People often use it to decorate the room and desk. However, coral fern has high requirements for the environment. If you don’t pay attention to it, the leaves will be yellowed. What should I do if I encounter this situation?

The growth habit of the coral fern coral fern is happy to change the humid environment. The requirements for humidity are higher, the air humidity is above 60%, and about 70%-90%is the most suitable. Wet and breathable state. The flower is more yin and does not like direct sunlight. The semi -yin environment with scattered light is best.

Why the coral fern leaves are yellowed if it is too dry, the humidity of the air and soil does not meet the growth needs of the coral fern, it can easily cause the leaves of the leaves. This is also the most common reason for coral fern.

If you water too much, it is easy to form waterlogging.

Summer with high temperature and humidity is easy to breed molds, and it will also cause the leaves to wither and wither. Usually, we must pay attention to prevention and control.

Coral fern likes the environment of semi -yin. Pay attention to shading when breeding. If the sun is too strong, it will easily cause the leaves to be too dry or cause sunburn.

What should I do if the leaves of the leaves are sprayed with the branches and leaves, and then cover it with a plastic bag to increase the humidity of the air, but be careful not to cover it all the time. Turn on the cover and ventilation, so that the coral fern can gradually recover. Then put the coral fern and other potted plants together, and the plants can be improved to a certain extent, so that the coral fern can not be too dry.

Note that the coral fern purchased from the flower market should pay attention to what soils are used. If it is mixed soil such as peat soil and perlite, pay attention to controlling watering Because the water retention of this soil is very high, it is easy to cause rotten roots if the watering is too frequent. Generally, watering should be watered after the soil is dry. Determine whether the soil is dry. Is the soil wet? Pour water once or twice a week according to the situation of the soil. There must be no stagnant water in the pot. Usually, you only need to spray the water and leaves every day to keep it moist.