What should I do if the leaf peony leaves are yellow?

Metabolism: No special treatment is required, you can cut off the yellow leaves and disinfect the wound. Insufficient nutrients: Long -term non -fertilization causes malnutrition of the plant, pay attention to thin fertilizer and diligence during the flowering period and growth period. Improper temperature: When the temperature in winter is lower than 5 degrees, the plants should be placed in the indoor maintenance. In the summer, it should be transferred to the place where the shaded and ventilated place should be transferred.

Main reasons 1: Natural phenomena, plants also have metabolism;

Second: The roots of plants and the main cadres are damaged by external forces;

Third third : Insufficient nutrients, long -term malnutrition;

Fourth: There is no appropriate cold prevention work in winter, and even the plants are frostbite;

Fifth: There is no proper shading in summer, especially in particular, especially It is the sun that is too strong at noon;

Sixth: The air circulation is not good, causing plants to be blocked by breathing, bacteria breeding, and infringing plants.

The method of treatment and prevention If the leaves are yellowed due to natural phenomena, it can be ignored or cut; Be careful of wounds, including cutting, can be taken care of. You can use disinfection drugs and the like to spray the wounds to prevent infection;

Although it does not have much demand for fertilizer, it should not not fertilize for a long time without fertilizing for a long time , Especially during the flowering period and growth period, we must maintain sufficient nutrients;

If the temperature has dropped to 5 degrees in winter, then it must be moved to the winter; and when the summer temperature exceeds 35 degrees, it should be placed in the coolness of the coolness. Places, but no matter where they are cultivated, they must ensure good ventilation; if the soil is too damp, you can use bamboo sticks to insert the soil to effectively relieve it, but stay away from the roots as much as possible to prevent the root of the roots.