What should I do if the green dill is changed after changing the pot?

After the green dill is changed, the hairpin may be reduced due to excessive watering. The amount of watering should be reduced, which can sprinkle water from the leaves, which may also meet its needs for water. If you want to quickly restore your anger, you can cut off the long -growing branches forced the roots to germinate again. In addition, do not place it in a place where the strong light is shot directly.

1. Reduce watering green spoils after changing the pot. Watering, seeing dry and wetness is good for restoring anger. It is recommended to spray water at the leaves often, and keeping the leaves moist can also meet its demand for water.

2. Pruning branches of green dill hair can cut off the relatively long branches of growth, forcing the root to re -germinate. Do not fertilize at this time to reduce watering. You can try when you touch your fingers and do not move the soil. Master the humidity of the pot soil.

3. Do not need to bask in the sun in the sun, you can place it in a cool place all year round. Favorite may be caused by direct sun exposure, especially when you just changed the pot, you should immediately move it in the cool astigmatism.