What should I do if the flowers and hair are yellow

1. Reduce watering: Reason: If the amount of watering is too much, the accumulated water will be easily produced. In the long run, it will easily rot the roots, and its leaves will start to turn yellow.

Solution: It can be properly loosening the soil, then placed in a cool or ventilated position, and then put it into the room when the water is slightly dry. Usually control the amount of watering. Essence

2. Add watering: Cause: Too little watering will cause it to dewater. After dehydration, the leaves will seriously lack water, and then the leaves will cause yellowing.

Solution: Properly increase the amount of watering, but not too much, control the amount of watering during daily watering, do not too much or too little.

3. Reduce fertilization: Reason: If the amount of fertilization is usually large, its leaves will become thick and yellow.

Solution: You can pour more water, or plant some cabbage, pull out the seedlings, remove the seedlings to digest the fertilizer, and control the amount when fertilizing.

4. Replacement of soil: Reason: It prefers acidic soil. If it is used in a pyromonous soil, it will turn yellow with its growing leaves.

Solution: You can directly replace it with the right soil, or the rainwater and rice water after fermented, so that the leaves will improve.